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TGIF, y’all! So I have (what I think) is a very exciting blog post for you today! A bunch of y’all expressed disappointment over the fact that so many Nordstrom Anniversary Sale items sold out before most people even had access to buy them. So… I did a little digging, and found almost identical pieces on Amazon. The best part is… they’re all WAY more affordable than their #NSale counterparts! And almost all of these items are fully stocked (for now). The good thing about Amazon is that they do indeed restock items… so if one of these sells out, it’s almost guaranteed to be fully restocked within a couple weeks.

So let’s play a fun little game… I’m going to show you two outfits, and I’m curious to see if you can guess the “real” item and the “dupe!” First up:

Nordstrom item on the left, dupe on the right!

Nordstrom item: BP. Print Long Sleeve Dress (SOLD OUT)

  • Sizing: TTS. I’m wearing an XS.
  • Quality: The quality of this dress is great. I would wear this in a corporate setting or to date night. I love it dressed up with the over-the-knee boots.
  • Price: Originally $55.00, marked down to $31.90

Amazon item: Ruffle Sleeve Leopard Dress

  • Sizing: I’m wearing a size small, and it fits like an XS.
  • Quality: This dress is so similar to the Nordstrom one, I almost can’t believe it! It hits my leg at the exact same length. It’s a little lighter in color than the Nordstrom version, and it has a V-neckline with one button. It’s actually thicker than the Nordstrom one, so I think it would be warmer during the fall and winter.
  • Price: $17.99

Nordstrom item on the right, dupe on the left!

Nordstrom item: Chelsea28 Ribbed Off the Shoulder Sweater (SOLD OUT)

  • Sizing: TTS. I’m wearing a size small, but only because my Nordstrom did not have an XS in stock.
  • Quality: I would have liked an XS in this, but I’m still happy with it! This sweater is incredibly soft and thick. I love the grey color, and it pairs well with cognac and brown too! I like that you can wear it both untucked and tucked into jeans.
  • Price: Originally $75.00, marked down to $49.90

Amazon item: Off-the-shoulder sweater in “Khaki”

  • Sizing: I ordered a size small, and it fits like an XS. The small is great for tucking into jeans, but might not be *quite* long enough to cover your bum if you plan on wearing it with leggings.
  • Quality: This was the one item I didn’t steam before photographing… it would be much cuter without the wrinkles! Honestly this sweater is an almost exact dupe for the Nordstrom one, just in a different color (I actually think the brown color is more suited towards fall). It’s really soft and not scratchy at all… it’s not quite as thick as the Nordstrom one, but still very substantial.
  • Price: $23.88

Nordstrom item on the left, dupe on the right!

Nordstrom item: ATM Anthony Thomas Melilo Schoolboy Cheetah Print Slub Cotton Tee (SOLD OUT)

  • Sizing: TTS. I’m wearing an XS.
  • Quality: I absolutely love this tee, and it’s a great transitional piece to take you into the fall.
  • Price: Originally $125.00, marked down to $74.90

Amazon item: Casual T-shirt in “Leopard-3”

  • Sizing: TTS. I ordered a size small and it fits like a true small. It is a bit looser and longer than the Nordstrom one I own.
  • Quality: The leopard pattern on this tee is almost the exact same as the Nordstrom version… even the coloring is nearly identical. It’s really soft and looks great tucked into jeans or untucked. And for $55 less…. that is INCREDIBLE!
  • Price: $17.99

Nordstrom item on the right, dupe on the left!

Nordstrom item: Socialite Print Tiered miniskirt (SOLD OUT)

  • Sizing: TTS. I’m wearing an XS.
  • Quality: Great quality! I love the double ruffle and this skirt is the perfect transitional piece to wear now and then transition into the fall with over-the-knee boots and sweaters.
  • Price: Originally $39.00, marked down to $25.90

Amazon item: High Waisted Ruffle Skirt in “black dot”

  • Sizing: I ordered a size small and it fits like an XS.
  • Quality: This skirt is a little thinner than the Nordstrom version, but it’s not see-through (you could not see my underwear through it at all). The Nordstrom version is more of an ivory, and this one is very white… other than that, the two skirts are incredibly similar.
  • Price: $21.99

Nordstrom item on the left, dupe on the right!

Nordstrom item: Free People Leo Henley Tee (SOLD OUT)

  • Sizing: TTS. I’m wearing an XS, it has an oversized fit.
  • Quality: This is a great everyday casual top that is comfortable enough to sleep in! It’s Free People, so you already know it’s high quality.
  • Price: Originally $68.00, marked down to $44.90

Amazon item: Waffle Knit Henley in “white”

  • Sizing: TTS, I ordered a size small. It is not quite as oversized as the actual Free People one.
  • Quality: This top is super comfortable. It has brown buttons instead of white, but it is cut very similar to the Free People top and has the same oversized feel. It is not quite as soft as the Free People version.
  • Price: $19.99

Nordstrom Item on the left, dupe on the right!

