My 2am Amazon Orders

Whenever I’m breastfeeding at 2 am (or 4am…. or 6am), I kill time by looking at Amazon (please tell me I’m not the only one who does this, haha). Whether it’s essential items like toilet paper and breast milk storage bins, or fashion items like lounge outfits and baby onesies, Amazon has it ALL! And the two-day shipping isn’t bad, either. (No, this post is not sponsored by Amazon!) Anyway, these are all the items I’ve ordered recently during the middle of the night!

Knit Shorts & Sweater Set

This is probably my favorite lounge set that I’ve gotten from Amazon so far this year. The material is really thick and high quality, and I pretty much haven’t taken it off since I got it in the mail! The shorts are high waisted and the sweater is slightly cropped (without showing your stomach). I liked it so much that I got it in apricot and in purple!

Tie-Dye Loungewear Set

I’m always on the lookout for cute loungewear because it’s definitely the most comfortable (and easiest) thing to wear since having Kennedy. This tie- dye sweatshirt and matching joggers are so comfortable and warm. I love to wear them around the house and out on our daily walks!

Baby Pink Bell-bottoms Outfit

Amazon has some really cute baby clothes… I can’t get over these tiny bell-bottom pants and the ruffle sleeves! This little outfit comes in a lot of pretty colors and sizes all the way from 0-3 months to 4-5T! I haven’t received these yet but I’ll definitely share the quality with you guys when they come in.

Baby Stripe Tank & Bell-bottoms Set

I can not wait for the weather to get a little warmer so Kennedy can wear this outfit. The pink and white striped tank is so cute with the tie straps, and the bell-bottoms make the outfit! This outfit also comes in a few other colors that are perfect for spring.

Magnetic Meal Planner

This meal planner is from the 2021 Planners Blog Post I wrote a few weeks ago. I ordered it so Chris and I could start planning out our meals to make dinnertime run a little smoother with a new baby in the house. I love that it’s magnetic (we keep ours on the fridge), and has a special section for you to make a “shopping list” as you think of ingredients for your meals. To be completely honest with y’all, we haven’t been cooking a lot the last few weeks (thanks to Doordash). but I can see this being super helpful in the future.

Breast Milk Storage Cups

I ordered these storage cups because I need something to store my milk in throughout the day! These come in a pack of ten, are BPA free, and dishwasher safe! I also really like that they are stackable, so they don’t take up much room in our refrigerator. (Side note: right now I am collecting milk with the haakaa throughout the day and then I combine it all at night before freezing it.)

Storage Container Bin

I got these containers to store the breast milk in my freezer! These storage bins fit perfectly in our freezer and they are just the right size to hold the breast milk pouches. Our freezer was really unorganized before, so this helps keep all the pouches in one place, rather than just throwing them in with the rest of our frozen food. Also, these bins aren’t made specifically for breast milk, so I like that I can use them for a variety of purposes later on!

Milkies Freeze

Another way to store breast milk – I really like this one because you can lay the bag flat on top for it to freeze! I also really like that the design ensures that the oldest breast milk gets used first. I’m testing out both this and the storage container bins to see which method of organization I like best.

Electric Baby Nail Trimmer Kit

Kennedy’s nails were getting a little long, so we ordered this baby nail kit from Amazon to keep her from scratching her face. It’s an electric file and EXTREMELY gentle, so it trims her nails but it doesn’t hurt her skin (I tested it out on myself to make sure). She even slept right through her first nail trimming!

3-in-1 Breast Therapy Packs

I ordered these gel packs to help ease the pain that comes with breastfeeding. You mamas know – your boobs HURT!! I like how these provide both hot and cold relief. You can put them in the microwave to help encourage milk flow and relieve plugged ducts, or can put them in the freezer and use them to reduce pain and swelling. I personally like them heated up, and they fit right inside your bra for instant relief.

Bedside Light for Breastfeeding

This bedside night light has been a life saver for both Chris and I! We keep it in our bedroom beside the changing pad and use it when Kennedy needs to be changed or fed in the middle of the night. The light is dim enough that we don’t wake each other up by turning it on, but still bright enough to see what you are doing. I also love that you just have to barely tap the top of it to turn it on and off.

Heart Toiletry Pouches

I bought these toiletry pouches to keep in Kennedy’s diaper bag. I wanted an easy way to organize her bag, and these clear pouches are just the ticket! They’re clear so you can see what’s inside of them at a glance and I love the fun heart print (they also come in a bunch of other colors and prints). If the plastic looks a little scuffed when they come in the mail, use a magic erase on it – it clears right up.

I’d love to hear what you’ve been ordering from Amazon! Especially if you have any cool gadgets. 😀

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  1. Sara

    I heard “The Original Silverette Silver Nursing Cups“ do wonders in healing and protecting nursing nipples. I’m still pregnant so haven’t tried it myself. If you end up trying them please share a review.

  2. I ordered the meal plan pad through your Amazon links several days ago. I’m big on meal planning but so tired of random pieces of paper laying around…excited to use it! You should totally check out Janie and Jack for baby clothes. They have plenty of classic clothing but I love their fashion forward pieces. For Christmas I bought my great niece (yes, I’m old, lol!) a super cute jumpsuit, headband and sunglasses I’m hoping will fit her for her second birthday party in April. That’s right, it was from their cruise line!!

  3. Laura Leigh

    so many great buys!! both loungewear sets are too cute and that light for middle of the night sounds perfect!

    xo laura leigh

  4. As a healthy food blogger, I need that meal planner! Such a cute jogger set too!

  5. The breast therapy packs were my 100% must after all 3 of mine. I had crazy night sweats for a solid 6 weeks after delivery. Those + nursing and I was soaked. I kept one set in the freezer to help relieve the sweats and another pack to microwave for sore boobs! I had no idea Bumkins started making toiletry bags – I love their stuff!

  6. Jessica

    I have that same nightlight, and it’s awesome! Here’s a tip– you don’t have to use the power button on the bottom. Just double tap the very top and it’ll come on!

  7. Cynthia R

    Kennedy is adorable!! So cute! Congratulations, Mommy and Daddy!🎀

  8. Omg that lounge wear set😍😍

  9. Those lounge clothes look so comfortable and cute! The tie-dye look is definitely one that I am here for!


  10. Oh my goodness, I am absolutely loving the loungewear looks in this post! Those baby bell bottoms are too cute and so is that photo of you and Kenny in matching beanies- adorbs!


  11. Sarah

    Would love to hear the birth story soon!

    Congrats guys. She’s beautiful!