Ready for Christmas

Christmas is only a few days away, you guys! Are you ready?! This will actually be our first Christmas at home! Chris always gets the week of Christmas and New Years off, so for the past three years we have been traveling or out of town on Christmas (last year we were in St. Lucia!). This year, for obvious reasons, we are staying put. Especially because we are on baby watch and we don’t want to be very far from the hospital at any given time. 🙂 I’m looking forward to a slow and relaxing Christmas Day – we’re going to make a breakfast casserole and mimosa mocktails and take our time opening presents on Christmas morning.

This outfit was perfect for running a few Christmas errands last week! My Old Navy coat is on sale right now and I LOVE this thing. It’s actually a bit oversized so keep that in mind if you’re ordering online. I got a size XS and it still zips up over my bump! If you need it before Christmas, you can order it online but pick it up curbside.

Well, I’m off to my OBGYN appointment. Once you reach 35 weeks, they schedule you to see the doctor every single week! Oy vey!

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  1. Anne Arnold

    Happy weekend! Hope you’ll have a great Christmas. Thanks for all your inspiration this year! Anne

  2. Kimberly

    So excited for y’all and this turning-point Christmas season! A blessed start to a beautiful New Year for you, Chris, and your sweet new little lamb. Thank you for the serenity and normalcy your stories have given us this chaotic year – life is lived in the little moments between headlines, and sometimes one just needs something calm to focus on. I’ve enjoyed your photos and your ability to advocate for each of us finding our own way through life in a thoughtful fashion. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  3. Laura Leigh

    you look so cute! I adore this look – such a cute combination. hope your doctor appointment goes well today!

    xo Laura Leigh

  4. You look so cute in this dress!!

  5. Awh, this is such a sweet one!


  6. Oh wow! Your first Christmas at home as a married couple? I think you guys will really enjoy it and that it will be a nice change. You’ll really get to take the morning slow and easy. 🙂

    I need to find a good casserole recipe or just ask my mom for hers! I grew up having my mom’s breakfast casseroles every Christmas morning and it was always something delicious to look forward to! Mimosas would be a nice addition, too- thanks for the idea!

    I feel like your pregnancy has been flying by! I can’t believe you’re already 35 weeks. Baby girl will be here so soon and I’m ecstatic for you guys!


  7. Katie C

    Do you ever do giveaways of the clothes you never wear/are going to donate? It would be so cool, especially for girls like me who aren’t very good at styling outfits. 🥰 love your blog