Travel Guide: Positano, Italy

For the next couple of weeks I’ll be sharing Travel Guides to some of the cities we went to in Italy. It was by FAR the best trip I’ve ever been on, with amazing food, views and experiences. I did tonnnnns of research for this trip, probably more than I’ve ever done for a trip before. I wanted to feel prepared and make the most out of our time there, so I researched restaurants, activities and even how to order coffee (tip: ask for the Americano!). 
Our travel itinerary looked like this: We landed in Rome and traveled straight to Positano, and from there we went to Ravello and Capri, and then finally back to Rome for a few nights. Since Positano was the first place we stayed, and also our longest leg of the trip (we stayed four nights and five days in Positano) I thought I would begin there!

A little bit of backstory on Positano: John Steinbeck once said, “Positano bite deep. It is a dream place that isn’t quite real when you are there and becomes beckoningly real after you have gone.” And I have to agree – from the moment you first catch sight of the views from the Amalfi Coast, you’ll have to pinch yourself to make sure it’s real. Photos and even videos simply can’t do it justice. It’s the prettiest, most captivating place I’ve ever been. We decided to go in the month of May because the temperatures are mild, the flowers are blooming and it’s not quite peak season, so you don’t have to worry about crowds.

There are two ways to get to Positano: by land or by water. We flew into the Rome airport on a direct flight from Charlotte, N.C. Once we landed in Rome, we took a taxi to the Rome train station, about 30 minutes away. Our plan was to take the fast train to Salerno (2 hours) and then from Salerno, take the ferry to Positano. This is the fastest route, but be sure to check the ferry times! We ended up missing the ferry from Salerno to Positano, so we took a taxi instead. Although this was a longer route, the views were unreal! Also – be prepared for a really long day of travel. We arrived in Rome at 9:30 a.m. and didn’t get to our place in Positano until 4:30 p.m.

The view from our vacation rental


A vacation rental: We rented this vacation rental and absolutely loved it (watch my YouTube video for a full tour!). It’s located right next to the famous Le Sirenuse hotel, so it offers the exact same view and more space for a much better rate. There were two bedrooms and three bathrooms, plenty of closet space for all of our clothes, and a kitchen with microwave, stovetop and refrigerator. It also has a private pathway to the beach that’s around a 5-minute walk. We could not recommend it more!

The view from Hotel Poseidon. Get my dress here!

HOTELS: There are dozens of hotels in Positano, all completely different and unique, but all beautiful. When choosing a hotel, the most important thing to keep in mind is location. Positano is built on the side of a mountain, and some hotels are located at the top of the hill (which means a LOT of stairs/walking) and some are located at the bottom. I would recommend staying mid-mountain or at the bottom of the mountain since these locations are closest to the main beach, Spiaggia Grande, as well as all the restaurants and shops. Although some of the hotels can be pricey, almost all of them include breakfast each morning. I recommend staying at Hotel Poseidon Positano – we had the chance to visit and it’s absolutely breathtaking, from the interior decor and patio to the views of Positano. Everyone also agreed that the best meal we had in Positano was at Hotel Poseidon’s restaurant. If you want to splurge, Le Sirenuse is the most famous hotel in Positano (several movies have been filmed there) and also boasts an amazing location. Le Sirenuse is a family-run, luxury boutique hotel located in the heart of Positano. It has a Michelin star restaurant and a pool surrounded by lemon trees overlooking the ocean.

The view from Caffe Positano. Full outfit post here!
  • Caffe Positano: This little cafe is the perfect spot for lunch because of the AMAZING view! Seriously, go here for the view alone. They have amazing fresh buffalo mozzarella and good coffee, too.
  • Casa e Bottega: One of the healthiest restaurants in Positano, Casa e Bottega offers both breakfast and lunch. We went here for breakfast one day and ordered smoothies that tasted SO fresh and delicious. They have a lot of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free dishes available. 
  • Collina Bakery: We went here several times for breakfast and lunch because of the good prices! They offer a selection of pastries and donuts (and coffee) in the morning, as well as pizza and calzones during lunch. A pastry was around â‚¬1 and a calzone was â‚¬3.
  • Da Adolfo Restaurant: This restaurant is pretty much a full day affair! You have to catch a boat to the beach club to eat here, so you’ll probably want to stay for half a day and lounge on the beach too.

