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There’s just something about the Amalfi Coast in Italy that keeps calling my name. I can’t stop going there!! This past trip was my third year in a row, and now that I’m home I already have the itch to go back. People always ask what my favorite travel destination is, and without hesitation I say the Amalfi Coast. For someplace so far away, it truly feels like “home” to me. Everything from the people, the food, the views that take your breathe away and threaten your heart to stop beating – there is truly no other place like it in the world. Read on for my full travel guide to Positano – and if you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comment section and I’ll get back to you there!

How to Get There

We’ve traveled to Positano two different ways: via Rome and Naples. If you fly into Rome, the easiest route is to take a taxi from the airport to the train station (30 minutes), then a fast train to Salerno (2 hours), then a ferry to Positano (1 hour). This is the route we took last time, but I found it to be a VERY long and taxing day. This time we decided to fly into the Naples airport, instead. We ended up having more airline connections to get to Naples, but once we landed it was only a 1.5 hour drive to Positano. I personally preferred this method! It was less stressful to only have one car ride once we arrived at the airport.

Best Time to Visit

This one is tricky! Two years ago when we visited in May, it was near perfect weather. It was sunny the entire time and it was warm enough for us to wear shorts, sundresses and bikinis every day. This past trip was unbelievably chilly – it was in the 50s and 60s, with several storms and rain showers passing through the coast daily. Although it may look warm from my photos… it really wasn’t! Most of the time I had a jacket and scarf over every outfit, and I stashed them out of sight for photos. That being said, chilly weather is very atypical for the Amalfi Coast – everyone we talked to said that May is usually beautiful! Once you get into the months of June and July, things REALLY heat up in Positano. It gets incredibly hot! You should consider all of that when booking your trip. Another thing to keep in mind is the crowds. Two years ago when we came in May, it felt like such an authentic and real experience because there were hardly any tourists. This time around, though – wow it had changed! There were tourists EVERYWHERE. The streets were teeming with people holding selfie sticks and DSLR cameras, shouting in English (clearly not Italians, haha). Supposedly the crowds get even worse in June, July and August.

Where to Stay

A RENTAL: I think an Airbnb or HomeAway is a great option for Positano and is much more affordable than the hotels. We stayed in this this HomeAway for around $300/night. It is located right next to Le Sirenuse, the most expensive hotel in Positano, and offers the exact same view (but for thousands of dollars less!). This little place has everything we needed for an extended stay: two bedrooms, three bathrooms, a comfortable sofa, a TV, and a small kitchen with microwave, stovetop and refrigerator. It has a GORGEOUS patio with outdoor seating and lounge chairs, and it’s own private walkway down to the beach. It’s also located close to a market so that you can grab fresh produce and water bottles to keep at your house. If you go to my Positano highlight on Instagram, I showed a little tour of our house! If you’d rather stay at a hotel, here are some great options:

POSEIDON HOTEL: We love Poseidon Hotel, we make a point to visit every year! If you’re looking for a classic Positano hotel, this is it. It’s absolutely breathtaking, from the interior decor and patio to the views of Positano. Plus the owners are two sisters and they absolutely go out of their way to make every guest feel at home!

VILLA FIORENTINO: This is an AMAZING option if you are headed on your honeymoon! We actually rented the Honeymoon Suite solely because we wanted to take pictures at the infinity pool. This hotel is one of the most romantic I’ve ever been in! The staff here is amazing and every detail was perfectly thought out. Our room was beautifully decorated, the bed was comfortable and the bath products in the bathrooms were the most heavenly-smelling products I’ve ever used, haha. Every day they would give you a breakfast sheet and you could pick all the foods you wanted for breakfast the next morning and what time you wanted it to arrive. You will definitely want to hang out at the pools if you stay here: there are three different pools, but one is a crazy hot tub with clear panelling! It is perfect for photos (I do believe that you have to be staying at the hotel in order to use the pool.) Our best day in Positano was spent at Villa Fiorentino – it was our only hot day, and we put on our swimsuits and ate pizza and drank rose on the sundeck!

Where to Eat


COLLINA BAKERY: We went here almost every single morning for a cappuccino and a Nutella croissant! We always got it to go and then brought it back to our little house to eat on the patio. The coffee here is AMAZING, but even Italian coffee can’t beat a Nutella croissant. This croissant is OUT. OF. THIS. WORLD. By the way, Nutella in Italy is completely different than the Nutella in America! It comes in a glass jar and is made without all of the chemicals and preservatives that come in the American version. You can definitely taste the difference – it’s WAY better!

