Everything You Need to Know for This Year’s NSale

Good morning and happy Friday! I wanted to share some details about this year’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale with you guys because a lot has changed from previous years! I always think of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale as Christmas in July… it is truly something I look forward to ALL YEAR. This year it has been pushed back a little bit and is actually no longer in July… if anything, it is closer to the fall season, and waiting just makes me more excited!

To start with, what is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (sometimes known as the #NSale on social media), is when Nordstrom releases brand-new fall merchandise at seriously discounted prices. We’re not just talking any old fall merchandise, though… all of the designers team up to offer exclusive items. I’m talking Sam Edelman shoes, Free People sweaters, Tory Burch handbags, Kendra Scott jewelry, even MICHELE watches. The prices are always insane and some items are marked down by several hundred dollars.

Why is it important?

Unlike other sales, where items start out at full price and then are marked down, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is the opposite. Items start on sale for a selected period of time, and then prices go back up after the sale ends. You won’t find deals like this on brand-name items anywhere else for the rest of fall and winter, so people usually buy now and wear later.

When can I shop?

This year, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has an Early Access Sale for all Nordstrom cardholders starting on August 13th. During this time, only Nordstrom debit or credit cardholders can shop the sale. This is important because items usually sell out quickly and if you are able to shop early, you get the first pick and your size is guaranteed to be available. If you want to shop Early Access, you can sign up for a Nordstrom debit or credit card here (known as the “Nordy Club”). I would recommend signing up now!

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is open to everyone August 19–30. Prices go up August 31.

What’s different about this year’s NSale?

Aside from the fact that the sale begins in August this year, another difference is that Nordstrom is giving everyone the ability to preview the sale items this year starting ONE WEEK FROM TODAY on July 24th. This is brand new this year! I love that Nordstrom is doing this, because it gives everyone the chance to preview the entire sale and save items to your Wish List so you can check out faster when it’s time to shop.

I will of course be sharing my top picks from the sale throughout the entire sale. Like usual, I’ll be doing my normal home Try-On sessions, as well as featuring my favorite beauty buys, home finds, best of fitness and more. Even my mom gets in on the action with her ever-popular Try-On blog post. Make sure you are checking my blog, Instagram and following me in the LIKEtoKNOW.it app to make your shopping easier!

Which items usually sell out quickly?

I’ve shopped the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale for so many years now, I can usually predict which items will sell out fastest. There are certain items that are “it” items that EVERYONE wants to get their hands on! Typically, fall shoes like suede booties and over-the-knee boots FLY off the shelves, as well as Topshop cardigans, Free People sweaters and designer jeans. Last year, a cozy leopard cardigan was the first to go. I always put together a roundup of my top picks that usually sell out first, so be sure to subscribe to my blog via email so you don’t miss a post!

What happens if I order something and it doesn’t fit?

Hands down, the best thing about Nordstrom is their customer service! If you order something online and it doesn’t fit, you can return it for free online or in the store. Each package comes with a return shipping label – you simply fill out the form inside, slap on the label and you’re good to go. I’ve been avoiding the post office because of COVID, and I’ve discovered that you can schedule the post office to pick up returns from your house. Easy peasy!

I think that’s it, but if you have any more questions about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, be sure to let me know in the comments! I’M SO EXCITED!

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  1. Jenn

    Yessss, my favorite time of the year! I always love the pieces you pick out during this sale.

  2. Rachel Gavin

    Do you plan to do a blog post after the preview next week with your wish list items? I’d love a sneak peak at what you’re hoping to pick up! I always stock my fall wardrobe off your picks. Love your style girl!

  3. Carly Sherman

    This is the BEST time of year!! I always look forward to your recommendations! Can’t WAIT!

  4. Lynn

    You do realize how insensitive this promo is when so many people are still struggling with the effects of the quarantine and shut downs? Read Brighton Keller’s posts, she is one who realizes how unnecessary this is. She’s,featuring things in a different way, something you should do as well. Not everyone shops for a living.

