Airport Style

Good morning from Italy, you guys! I wore this outfit for a 13 hour day of travel on Saturday… this jumpsuit is less than $50 and feels just like pajamas! It was the perfect thing to wear on a couple of long flights… I fell asleep no problem and slept like a baby, too 🙂 I brought along a denim jacket and a scarf, too, to keep me warm on the plane. We had a layover in Dublin and it was FREEZING! The jumpsuit also comes in black and blueand both are just as cute.

We are in Positano for the week and I couldn’t be happier to be here! It is my favorite place on Earth 🙂 Although yesterday it rained almost all day, haha! What better excuse to eat pizza and drink wine, right?! I also read my book pretty much all day (speaking of, I’ll have a new book review up for you guys soon!). I’ll be back this week with more from our trip!


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  1. Have fun on your trip! That jumpsuit looks super comfy and that colour is lovely.

  2. Have the best time!! That pink bag is eeeverything. Your travel look is so cozy too!

    Kendal / Life With Kendal

    • Jennifer S

      I just keep thinking how hard it would be to pee in a tiny airplane bathroom in that! It’s super cute though and looks extra comfy, but the thought of having to disrobe in a nasty public restroom would discourage me completely.

  3. Have fun in Italy, this is a cute and comfy travel look.


  4. That jumpsuit looks so comfortable and perfect for travel! I definitely need one!

  5. Your airport style is cool and comfy!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  6. Such a cute and comfy look!

  7. I’m too short for jumpsuits but I never thought about pairing it with a jean jacket!
    It honestly does look super soft and comfortable on you!

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  8. Kathy

    Hello! Could you please give the link for that beautiful pink tote bag you used? I love it! Have a great trip!

  9. Laura Leigh

    Such a cute, comfy travel look! Hope you have the absolute best time – looking forward to following along. Commented this on your IG too – my mom is actually there right now as well with her fiancé – they used a lot of your recommendations from your travel guide! Hope you two bump into one another – she adores you!

    xo Laura Leigh