CASA E BOTTEGA: This place is sooo good for lunch! At some point during your time in Italy, you will probably crave some greens,a welcome break from pasta and bread. Or at least I did 🙂 Casa e Bottega has the best fresh juices, smoothies, salads and vegan/vegetarian meals. They even make a pasta made out of zucchini noodles!

IL TRIDENTE: We went to Hotel Poseidon one afternoon and dined at Il Tridente (the hotel’s restaurant). I had the best gnocchi that I had the ENTIRE trip! It was so fresh and delicious, my mouth is watering as I type this, haha. Hotel Poseidon also has an amazing view, you will definitely want to take pictures here!


RISTORANTE MAX: This was our favorite meal that we had the ENTIRE trip. First of all, this restaurant is not touristy at all! Second, definitely ask about the specials because those ended up being our favorite meals – my mom had some fish baked with potatoes, capers and olives and she said it was the best fish she had her ENTIRE life. I had homemade pasta with truffle (also amazing), and my brother had spaghetti with lobster. All three of us loved it so much that we made reservations again for our final night (and all three ordered the exact same thing again hahahha). Also – ask for a glass of Chianti! It was also the best wine I had the entire trip!

DA VINCENZO: This restaurant was recommended to us by our driver, Lupo. The atmosphere of this restaurant is sooo cool – it is built into the cliffs of Positano, so it looks and feels like a cave inside! There are candles lit everywhere and it feels so romantic. The food is also incredible – and definitely order the fried cheese for an appetizer.

LE TRE SORELLE: This restaurant is located right on the beach – you have to go to the beach restaurants at least once while you’re in Positano! We could see the ocean from our table, and went right around dusk so we got to watch the sunset. I had some gnocchi with fresh tomato sauce and basil and my mom had baked fish and we both loved our meals. Definitely don’t skimp on dessert, either – their lemon cake was our favorite part of the meal!

TERRAZZA CELLE: This restaurant has a pretty fancy menu, but it is BEAUTIFUL! The terrace is absolutely one of the prettiest of Positano. Definitely make a reservation ahead of time and ask for a table with a good view – you will appreciate it when the sun is setting and all of the lights are turning on in Positano!

What To Do

  • RELAX! The Italians are hard workers but they have also mastered “the art of doing nothing.” Take a note from their book! It’s okay if you don’t have every day packed with activities – part of the fun of being in Italy is not having plans. Sleep in, enjoy a leisurely afternoon on your patio reading, go for a walk and stumble upon a cute cafe – take everything at a slow pace and truly soak it in while you’re there.
  • Take a boat to Da Adolfo Restaurant – Grab the free boat with the red fish from the port at 11 a.m. Be sure to make reservations for the beach club ahead of time (if you’re staying at a hotel, the concierge can do this for you). Da Adolfo is about 15 minutes outside the city by boat. You can rent a lounge chair and lay in the sun for a few hours before sitting down for lunch at the restaurant. Be prepared to stay for a few hours and catch the boat back around 4 p.m.
  • Visit Franco’s Bar for drinks. It opens at 5pm and there’s always a line outside, so it’s worth it to get there at 4:45 and wait for 15 minutes to be one of the first inside. Everything inside is photo-worthy, from the lemon trees planted around the restaurant to the bar’s blue and white striped awning. Their drink menu is really neat (I loved my aperol spritz) and they give you a free bowl of olives that were some of the best olives I’ve ever had in my entire life. 🙂
  • Hike the Sentiero Degli Dei (the Path of the Gods), a trail that links Agerola to Nocelle. The name, the Path of the Gods, is an indication of how spectacular the scenery is throughout the hike.
  • Spend a day at the beach. There are two: Spiaggia Grande (the bigger beach) and Spiaggia del Fornillo (the smaller beach). Spiaggia del Fornillo is less busy than the main beach, Spiaggia Grande, and just as pretty. It’s also lined with places to eat and drink so you can grab lunch between tanning sessions.
  • Buy local shoes. Positano is known for their sandals and a lot of places will custom make them for you – you pick out the design and the material and they will fit the sandal to your foot.
  • Shop! There are a ton of local boutiques and art/pottery stores that are really fun to peruse. All of the pottery places will ship back to the United States (even full sets of plates and mugs) so don’t worry about trying to squeeze it into your suitcase. Definitely head to Pepito’s for some linen while you’re there – they make the best shirts and dresses!
  • Visit Fiordo di Furore, an incredibly quiet and beautiful beach along the Amalfi coastline. Google it to see how beautiful it is!
  • Take a boat out for the day. You can hire a private driver right on the beach (just be sure to get there early in the morning around 9 a.m.) and they will take you out on the boat. Stop by Vini e Panini for a sandwich and bottle of wine to bring with you before boarding the boat.
  • Take a day trip to Ravello. Ravello is located high in the mountains above the Amalfi Coast, offering some of the beautiful views you’ll ever see in your life. While you’re in Ravello, visit the gardens of Villa Rufolo, have lunch at Villa Maria’s, and enjoy a spritz on the patio at Palazzo Avino.

