5 Fall Trends To Get Excited For

Fall fashion is here and I’m in love with the trends that are appearing this fall! There are so many great styles to try, from 90’s inspired looks to more polished pieces to fun accessories – there’s truly something for everyone. Not that I don’t love skinny jeans and booties (because I do), but I feel like I’ve been in a clothing rut for the past year or so, and I just want to have fun with fashion again. This autumn is the perfect time to experiment a little! I’d love to hear what trends y’all are most excited for?!

1. Sweater Vests

I had to put this fall trend first on the list because it’s my favorite! I absolutely LOVE sweater vests!! I’ve already ordered a few for my fall wardrobe, so get ready to see a lot of sweater vests here on the blog. I’m really loving vests that are textured (think cable-knit and thick ribbing) and have an oversized fit. In early fall, sweater vests can be worn without anything underneath and paired with jeans or trousers. As the weather starts to cool down, I’ll be wearing them over button-downs and shirt dresses with a pair of boots or booties!

2. Mom Jeans

Not going to lie, it took me a while to get on the mom jean train, but now that I have I’m so happy that they’re sticking around for this fall (and winter too)! I still love my skinny jeans, but the trendy, looser fitting styles are so much more comfortable! I truly started liking mom jeans more once I discovered how to style them to be the most flattering for my body type. For me, the extra fabric on the bottom needs to be balanced by styling them with either a slim fitting top, a more tailored top (like a blazer), or a feminine blouse tucked in. I also found mom jeans look best on me when paired with a heeled shoe such as wedges or booties.

3. Puffy Handbags

This has to be my favorite fall accessory trend! I’ve been seeing puffy handbags for fall everywhere from designer bags to more affordable options. It’s a really fun take on the classic quilted leather handbags we all know and love. Designers have really taken this trend to a new level, creating puffy handbags of all sizes. Wether you prefer clutches, mid-size crossbody bags or large totes, this trend is for you! I really like how chic the neutral puffy handbags look, but I did buy a fun pink one too!

4. Business Sets

Calling all Gossip Girl and Clueless fans – this trend is for you! All things preppy, classic and polished are trending this fall and I couldn’t be more excited about it! Business sets will be everywhere and in plenty of variety! Both skirt and pant sets are trending. And we’ll see them in classic twill and plaid patterns, monochrome tones as well as fun prints! So no matter your age or style preference, you can have fun with this trend this fall! In line with the preppy trend, button-up shirts, blazers, pleated mini skirts and shirt dresses will also popular.

5. Cowboy Boots

Remember when Taylor Swift released her first album and all we wanted to wear were cowboy boots with sundresses?! Well cowboy boots are back y’all! Although, they are a little more elevated this time. Western inspired boots with embroidered leather, pointed toes, v-cut cuffs, slanted vamps and stacked heels are definitely on trend, especially when paired with cozy knits and preppy pieces. If you’re worried about finding a cowboy boot to fit your style, don’t be because the varieties are endless. Both knee-high and ankle-cut cowboy boots will be popular. We’ll also see them leather and suede, and as far as colors go, neutrals, jewel tones and metallics are all great options this fall!

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  1. mary

    I still hate high-waist jeans. They are not flattering and they aren’t even comfortable. I feel like they are constricting my ribs when I sit. I do love these handbags and boots you’ve included for the season!

    • Joyce

      Agreed. I’m tall, so it’s even more annoying that i can’t find any jeans that’s not high waisted to make me look proportioned.

  2. Amy

    Fun list! Thanks for the styling tips on mom jeans. I only recently discovered the difference it makes tucking in shirts and now I’m obsessed with bodysuits. I love your picks but my fall faves are still cardigans. I’ve seen a lot of cute sweater + skirt matching sets that look like a sweater dress but with a slightly different silhouette and I can see myself wearing that for sure!

  3. I keep seeing wide leg jeans. Totally a fun 90s trend! I used to love the look! I’m excited to see them come back for something different!

  4. Diane

    Hi ! Love your post !
    I am in love with de sweater vests trend as well !
    Could you please post a picture if you pair it with a white pair of jeans please ? I am thinking about it but not sure I like it on myself, it’s easier if I see you with it !

    Thank you 🙏

  5. I love high waisted jeans, personally! I find that the fit tends to be more comfortable and flattering on my body type. It’s so funny how different pieces are preferred by different people! I love the puffy bag trend, as well. Such a unique and fun way to incorporate something chic into your outfit.



  6. Such a great list of fall trends! Fall is by far my favorite season to dress for. I’m definitely gaining major inspo from this post and am looking forward to all of the fall styles you’ll share this year!

    From this list, I think my favorite is the mom jeans because I would likely get the most wear and versatility out of that! I’d love to look into getting a sweater vest, though. I don’t own one yet!


  7. Sarah

    Can you do a post on tips for pulling off mom jeans for various body types? I’m struggle busing with the look and how to make it look good on me but love the idea of more comfy jeans than skinny jeans.