  • Franco’s Bar: Definitely check out Franco’s Bar, located in Le Sirenuse, for champagne and cocktails!
  • Hotel Poseidon Positano: Hotel Poseidon has a great poolside bar. Order a bottle of rosé and snag a table next to the railing for a great view.

  • Hotel Poseidon Positano: Our favorite dinner that we had in Positano! I ordered the buffalo mozzarella stuffed ravioli and it was the best dish I had in Positano. My mom and Brit ordered lemon risotto with shrimp and they loved it, too. For dessert we all had the Lemon Delight – pure Heaven on Earth!
  • Ristorante Le Tre Sorelle: We went to this restaurant on our first night in Positano and had a great experience. It’s located right on the beach so we got to watch the sunset and we could see the ocean from our table. We ordered a margherita pizza and an order of gnocchi with fresh tomato sauce and basil, and everyone had a little of each. Both dishes were amazing. Also, it is customary for the waiter to bring out Limoncello after your meal – a delicious Italian liquor made with lemon rinds. You have to try it at least once while you’re there! 
  • Ristorante Max: We didn’t get a chance to try Restaurant Max’s but we heard really good things about it from some people we met in Positano! It has really fresh, authentic food and isn’t touristy.
Spiaggia Grande in Positano. Full outfit post here!

Driving Hotel Poseidon’s beetle by the coast. Full outfit post here!

  • Take a boat to Da Adolfo Restaurant – Grab the free boat with the red fish from the port at 11 a.m. Be sure to make reservations for the beach club ahead of time (if you’re staying at a hotel, the concierge can do this for you). Da Adolfo is about 15 minutes outside the city by boat. You can rent a lounge chair and lay in the sun for a few hours before sitting down for lunch at the restaurant. Be prepared to stay for a few hours and catch the boat back around 4 p.m.
  • Hike the Sentiero Degli Dei (the Path of the Gods), a trail that links Agerola to Nocelle. The name, the Path of the Gods, is an indication of how spectacular the scenery is throughout the hike.
  • Spend a day at the smaller beach, Spiaggia del Fornillo. It’s less busy than the main beach, Spiaggia Grande, and just as pretty. It’s also lined with places to eat and drink so you can grab lunch between tanning sessions.
  • Buy local shoes. Positano is known for their sandals and a lot of places will custom make them for you – you pick out the design and the material and they will fit the sandal to your foot.
  • Shop! There are a ton of local boutiques and art stores that are really fun to peruse. 
  • Visit Fiordo di Furore, an incredibly quiet and beautiful beach along the Amalfi coastline. Google it to see how beautiful it is!
  • Take a boat out for the day. You can hire a private driver right on the beach (just be sure to get there early in the morning around 9 a.m.) and they will take you out on the boat. Stop by Vini e Panini for a sandwich and bottle of wine to bring with you before boarding the boat.
See my full blog post on this outfit here.
Check out my YouTube video on my Positano Travel Diary, below, and be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel to be notified when the rest of my Italy vlogs go up 🙂 

If you’ve been to Positano before and have any recommendations, let us all know in the comments!

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  4. Italy is so full of magic! You really can't go wrong visiting any part of that country, but the Amalfi coast is definitely a special place. These photos make me want to return asap!

    Thanks for sharing, Caitlin!

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  12. When my sister and I went to Positano, we flew in to Naples then caught a bus that goes directly from Naples to Sorrento. We spent the night in Sorrento and then in the morning caught another bus that goes down the Amalfi Coast and stops in Positano. You could also take the ferry from Sorrento but it was easier taking the bus. On the way home, we took the bus back to Sorrento and then took a train to Naples to fly home.

    Another great day trip is to take the boat to Capri. We did that and then couldn't decide if we wanted to also take a boat tour to see the Blue Grotto. We ended up doing it and it was the most amazing thing we've ever done. Do not miss it!!