Nordstrom item: Madewell Kent Colorblock Cardigan (SOLD OUT)

  • Sizing: TTS. Wearing an XS.
  • Quality: I just adore the camel colorblock and how it looks good from all sides!
  • Price: Originally $98, marked down to $59.90

Amazon item: Striped Colorblock Cardigan in “Khaki”

  • Sizing: TTS. Wearing a size small, fits like a small.
  • Quality: This is not an exact dupe for the Nordstrom cardigan, but it has a very similar look – the white and camel colors are nearly identical. I actually like the addition of grey in this cardigan. It is a bit longer than the Nordstrom version and definitely not as soft, but I actually like the look of it a little better!
  • Price: $29.99

Nordstrom item on the left, dupe on the right!

Nordstrom item: Free People My Only Sunshine Sweater (SOLD OUT)

  • Sizing: Runs small. I’m wearing a S.
  • Quality: I got a size small in this sweater, because I felt that the XS was too cropped! Note that I do have the sweater tucked into my jeans. It’s really nice and thick, and would be really warm in the fall and winter!
  • Price: Originally $108.00, marked down to $69.90

Amazon item: Long Sleeve Sweater in “B Apricot”

  • Sizing: TTS. I’m wearing a size small and it fits like a small.
  • Quality: If you lay these sweaters down side by side, they look nearly identical (besides the color – the Amazon one has a bit more orange tone to it). The size small was a bit oversized on me, which I liked! It made it feel cozy. It’s really soft and not scratchy at all. It is not as heavy as the Free People one, making it a little more wearable.
  • Price: $34.99

Nordstrom item on the left, dupe on the right!

Nordstrom item: Leith Rib Sleeveless Midi Dress (SOLD OUT)

  • Sizing: TTS. I’m wearing an XS.
  • Quality: This dress was one of the first items to sell out during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. The quality is great, it’s super thick and flattering on all shapes (and if you have a growing bump!).
  • Price: Originally $69.00, marked down to $45.90

Amazon item: Scoop Neck Sleeveless Dress

  • Sizing: I’m wearing a size small and it fits like an XS.
  • Quality: I was so excited to find this dress on Amazon, and was super impressed with it in person. The scoop neck does not come up quite as high as the Nordstrom version, and the slit is on the opposite side – those are the only two differences. It’s very comfortable – I could wear it on a long car ride – even though it’s glam enough for date night!
  • Price: $23.99

Nordstrom item on the left, dupe on the right!

Nordstrom item: Topshop Stripe Crewneck Sweater (SOLD OUT)

  • Sizing: Runs small. I sized up to a small.
  • Quality: The XS sweater was too cropped on me, and I wanted to be able to tuck it into jeans, so I went with the small. I love the blush colored hue of this one, and it’s SUPER soft and thick.
  • Price: Originally $68, marked down to $39.90

Amazon Item: Contrast Sleeve Oversized Sweater in “beige”

  • Sizing: I am wearing a size small and it fits like an XS. I could not wear it off-the-shoulder as it shows in the picture.
  • Quality: This sweater is super soft and pretty thick for an Amazon sweater. I was surprised that it looked so similar to the Nordstrom version! The only difference is that it’s a V-neck, where the Nordstrom one is a crewneck.
  • Price: $32.99

And because you guys asked for some shoe/accessory dupes, I found several on Amazon as well! All of these are linked below:

Nordstrom Longchamp bag ($129.90) // Amazon nylon bag dupe ($22.99) // Nordstrom leopard brim hat ($38.90) // Amazon leopard brim hat dupe ($27.99) // Nordstrom Marc Fisher booties ($89.90) // Amazon booties dupe ($37.98) // Nordstrom Tory Burch wallet ($134.90) // Amazon wallet dupe ($12.95) // Nordstrom Steve Madden mules ($49.90) // Amazon mule dupes ($39.95)

Let me know if you guys like these posts, and I would be happy to do more of them! Also, if there’s a particular item you really wanted from the #NSale, let me know and I’ll see if I can find a dupe for it! xoxo

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  1. Alexandra H

    Love these posts! Do you have a dupe for the treasure and bond or top shop plaid blazer? Thanks!!!

    • Laurie T Williams

      I would love dupe options with every post please.😊

  2. Christine

    Thanks so much for doing this post! I was so disappointed that most of the items I wanted were sold out when I was able to finally shop the NSALE! These dupes are incredible! I am snagging that black dress and leopard one too (perfect for my growing bump too ;)). Thank you for always being so thoughtful and caring toward your readers! I have been reading your blog since the beginning and I have always noticed that no matter how big/successful your blog gets your big heart shines in all that you do! XX, Christine

    • Kathy

      Thank you for doing this post as well. Shopping from Amazon is so much more convenient and accessible for me. You did a wonderful job in comparing the 2 brands, so thorough which I love. Would you be able to do a similar dupe post for jeans and shoes? Thanks.