    • Hey Lynn! Thanks so much for your feedback. I took a look at Brighton’s blog (she and I are friends!) but hers looks very similar to mine, and she has several posts with shopping links and sale roundups. If you don’t want to see Nordstrom Anniversary Sale stuff, that’s totally fine! You can skip the posts that I put up about the sale. This is how I make a living and pay my bills, so I will continue to share fashion and shopping stuff (these are my most-requested blog posts of the entire YEAR after all!), but I TOTALLY understand if people can’t shop right now and need to tune it out. <3

      • Olivia

        Wow, what an awful comment!! Some of us healthcare workers have been working our butts off and are looking forward to treating ourselves during the Nsale. Caitlin has plenty of other types of posts if you’re not “shopping for a living” Looking forward to your post, Caitlin!

      • Anne Arnold

        How to shut down the haters in the nicest possible way. You’re the best! Keep going, I’m excited to see your posts although my credit card isn’t 😉

    • Janelle

      Wow, Lynn! Since you have such a strong opinion, why don’t you take your own advice and start a blog. GEEZE. It’s okay for us to not talk about the quarantine/shut downs every second.

  5. Julie McCarter

    These cardigans and the off the shoulder sweater, OMG! LOVE!!!

  6. Traci

    I already feel the anxiety coming on, lol! Every year I shop, purchase, and order confirmed, Nordstrom a l w a y s leaves me stranded emailing me 12 days later, “sorry, your order has been cancelled.” I’m always so bummed every single year.
    My strategy last year was to prioritize my order for my “must haves” in first order, next must haves in 2nd order, and last order was for my it’s okay if it’s out of stock. Didn’t work😕. So this years strategy is “someone must need it more than I do” if order is cancelled. This mindset will help my frustrations! Haha!
    Love everything about nordys and I can’t wait to read your post!!

    • Lisa

      Their site has crashed every year for past couple of years. They don’t invest in a technology fix and leave their customers angry and very disappointed.

  7. Joan

    I’m excited for the sale – since schools here in California have been closed down this August my masked shopping partners are going to be years younger but that is totally ok! Hopefully pumpkin patches will be open in October. Fingers crossed. I’m glad this is something for fall that hasn’t been cancelled.

  8. You always have such amazing coverage of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! I am SO excited to see your picks this year!

  9. Wow, thank you for this detailed info. I’m so excited!
    Have a great weekend.

  10. Love the coverage of the new details you gave for the Nordy Sale! I’m excited to see how the event plays out this year too! I’m not shopping in person since Covid but their online shop has always been a great success for me.

  11. Yay! I am so excited and can’t wait! This will be my third year shopping and I agree it feels like an early Christmas! Also, this is very exciting for me because this will be my first year shopping the sale since I started my blog this past Christmas! I can’t wait to review items and get in on all the fun! I have always came to your blog to see what you suggest getting in the sale! Can’t wait to see what your top picks are this year!

  12. Kathy

    Hi Caitlin! I second what other ladies are saying here. I LOVE when you post about the Nordstrom anniversary sale. Please please please do your annual post about what you and your mom get as well as any other recommendations. I usually buy a lot of what you already “presort” and it makes it so much easier for me. You have great taste, and I love your blog posts. Forget about that woman’s nasty comment. (Btw you handled her with grace and class). If I wanted news about the quarantine, coronavirus, etc I have plenty of places where I can find it bc it is ad nauseum nonstop. I enjoy your blog every day and come because I love your style, taste and outlook. Haters gonna hate, but you just keep being the beautiful, stylish, fun and joyful person you are. Don’t ever stop your blog! All the best, Kathy in SoCal

  13. kathy

    I love your Nordstrom sale posts!

  14. Brett Begley

    What is the brand of the striped sweater?

  15. Sierra Spears

    I’m so excited to see what you pick! This sale always gets me excited for fall!

  16. Ahhh, I looove the NSALE! I won’t be covering it this year from a blogger standpoint, but I am always SO excited to see what pieces you pick up! I actually met you and your mom during the NSALE last year at the Nordstrom at South Park and you both were/are the sweetest ever! I’ll never forget that experience! <3