Our Living Room Reveal!

I’m so excited to share our Ballard Designs LIVING ROOM REVEAL with you guys! If you remember a looong time ago, last February to be exact, I shared that I was working with the Design Solution team to design and furnish our main living room, and shared a little bit of that process with you guys in this blog post. Laura, our designer, worked really hard on the plans and since then, our living room has finally come together! It was such a fun process to watch unfold – we would get one piece of furniture, then another, until finally all of the coffee table books were placed, the lightbulbs were in, and our entire living room was complete. It was so cool to watch Laura’s design truly “come to life!”

As a reminder, here’s what our living room looked like when we moved in (to see more photos of our house when we first bought it, click here for my empty house tour!):

Chris and I are totally in love with our new space. We really wanted the living room to look beautiful and sophisticated, but still comfortable and a place where we could drink our morning coffee or entertain guests and not be too scared of “messing it up.” The most important factor was our seating choices, especially the sofa: we wanted an elegant design, but still super comfy! We chose the Lawrence Sofa in the Queens Velvet Gray (with weathered wood finish) and are so happy that we did. It has a slightly curved back, which adds a feeling of coziness and softness to the space. The velvet fabric that we chose is sooo soft, too! It makes you want to just curl up and fall asleep. You can see the curved back of the sofa in the below photo:

In addition to the Lawrence Sofa, we also really loved the Sofia Settee and Sofia Chairs. They’re completely customizable, which we had a lot of fun playing with. We went with a base fabric of the Queens Velvet Snow, and on the backside we did a really fun fabric, the Stockton Cream, which has a really pretty diamond stitch pattern but still kept the overall look of the chair very neutral.

Some of my other favorite pieces include this gorgeous Andrews coffee table, as well as the fireplace screen (which really stands out!). Another favorite? All of the decor for the built-in bookshelves! When we originally bought our house, I was clueless to how we should style these shelves, but Ballard Designs put together a whole plan for them! These decor pieces are so easy to mix and match and switch out with the seasons.

We started by placing these boxwood topiary domes at the top of each shelf to establish some symmetry in the room. Then we peppered in some coffee table books (mostly from used book stores) and several of these blue and white ginger jars to create interest. Vases also make great decor for bookshelves: I love this small Bubaix Urn and these vases from the Ames Vase Collection. Lastly, we placed a bunch of petite art from Ballard Designs throughout the shelving units – we used a few of these Pressed Leaf Prints and these Sandpaper Art Prints. The finishing touch to the shelves was this bust. We added some of my pearl necklaces around her neck, since I am a fashion blogger after all 🙂

For this little corner of our living room, Laura suggested this Andrews console table which I think is STUNNING (it also matches our coffee table!). We added these mercury glass vases to the lower shelf, these cherry blossom stems to a large ginger jar for a pop of color, and hung blue and white plates above the mirror. She also recommended having these Cartagena Sconces installed – I was worried they would be difficult to install, but our electrician knocked it out in less than an hour. I would NEVER have thought to put sconces there, but it really completes the room – when they’re turned on, the extra light makes it feel so cozy in the living room!

We are so in love with our new space!!! I love how it’s sophisticated and elegant yet cozy and comfortable at the same time. My favorite time of day is 5 p.m. when I’m finished with work for the day – I pour a glass of rose and snuggle up with Winnie to watch reality TV before Chris gets home from work – hehe! When we are hosting guests, it’s the perfect room for us all to hang out in – nine people can sit comfortably in the space. Thank you, thank you, thank you to Ballard Designs and Laura for such a wonderful job on the space – we will forever be grateful and can’t wait to create all new memories in our living room!

I’ve linked up every single item in the “Details” box below, but if I didn’t answer your question in this post, feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you there! And if you’re interested in working with the Designs Solution yourself (it’s FREE!), you can learn more about it here. xoxo

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  1. Ashleigh

    Can you link your curtains?

    • The curtains are custom-made from Ballard Designs in the Emmeline Gray Fabric!

  2. It looks wonderful!! I love all of the details on the shelves- everything you’re decorating with coordinates so well! 🙂

    xoxo A

  3. Christine Frankel

    Soooo Beautiful! You are my favorite blogger to follow! Love your taste in everything! I’ve incorporated some of the pieces you have in your home into mine and just love it! I love the same color palette’s as you and things in home decor but never knew really how to set up my house in a way to reflect that until I started following you. You’re truly inspiring!!! I look forward to seeing what’s new that you’ll post!

  4. Talk about living room goals!! I absolutely love all the decor pieces and the furniture! Can you come re-do my space?!

    Kendal / Life With Kendal

  5. Your living room is amazing! Talk about decor and room goals. I love all of the decor pieces and furniture! Can you come and decorate my space?

    Kendal / Life With Kendal

  6. This is such a beautiful space, I’m in love!

    Shannon | https://shannonmichelle1.blogspot.com

  7. Kathy

    I love your living room! It looks fabulous!! Well done! You did a great job!