    We stayed at Holiday House Gilda and really enjoyed it. We were on a budget and it was a fabulous option! Somewhat high up on the mountain but there are stairs that take you straight down to Fornillo beach which is more private than the Spiaggia Grande beach. I don't think there's a bad option in Positano 🙂

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  17. This was one of my favourite holidays. We stayed in Rome, travelled down to Pompeii to see the ruins (which were fascinating), took a train to Sorrento for a few nights and travelled from there. It was marvelous!

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    • I, too, would enjoy seeing posts with your mom! I would love to share them with my mom, who is always on the hunt for fashionable ideas since she is a teacher!

    • Thanks for the feedback! I talked to my mom on the phone tonight and she is definitely interested in doing a few guest posts on the blog 🙂 So look out for some posts soon!

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  25. You missed 2 of my favorite places!
    – Palazzo Murat, hotel and restaurant in the heart of Positano, with its gorgeous botanical garden!
    – Music On the Rocks, nightclub (probably want open during May as it's a bit early in the season) but people swear this is one of Italy's best nightclubs. It's inside a cave looking over the ocean and we danced there until 5 am when we visited Positano!

    I hope more people discover Positano – it's my favorite place in the world!!!

    • Ahh we heard about Music on the Rocks but it wasn't open yet!! I am dying to go!!

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    • Hey Katherine, I filmed and edited the videos myself! 🙂

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    • Oops sorry, I just linked it in the post! it is Free People but I put the exact link to it underneath the picture 🙂

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  36. Great post and pictures! where is striped dress from (when you are holding your hair in a pony tail)??

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  39. My husband and I will be staying at Le Sirenuse this October (def. more affordable in the off season) and this post just makes me so much more excited! The only bad part – we'll just be there for 2 nights. Cannot wait for your posts on Ravello & Rome – we will be staying there as well 🙂
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    • We made reservations for Hotel Poseidon a couple days in advance, but we didn't make reservations for any of the other restaurants in Positano! The beginning of May is not very crowded, so we didn't have to wait at all before we were seated. If you're going during the peak season, I would try to make reservations online before you go, or have your hotel book them the day that you get there!

    • I definitely suggest making reservations now as you are going during high season. I will be there in June and July and have already booked all my dining reservations. You can always cancel 24 hours prior. 🙂

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    • I stayed at Covo too! Absolutely love it there!

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  61. I was just there a few weeks ago too!! So beautiful!! We took a ferry from Salerno, Highly recommend paying 10 euro/bag to have your bags taken to your hotel!! It is a steep walk up. We stayed at Villa Rosa which is right across from La Sirenuse…this place is gorgeous with amazing views (minus the price of the former). And Yes, recommend Café Positano, amazing views!! One other thing, we rented a scooter (my husband drove & has lots of experience on a motorcycle). I was very apprehensive but so glad we did. This was awesome, drove down past Ravello to Amalfi. It is only 15 kilometers away and is an amazing drive. Had lunch and shopped in Amalfi & it was amazing!

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    “From her to you comes loving thought,
    that leads to highest good, while you pursue it,
    counting as little what all men desire:
    from her comes that spirit full of grace
    that shows you heaven by the true way’:
    so that in hope I fly, already, to the heights…”

  68. Madison

    I would humbly love to know how you afford to travel to such beautiful places – does your blogging job pay for this? So inspired. Xoxo

  69. I would humbly love to know how you afford to travel to such beautiful places. Does your blogging job provide for it? So inspired. Xoxo ❤️

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    • For my honeymoon we did 4 days in Mykonos, 4 days in Santorini, 4 days in ravello and a few nights in Rome and it was perfect! I definitely recommend Santorini and Ravello for your honeymoon!!! I have been to Lake Como and definitely prefer Amalfi Coast!

      • Rachel

        Great thank you!! Would you do Mykonos and Santorini or just Santorini? Was it tough traveling from Italy to Greece? I just don’t want it to take up too much of our days.

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    Hi! When is the best time to travel to Italy? We are thinking in the early or mid part of August. I know its will be hot.

    • I personally prefer the month of May because it is less touristy and it’s not TOO hot – but honestly there is not a bad time of year to travel to Italy! I definitely think August will be really hot, but if you’re okay with the heat and humidity, then you should go for it!

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    Do you know it well?
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    to be there with you, O, my beloved one…”