My Favorite At-Home Workouts

exercise ball with base // Fitbit smart watch // Pilates toning bar // Apple Airpods // Bala wrist weights // yoga mats // kettle bell // core disk sliders // HydroFlask water bottle

I swear I’ve been working out more since we started social distancing… I don’t know if it’s the flexibility to do workouts at any time, or the variety of apps and online workouts out there, but I really hope this is a habit I continue after all this is over! For me, working out isn’t about how I look… it has way more to do with mental health and keeping me sane.

I wanted to round up both some at-home equipment and some of my favorite online workouts.


Apple Airpods // For listening to music during your workouts!

Bala weights // At one pound each, these ankle/wrist weights add just enough challenge to all your exercises. They’re perfect for incorporating into any routine, and you can wear them on either your wrists or your ankles. I use them during pure barre classes or even wear them while walking around the block!

Core disk sliders // There are SO MANY exercises you can do with these disk sliders, and all of them work your core and abs really well. These disks are small, light, and compact, and slide perfectly on my carpet and hardwood floors.

Fitbit smart watch // My Fitbit has been helping me stay active since it’s so easy to be sedentary right now! The Fitbit watch tracks your steps, sends you reminders if you’ve been sitting down for too long, tracks your heart rate and even calories burned.

HydroFlask water bottle // For me, filling up a nice water bottle signals to my brain that I’m about to get a good sweat in. And this HydroFlask water bottle is top-quality: it will keep your water crisp and cold during your workout and beyond.

Yoga mats // These yoga mats are BEAUTIFUL, right? I want them all! You definitely need a yoga mat to work out from home, especially if you actually are practicing yoga or doing a bunch of crunches and ab workouts!


The Fitness Marshall // If you like to dance, then you HAVE to try a Fitness Marshall dance class on YouTube. You don’t have to be an amazing dancer to get a really good workout from these classes. Caleb Marshall, aka, “The Fitness Marshall” puts together fun and funky dances to all of the best and newest music. And after all of this is over… you can use your new dance moves in da club!

Obé Fitness // You guys already know I love obé fitness (I post about them all the time on Instagram). You can access obé’s workout classes from an app on your phone, your computer or your TV, and the best part is that obé’s fitness classes are all LIVE. It really makes you feel like you’re attending a real workout class, instead of just working out in your living room! Plus there’s a wide variety of classes offered, from cardio boxing, sculpt, HIIT, pilates, vinyasa yoga, and more.

Pamela Reif // Pamela Reif has some KILLER workout videos on YouTube, and I really appreciate that most of them are intense but pretty short, so you can mix and match her videos to get a really good full body workout. Or if you only have 10 or 15 minutes to spare, you can still get a good workout in. Her ab workout videos are the best… I mean…. just look at her abs!!! Some of my favorite workouts of hers are the 10 minute ab workout, 10 minute upper body workout, and 10 minute booty activation.

Pure Barre // I am so very thankful that my local pure barre studio has adapted to the times by offering virtual classes every day via Facebook Live. I usually miss the live morning class but then can replay it later in the day to catch up. I really love pure barre classes for toning and lengthening the muscles without getting super sweaty!

Sweat app // The Sweat app (otherwise known as Bikini Body Guide or BBG) is what I used to get in shape before my wedding! It’s a little hard to do one-off workouts from the Sweat app, since you really need to commit to the entire program. The program consists of three 28-minute high-intensity resistance workouts per week, and three LISS (low intensity, steady state) cardio sessions per week. And, IT WORKS! I shared my before and after photos from using the program here.

Walking outside // Going on walks outside has been a mental lifesaver for me. Getting out of my house, getting some fresh air and feeling the sunshine on my face is so good for the body and soul. I try to get a morning walk and evening walk in every day (if the weather permits). And our dogs love it!

Yoga with Adrienne // Some days I don’t want a really intense workout, but I still want to move my body. I love every single one of Yoga with Adrienne’s YouTube videos. She has a yoga class for everything: yoga for gut health, yoga for chronic pain, yoga for low back and hamstrings, the list goes on and on. I really like this 11-minute wake up yoga class – it’s great first thing in the morning, or even after a more intense workout class for a good stretch. I find yoga classes to be very calming for the mind, and great if you’re having a bit of anxiety right now.

I’d love to hear your favorite workout classes, too!! xoxo

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  1. Paige

    I really like the peloton app !! first 90 days are free and they have a wide range of classes even if you don’t have their treadmills / bike. I have been doing their outdoor running classes and i have never done guided running before! I also have been doing obé and pure barre but now I need those arm / ankle weights!!

  2. Erin

    I know you like Title Boxing – have you tried their online workouts? The specific Title I go to has been posting workouts via Instagram Live lately, but I’m curious about the virtual classes!

  3. Gigi

    Thank you for sharing! I was just going to check out Pamela Reif .

  4. I love doing jazzercise on YouTube…the quality isn’t that good but the workout is!

  5. I’ve been working out at home for about 6 years and love it! I’m way more consistent than when I had to get dressed, drive to the club, etc. I started with the 21 Day Fix…love Beach Body and am thinking of subscribing. Otherwise, I love all of the (Youtube) workouts on PopSugar Fitness, Blogilates (she’s so cute and enthusiastic,) and I sometimes do Bodyfit by Amy. I also like Yoga with Adrienne, but I mostly like her dog, lol! I’m not much for yoga (so boring!) Glad you’re doing well…I love your blog!

  6. I am obsessed with at-home workouts!! I don’t have a gym membership and just like to be able to do things right in my room after a long day, so I’m always looking for new recommendations!! I do a lot of Rebecca Louise’s workouts and enjoy those! I loved reading this post for new ideas of workouts and am definitely checking out those yoga mats—they look gorgeous.

  7. I love running outside but my favorite yoga workout classes on YouTube are Five Parks Yoga! There are so many different videos with different lengths and difficulties. I’ll definitely check out some of your recommendations!

  8. I’ve been working out at home for years. My favorite has to be Fitness Blender. They are on YouTube, plus they have a website. Almost all of their workouts are free, and their website makes it so easy to filter for time, type of workout, etc. Plus you can purchase programs from them, and once you purchase one, it is yours to do over and over again.

  9. I’ve always been a huge workout at home person so this is my favorite part of quarantine. I’m enjoying trying out different workout apps. I really like the SWEAT app mixed with Pure Barre after I saw you followed that schedule before your wedding too! I miss my ballet days so it’s been nice to get that feeling back with Pure Barre.
    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams 

  10. This is a great post! You recommended so many awesome equipment ideas. I personally love the Turbo Jam workout! It’s an oldie, but a goodie..I’m old school and use the DVD! It’s like dancing and boxing combined! 💜💜💜

  11. Cassie

    Do you take a protein supplement before or after working out?

    Thanks xo!