    • Paula

      What is your wall paint brand/color? Thanks

  8. Love love love how your living room has been furnished! It looks gorgeous!

    I hope you have a great Tuesday,

    • Stephanie Bott

      Love this space! What color is the paint on the walls? It’s so beautiful!

  9. helena

    Just wondering what paint color you used on the walls.

  10. Tammy

    Love to know about your curtains. Your look is similar to mine but I am having a hard time dressing the windows. Thanks so much for sharing your space is beautiful!

    • Thank you! The curtains are custom-made from Ballard Designs in the Emmeline Gray Fabric!

  11. Julie Vargas

    I love your drapes and paint color. Could you please tell me what color that is on your walls?

    Everything is so beautiful!!

  12. Mary D

    Sorry , but – Zzz…pretty like a precocious poodle….but lacks real interest too matchy-matchy, furniture arrangement feels tight. Very traditional , old school for a young couple w/ an awesome space …would have liked dark blue or patterned wall paper lining the back of built ins…and relics from your travels displayed …just some personality to the room.. Shoes on books in the bookshelf?! My fave the interesting pot the orchid is in.

  13. It looks so beautiful! I love the soft blue & white color palette.

  14. Your living room looks absolutely wonderful!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  15. I am obsessed with that living room! It looks very prestine yet inviting and the different shades go so well together!
    The big sofa looks sooo comfortable and I love how the designer styled the built-in shelves.
    xx Janine

  16. Your living room is beautiful – dainty, cozy and so inviting! Love the finished product!

  17. Your living space is SO beautiful, Caitlin!!! I love how it’s so elegant, but looks like you can live in it without the worry of messing things up. How much of the design was yours and how much of it was Laura’s?

    She Sweats Diamonds

  18. I have been following you since 2014 and this is my favorite post till date!

  19. Ana Keele

    The fact that you styled the shelves with a pair of heels is everything to me!

  20. Mariam

    Absolutely beautiful! Love your style so much! Where is the mirror from?

  21. Lauren

    Can you link your vintage looking brass floor lamp? I have a similar table version and it would go perfect in my living room! Thanks!!

  22. This is so gorgeous! Do you have a go to spot for the plates you hung on the wall and other little antiques?

  23. Kathy

    Hi Caitlyn, Do you have the link to the small tray in the shelves on the bottom? It has some plates in it and a topiary next to it. The edges of the tray look like they have perforated designs. It is really pretty. Thank you.

  24. Nilsa

    I rarely comment on blogs, but I found your living room and its décor absolutely stunning! Simply perfection. You will be enjoying this little piece of heaven for a long time to come. Thank you for sharing.

  25. Laura Leigh

    The room looks absolutely incredible Caitlin! I truly love every little detail. A space y’all will enjoy for years and years to come!

    xo Laura Leigh
    Louella Reese

  26. Joni

    I love all your decorating posts! Can you tell me what color are the walls painted in this living room post?

  27. Your living room is absolutely gorgeous! I’m definitely bookmarking your page to order things for my upcoming living room re-do!


  28. Rebecca Murray

    Oh I love your style so much! Where is the mirror from? And the plates you mounted above them? I love this idea!

  29. Your house is SO beautiful! I love when you show it! Can you give tours/pictures of the other rooms?? 🙂


  30. Laura Yih

    Hi Caitlin, It is so exciting to see the final reveal!! I loved working with you and Chris and I can honestly say that you two were some of my favorite clients I had the pleasure working with while at Ballard Designs. Not only do you have style and grace but also you are such a fun person to be around! I am so happy to know you love your room and that the final design is what you had envisioned; as a designer there is no better compliment than knowing you have created a room that your clients enjoy and it is a space that you love to be in!!

    All the best to you both,
    Laura Yih Design, LLC

  31. Cori

    Where is the rug from?! SO gorgeous! Love the entire space!

  32. Ashley

    Absolutely gorgeous! I love how cozy it looks, and yet so elegant and beautiful.

  33. LOVE HOW IT ALL CAME TOGETHER! Truly beautiful. I love the blue tones so stinkin’ much! It’s so elegant and classy, yet welcoming and inviting!

    All Things Ashley Marie

  34. Elizabeth Langenfeld

    Your room and entire home is gorgeous!! Do happen to know what the flooring is? Hard wood? I love the large planks? Or engineered wood? Thank you so much! You have exquisite taste!!


  35. Anna

    Honestly, this is one of the prettiest living rooms I’ve ever seen.<3

  36. Katie

    Beautiful! I’m about to move into a new home and this has given me so much inspiration! Thanks for linking everything!

  37. Carlie Lively

    Where did you get all the light blue and white covered books on your shelves? Thank you!

  38. Lynn Cannon

    I’m working on redecorating my guest room. I was wondering if you had finished your guest room yet? Will you be doing a reveal?

  39. NE

    Hii Caitlin- I had some quick questions for you- where are your lanterns, marble clock on mantel, and table candleholders from? And also that cute antique looking thing on the Kendall table? Thanks so much for any help (or for anyone who knows and I just missed it in the comments somewhere). Thank you!!

    • Those are all from Ballard Designs as well!! I might have had trouble finding them online and that’s why I didn’t link 🙂