How to Get Around

If you’re staying in Positano for several days, you really don’t need a car – you can get everywhere you need to go by walking, or by boat! I actually recommend that people don’t rent a car – it can be really scary to drive on the Amalfi Coast if you don’t have experience driving there. If you do choose to drive, be prepared for hairpin turns, steep cliffs, narrow lanes and dizzying heights. If you need to get somewhere that isn’t walkable, I recommend hiring a private driver. We used Mr. Lupo for transportation both to and from the Naples airport and for a day trip to Ravello. He is awesome! He was born and raised on the Amalfi Coast and knows everything about the area. I recommend booking him ahead of time – his email is lupenluigi@hotmail.com.

What To Pack

This section is a little difficult to write, since we experienced vastly different weather in Positano from year to year! I would definitely check the weather forecast ahead of time. Even if you’re expected to have warm temperatures, I would still pack a rain jacket and a cardigan, since it can get cool at night. No matter what, definitely pack comfortable shoes! Not only will you be walking a lot, but you will be taking STAIRS everywhere. Positano is a village made up of stairs! I switched between my TKEES sandals and a pair of white slide-on sneakers every day. Other important items to pack include a converter and adapter (the plugs are different in Italy), a hat, a crossbody bag, and a scarf that can be worn multiple ways (as a sarong, around your neck, etc.).

Other Helpful Tips/FAQs

  • You have to make reservations for nearly every single restaurant in Positano – it is actually frowned upon if you walk into a restaurant and expect to get seated without a reservation! It’s pretty easy to make reservations, though, and most restaurants allow you to make them online.
  • Tipping is not expected in Italy. Most restaurants charge a cover charge (usually one or two euros per person), so they don’t expect a generous tip like in America. If the service is out of this world, then you can leave one or two euros on the table for the server.
  • My last tip is weird but TRY THE CAPPUCCINO! It is unbelievable and does not taste at all like the American version. You will thank me 🙂

Like I said, if you have any other questions, feel free to leave them in the comment section and I’ll get back to you there!

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  1. Thank you for the well thought and detailed post. I love all the tips and all the pictures are absolutely gorgeous!!! This is definitely on my bucket list and this list will come in handy! It kind of reminds me of Santorini with all the stairs! Is the beach area segregated by resort or is there also a public area?

    • The beach is all public! 🙂 So anyone is welcome to go down and use the beach and lay out! And it’s where all of the boats are docked as well!

    • Myst

      Hello 🙂 I know you travel often, so my question to you is luggage related. What bag or travel storage do you use for jewelry and accessories? I have not found one that I like for safekeeping. Thanks!

      • I use this little travel jewelry case to bring all my nice jewelry with me: https://rstyle.me/+ZvLRv6hR-fCtEjfcScKOnA It is expensive, but it is SO NICE and really high quality – it fits in my purse or carry-on luggage so I never have to check it and worry about it getting stolen. Once we arrive to our destination I will put the entire case in the safe and lock it!

  2. Rosa-Maria

    HI, I’m soo excited to go this summer! Ill be there in August and I know it will be chaotic. I know in Italy they have different power outlets…I have curly/wavy hair and I dont want to always have my hair in a bun! They tend to become frizzy. What hair products and blow-dryer/curling iron did you use. your hairs looks stunning!

