The Boots You’ll Wear All Season Long

Without a doubt, the number one pair of shoes I’ve reached for on this trip are these Marc Fisher Izzie boots from Nordstrom! The shearling trim makes them super cute (and trendy), and they have NICE thick soles that provide great traction on wet or dry surfaces. And they’re warm – which is a really good thing, because I think we’re in for a cold fall and winter! I love that they’re both cute enough to wear around town and to a lunch date, and sturdy enough to go hiking in. Nordstrom sells them in a few different colors here. I really do give them my highest recommendation. 10/10!

We discovered this scenic little bridge on a mini-hike around Lake Placid a few days ago! It was such a magical spot, we had to stop to snap some photos 🙂 We try to time our fall trips to hit right at peak every year, but it’s impossible to know for sure! This year we actually arrived in Lake Placid a week or two after the leaves had peaked. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still beautiful here, though! There are pockets of vibrant color in many places (like this one!), even though some of the trees have already dropped all their leaves.

Well, got to go because I’m reading a REALLY good book right now and I can’t put it down! xoxo!

*Thanks to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post

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  1. Those boots really are super cute, I like the shearling trim!
    This looks like such a magical place, have fun on your trip!
    xx Janine

  2. Rebecca

    Hi! Was wondering your thoughts on the maternity leggings? Also, saw that you were thinking about trying the align II out, I just purchased a couple pairs hoping they will work as maternity leggings as well. Thanks!

    • I like the material of the Align leggings best! They are so soft and smooth. So far I think that any pair of leggings, even maternity leggings, are uncomfortable because they are too tight on my stomach and bump. The only pair that I find really comfortable are ones that are made for sleeping/lounging and not necessarily for wearing out of the house!

  3. Those boots are seriously perfect for cold weather season!

  4. Love these pictures. Old wooden bridges are the best…especially in the fall time of year.

  5. Lena

    I actually bought a complete copy of these from Walmart!! They are called the Time and Tru Hiker boots! I thought those were going to be linked when I saw your post haha!

  6. Love love love these photos!
    You always creating the best fall photos!
    xo, Kari

  7. Those look like they would be cute and pretty functional for a Minnesota winter! I love something that is both form and function! Great find Caitlin!! 🙂


  8. This is such a great outfit and I love the trim on your boots!


  9. Laney

    What book are you reading?! I so need a really good read right now!

  10. I’ve eyed those boots a few times at Nordstrom…still trying to decide if they’re my style. Living in Colorado, lots of people just wear hiking boots and as snarky as it sounds, I don’t want my style lumped into that group. YOU look adorable!!

  11. Lori

    Hi there, i wanted to know where you got your glasses …. the ones you have on when you on in your cheetah pjs.

  12. I love this whole look!

  13. Kerry

    LOVE the boots and the outfit! I know this post isn’t about the book you’re reading, but what book are you reading?! I love books and I love to read, so I’m always curious what others are reading.

    And that baby bump is so beautiful and amazing, so happy for you and your hubby. My little guy is 5 months now and I still remember the morning I found out I was pregnant. Being a mother is truly the greatest gift and blessing.

  14. Alex

    I LOVE these boots and I’m patiently waiting for them to come back in stock at Nordstrom!
    Your pictures are stunning – can you share which camera body and lens you’ve used to shoot these? They’re incredible!

  15. Okay- this is such a PERFECT mountain look! All the heart eyes! I feel like I need every single item you’re wearing. haha


  16. Mukta

    Loved your style! Thanks a lot for sharing the links for the outfit too!