Two-Piece Set

Bathing suit cover-up or regular outfit? You decide! I wore this Amazon two-piece set several times on our beach trip last week! Once I wore it over a swimsuit to the pool… and a second time I wore it to a nice breakfast (sans swimsuit). It has a very chic, beachy vibe and it’s surprisingly pretty high quality! The pants are lined so that you can’t see what’s underneath (whether it’s underwear or a swimsuit, haha). I paired it with a straw hat and my favorite sandals – no other accessories needed!

I really wish life would slow down a little bit – this week is SO busy! Anyone else? We have a ton of doctor’s appointments and we’re getting wallpaper installed in Kennedy’s nursery (finally!). Kennedy was finally starting to sleep longer stretches at night, but the past four nights she has woken up every few hours all night long. Is a three month sleep regression a thing?! Lol. This mama is off to take a shower while baby is taking a nap!


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  1. This set is so gorgeous! What a great find! <3

    I definitely need life to slow down for a bit, too! Everything has been so fast paced lately that I would appreciate some calmness, haha.


  2. Teresa.

    I’m sorry but I find this the most unflattering outfit I’ve e er seen. It’s just not becoming. And if you with long legs can’t pull this off, pity anyone who is enthused by it.