    • I use MoraccanOil hair oil to reduce frizz… for hair dryer I just used the hair dryer that was available at the HomeAway and the hotel (I didn’t even pack my own!) and for curling wand I used my normal T3 wand with 1″ barrel – it is dual voltage so I only needed an adapter with it and it worked perfectly. Here’s the link to my curling wand: https://rstyle.me/+qg-56fJDcwTN-ZE4ikboWQ

      • Rosa-maria

        Thank you!😊

  3. Maria

    There’s no destination like Positano. It’s a place that keeps calling you back. Might have to book a flight ASAP. Loved the outfits! Can you tell me what size you picked up for the lemon romper and the LPA red polka dot dress?


    From Canada

    • Hey Maria, I ordered an XS in the red polka dot dress- it fit perfectly! I also ordered an XS in the lemon print romper but it does run a bit big – I had to clip the back of it for a photo since I didn’t have time to get it tailored. 🙂

      • Maria

        Thank you! This is helpful. 🙂

    • Absolutely in love with Positano wish hubby and I had more time to go there but we are headed to Rome, next week the. Florence and then Venice about 2.5 days in each city. Currently packing so this was super handy to read because everything I packed is Florida summer outfits and checking the weather everyday it’s not as warm in Italy as I thought it would be. I did want to know about the trains did you buy tickets ahead of time or on the spot? We will mostly use the fast train to go from city to city. Although Venice I’m a little nervous with the luggage and all. Any other tiips or suggestions that you can send my way would be so helpful. Also flying out of US did you need to fill out an ESTA application or is having a US passport enough. We booked with Norwegian air and our layover is in Denmark before arriving to Rome. That’s the other part that I’m a little stressed over. Thanks so much girl really appreciate it!

      • We bought train tickets on the spot and it worked perfectly! A few times we had to get someone that worked there to help translate for us. We did not have to fill out an ESTA application, our US passports were enough. We had a layover in Dublin before flying to Italy and we were perfectly fine! 🙂 DON’T STRESS! Everything will work out perfectly and you will have an amazing trip!

  4. Mandee Lynch

    Great tips! How much does it cost to hire a boat and driver? Considering this for my 40th birthday. I’ve been to Italy but not Positano! Thank you!

    • I’m not sure about the boat – it all depends on what kind of boat you want (large vs small) and for how long you want to rent the boat. We almost did a half-day excursion that was around 200 euros I believe.

      • Kim

        Do you know which boat service you used? Was it private? My fam and I are headed there in 2 weeks and we were looking at booking a private boat in advance and it is €690 for half a day 😱 and I thousand euros for a full day to Capri. They said you can’t do Capri in a half day? 🤔 what do you suggest? Is this something I need to book an advance or just walk down there sounds like you were getting way better pricing!?

        • I would definitely take a ferry to Capri, instead of a private boat! The ferry is so much cheaper!! You can go to Capri in the morning and then come back in the afternoon. Although, we LOVE Capri and I would recommend staying there overnight! And definitely have dinner at Da Paolino in Capri – it’s a restaurant underneath lemon trees! If you just want to hire a private boat for a couple of hours, I would recommend just walking down to the beach and talking to the different boat companies – you can get a much better deal that way.

  5. Katie

    Hi there! I’m planning a trip to Italy in September and can’t decide between Portofino and Lake Como. Which one would you recommend? I wish I had enough time for both! Also, would you recommend staying in Capri or a day trip from Positano?

    • Hey Katie, Do you have time to visit both Portofino and Lake Como? They’re not that far from each other! They are both so different so it’s really hard to pick one over the other 🙂 And I would recommend staying in Capri – a day trip is not long enough to see the beauty of Capri, and you HAVE to eat at Da Paolino restaurant for dinner while you’re there!

  6. Madison

    We are flying in to Rome and taking the fast train to the ferry. Was it difficult to travel with all your luggage etc. on the ferry? Any tips for traveling this route as opposed to flying in to Naples?

    • Yes, it was a little bit difficult to travel by ferry with the luggage, but maybe that is because I had a huge 60 pound suitcase AND a carry-on suitcase AND a purse 🙂 If you are traveling lighter (say, with just a carry-on), then it shouldn’t be too bad. Just be sure to take the ramp to the ferry and not the stairs, we did not know there was a ramp and we carried all of our luggage down the stairs!