  3. Thanks for sharing these Caitlin! I’ve been looking for that Free People sweater. Where did you get your wooden stool planter from?!

    • Leslie

      Thanks so much for the great info!!! Will definitely keep my eyes open for Amazon restock since unfortunately the black dress isn’t available in my size 😫

  4. I’m SO dang happy you did this blog post! I was so upset when the Free People Henley wasn’t restocked, totally unfair to the public, but this post makes up for my loss! THANK YOU, Caitlin!

  5. Jen

    wow! i’m seriously impressed! those dupes look SO similar! thanks for putting in all that time to find them! xo

  6. allie brooks

    love this so much thank you for doing this!! do you know of any dupes for the mac love me lip kit set in pink? I ordered it & they canceled my order. I was really bummed😩

  7. Kayla Strider

    Thanks for sharing!! I live for Amazon dupes!

  8. Kendra

    This is a really amazing post! Thanks for taking the time to do this! I was reallllly excited about the Chelsea28 Cowl Neck Sweater in the Orange color–have you seen any dupes for that?

  9. Jessica

    Thank you for doing this!!

  10. Kelly

    This was a neat post do more! Here’s a few items sold out if you can find Wit & Wisdom Ab-Solution Skinny Jeans, Barefoot Dreams® In the Wild Throw Blanket, Nordstrom Moonlight Dream Pajamas, Nike Air Max 270 Premium Sneaker (Women). Thank you for all of your work and positivity!

  11. Cari Barksdale

    Love the dupes

  12. Rachel Gavin

    Such a fun post! Thank you for your hard work of finding all these items for us!

  13. Melissa Barker

    This post is amazing! Amazon has so much it’s hard to know what’s worth it. I trust you and your opinions so this post was super helpful!

  14. Maureen

    I absolutely LOVE this post! Like many, I’m extremely disappointed in the Nordstrom Sale this year. There were a few items I had my eye on for Christmas gifts (I like a good deal even though it’s early!) and they were sold old and not restocked for public access. This would be a fun series to do!

  15. Katherine Ross

    Thank you for doing the leg work and finding these dupes for us. It it is greatly appreciated!

  16. Kali W.

    I LOVE this post! Sooo good! Thank you so much! Excited to go shopping 🤗 have a great weekend!!

  17. Viola

    Love these posts and can’t believe how close the dupes are to the Nordstrom items.

  18. Joan

    I didn’t want too much from the sale this year and was able to get the 3 things I had my eye on when the public access began: the Leith off shoulder sweater ( in red for the holidays), a pair of earrings, and Madewell black mules. Everything I wanted for my teen daughter and son were gone. I do hope the socialite skirt is restocked post sale because it’s cute at full price too!

  19. Jessica

    This might actually be my favorite post you’ve EVER done!! Thank you for taking the time to find these dupes!! They’re amazing!

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    This was the best post! Sometimes shopping on amazon is challenging because you are not sure of the quality. I Would love to see a few dupes for loafers & flat mules!

    Thank you! Love following along!

  24. Jen

    Thank you so much for doing this post! Like everyone, I was so disappointed to see the items I wanted gone before I even had a chance. Couldn’t wait for this post when you talked about it on your IG stories last night! Love that you input all the sizing and quality deets just like the NSale items as well.

  25. LISA

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    Love this post the dupes are spot on I was so bummed when pretty much everything on my wishlist was sold out so this is super helpful! Would definitely love to see more of these!!

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  28. this is such a great idea for a post! love all your finds girl 🙂 You can never have enough leopard

  29. Caroline

    Love these posts! I did snag some stuff after it was opened up to everyone and was happy with the money I was able to save! But love the dupes, also. A couple of the Amazon products actually look better in the photos then the expensive ones:) And who doesn’t love the ease of amazon shopping?! Keep em’ coming. And thank you!

  30. PB

    This is my favorite blog post you’ve done (maybe ever!!). Thank you for helping those of us who can’t shop the sale until it opens to the public still find new and in many cases more adorable finds – hopefully more of these posts to come! Did you find a good dupe for the 3/4 fuzzy pull over?? I am obsessed with it but am nervous an amazon version wouldn’t be soft and would be too warm to realistically wear inside..

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    I absolutely love this post!💛 Thank you so much! I positively love the Amazon leopard dress dupe and am so sorry to see it has sold out!😌 If you run across another similar item, please, please let me know so I can order!
    Kindest regards,
    Carole Anne

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    Thank you SO much for this post! I’ve been reading your blog for years and always appreciate how accessible your style is, and I love how you (and your mom!) accessorize and match prints/solids. Over the years I’ve seen how some bloggers have transitioned their style to favor designer brands (only focusing on one or two high end pieces in a look with little creative styling), and while there’s a place for that, for me and many others the fashionable, everyday quality style really is what I’m looking for when I shop.

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    You look gorgeous in the dress.
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