Purple Swim by the Sea

Rosettes (aka 3D flowers) are trending for spring, and they are everywhere from handbags to necklaces… even swimsuits, apparently! I wore this super cute bikini top and bikini bottom in the Bahamas a few weeks ago and knew it needed it’s own moment on my blog. The detail, the color, the slight sheen of the fabric… it is perfection in a swimsuit!

I tell you what, these photos are really making me miss beach weather! It is FREEEEZING here in North Carolina this week and I could not be more ready for the arrival of spring. We had to bump up our heat a couple degrees because it was so cold, our heater couldn’t keep up! I have been looking up spring recipes (blueberry muffins, cinnamon rolls, etc.) and adding little Easter decorations around the house because I am trying to keep myself in good spirits, LOL.

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  1. SALLY

    Very lovely purple bikini. You modeled this beautifully. Love the flower detail of the bikini. Monday is travel day. Tuesday this will be me till next Monday. So ready for warm tropical weather. It will be nice to leave the jackets at home. The jacket/sneakers I wear will be only for the plane. Once I am off the plane jacket is hidden. Bikinis, cover up dresses, tropical dresses, , jumpsuit and open toe shoes all packed and ready. Plane will be freezing so I need the jacket for that.

  2. This bikini is so pretty! It seems like it was the perfect find for your trip!



  3. B loch

    Logistical travel question: how do you travel with the littles and the cars? Do you install a car seat each time you get a taxi? Would love to do this trip with mine!!