  7. This was such a helpful and comprehensive guide! Everything here looks breathtakingly beautiful. Loved this post!

  8. Jenn B

    Hi!! So glad you posted this updated guide when you did, because me and my husband are going to Positano next week! Wondered what pool you are at in your pics? Is there a pool you can pay to go to if you aren’t staying at a hotel with a pool? So so excited to go!! Hoping it’s warm 🙂

    • That’s the pool at Villa Fiorentino! I believe that you have to be staying there to use the pool but I’m not positive, you could always give them a call! Maybe if you ate lunch there (they serve pizza) you could use the pool as well. Have so much fun, you will love it!!

  9. Klaris

    Omg! Yes! I was at Il tridente yesterday and had the gnocchi! It was the best ever! Service was superb and the views like no other!

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  11. Megan

    This is so helpful and timely! I’m heading to Positano next week and was debating between Ristorante Max and another, so this swayed us to Ristorante Max! This is a very comprehensive post, I was feeling anxious about some of the logistics so this was great – thank you. 🙂

  12. Thank you for this post!! I am headed there in 2.5 weeks and have been laboring over what to pack for weeks now! 🙂 . I have 2 questions: How dressy are the restaurants? and, I am traveling with my 3 kids, aged 16, 15 and 12 –did you notice what kids wear to the restaurants? Are they causal or dressed nice? Thanks so much for such a thorough post and for taking the time to respond! You are adorable!

    • The lunch restaurants are pretty casual, people were wearing tops with jeans or casual dresses. For dinner, it really depends on which restaurants you go to! Ristorante Max and Da Vincenzo were the two fanciest ones we went to, ladies had on nice dresses and the men had on khaki pants and a button-up top or polo, kids were not as dressed up but still looked nice. Some of the more casual restaurants you definitely don’t have to dress up for – any of the beach restaurants are pretty casual!

    • Michelle S

      Hi ! My husband and I just came back from Positano/Sorrento/Capri last week. YOne thing we noticed is you will never be overdressed at a restaurant, but do wear what is comfortable for you, especially shoes. I mostly wore dresses with a shawl/sweater wrap as it does cool off. I would advise long pants for men/boys. Shorts are not common for dinner wear at any of the restaurants we went to, they ranged from causal to fairly nice. I hope this helps.

  13. Krista

    Hi! Thank you so much for all this info. My husband and I are headed there in a few months! One question, my husband is super interested in renting a car but me not so much! Are there taxis or is a private driver the only option?? Thanks!

    • Hey Krista! Yes, there are taxis! Just be sure to ask the price beforehand. We did not do this and we got ripped off! 🙂

    • Lauren

      This is such an excellent guide you always look so amazing in all your pictures! My husband and I leave on Wednesday and I’m realizing a driver may be a better option than a taxi to go from the Naples airport to our hotel. Would you mind sharing how much your driver was each way? Did you use this same driver when you did your day trips? Lastly, did you see the blue lagoon in Capri? It sounds like taking the ferry to Capri and negotiating while there for a ride is the best? Thank you in advance for your thoughts!!

  14. Your pictures make me dream about Positano! This is on my travel bucket list!

  15. Erica C.

    Hi! Thanks so much for this guide! Your trip made me want to book!! I just have one question: what airlines do you recommend? I have never flown internationally and have no idea what airline to use!

    • We always use American Airlines because North Carolina is a major AA hub and most of our international flights are American Airlines! I would recommend going to google.com/flights and then searching for the dates that you want to book your trip – it will show you all of the available flights and the prices!

  16. Jen

    Hi, thanks for posting all your tips! What type of luggage do you use when traveling? I’m heading to Italy this summer and I’ve heard some suitcases don’t hold up well on the cobblestone streets.


    • Hey Jen, I used my Delsey luggage! The ones I brought with me to Italy are shown in this post: https://www.southerncurlsandpearls.com/airport-style/ We were fortunate and did not have to roll ours on cobblestone, however we did have to carry them up and down a very big flight of stairs. I would try to pack as light as possible so that you can carry it if needed!

    • Michelle

      Hi, my husband and I just got back from Italy and we used luggage that we could carry, I used this one (https://www.marmot.com/long-hauler-duffel—medium-29250.html). or if you have a backpacking pack, that would work well too. It was very useful and convenient when trying to get through crowds and areas without sidewalks/walkways.
      If you can pack light, I would highly recommend bringing luggage you can carry, as there is a lot of people and walking, inclines, and stairs. If you arrive by ferry, some hotels in Positano do offer a service that will bring your luggage to your hotel for 10 euro/bag. Hope this helps.

  17. Amanda

    What hair dryer and curling iron do you use in Europe?

    • For hair dryer I used whatever was in the HomeAway and the hotel (I did not want to bring mine all the way to Italy- they are typically always provided for you wherever you’re staying!). For the curling wand, I used my normal T3 wand with 1″ barrel – it is dual voltage, the only thing you need is an adapter to be able to plug it in. Here’s the link: https://rstyle.me/+qg-56fJDcwTN-ZE4ikboWQ (it’s currently on sale!)

  18. Heather

    Thank you so much for this super helpful guide! My fiancé and I are planning our trip to Positano in early September following our wedding day 🙂 any honeymoon must dos? <3

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    • Urusla

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      love the post <3 thank you so much

      • If this is your first trip to the Amalfi Coast, I would recommend staying in a few different villages while you are there! The first time we went, we stayed 4 days in Positano, 3 days in Ravello and then another 3 in Capri and it was the perfect amount of time in each place. 🙂

        • christina curas

          Im going with my boyfriend in September! Im so excited first time we are going to Positano, I haven’t planned anything yet but I want to follow your itinerary to a T! 🙂 How far is Capri from Positano? do you take boat or car? Do you know what weather is like end of Sept?

  21. Enzo

    Yes it is beautiful and I once had that bug years ago and it’s nearly satisfied. Too busy for me these days but so Beautiful and charming. The best month is well I can’t tell you because too many people have been coming to Italy in the past twenty years. More and more and no place is quiet like it once was. Enjoy everyone.

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  25. Marisa Beyersdorf

    Hey, I love this post! I remember seeing in your IG stories where you bought some plate ware and shipped back to US. Where was that at?!

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  27. Love this post! We are going in September and are first timers, so this is extremely helpful! When you went from Naples to Positano, I’m guessing you used a car service? Do you have any recommendations on which to use? Thanks so much! 🙂

    • Yes! We used Mr. Lupo! I put his contact details in this blog post haha

      • Kelsey

        Shoot, totally missed that, sorry! Thanks again 🙂

  28. Hey Caitlin! I enjoyed reading this post, and the views in Positano are incredible! I hope to visit there one day. Maybe I’ll send this link to my man, and see what he thinks! Okay, here’s my question: Is there a language barrier in Positano? Did you have to translate at all, or what is it like as far as communication?

    • Hey Caitlyn, there is not really a language barrier! Every Italian that we encountered spoke English very well, and every single restaurant had an English menu so it was really easy to order food 🙂

  29. Lindsay Meece

    I’m visiting Positano for the first time in September, so I’m very appreciative of this blog post!! I have to ask though, in the photo of you around the garden-like area and the last photo of you in the mini pool, where are these places!? I must go!! 💕

    • The gardens are Villa Rufolo in Ravello, and the mini pool is at Villa Fiorentino (a hotel in Positano). 🙂

  30. Andrea Graves

    Love this post! We are heading to Positano in 3 weeks to get married! Eek! Just wondering if you have links for your swimsuits? For some reason it doesn’t take me anywhere when I click the photos.

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  32. Emily

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    Great guide! LOVE it all. It will be very helpful. I am going in a few weeks with my two teenage daughters and we are staying at The Hotel Poseiden! Would you suggest emailing the hotel now to make reservations to Restaurant Max, Da Vincenzo and, of course, Il Tridente or wait until we check in? I also want to do Chez Black for lunch, do I need a reservation? Thanks for your help.

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    How do you deal with traveling so much back to back…I feel overwhelmed when I have to pack & unpack from staying at my boyfriends place twice a week 😂 if you have any tips for staying organized in between trips, please share!

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    • It’s actually linked in the blog post!

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    • Hey Sarah! Here are the answers to your questions: 1.We hired a private driver – his contact details are actually in this blog post! He is awesome! 2. The location is Villa Fiorentino Hotel. I’m pretty sure you have to be staying there to use the pool, but you could always call and ask! 🙂

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    Thank you!!

    • Hey Susan, That restaurant was actually in Capri, not Positano – it is called Da Paolino Restaurant and it is AMAZING! The food is incredible and of course the lemon trees! That is the only restaurant I went to in Positano and Capri that had lemons growing overhead. It is definitely worth it!

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