2021 Planners

The Everygirl Pink Planner // Wire Letter Tray // Pastel Document Holders // Magnetic Meal Planner // Tape Dispenser // Goals and Habits Notepad // List Sticky Notes // Wire Magazine File // Mechanical Pencils // The Jag 2021 Planner // Wireless Keyboard // Black Spiral Planner // Wall Calendar

I’m excited to get back to writing more Monday Motivation blog posts this year! Last year I covered a bunch of health and wellness topics like toxins in your kitchen, meal prepping, EMFs, etc, and this year I hope to cover some similar topics as well as BABY stuff! 😀 To see all of my Monday Motivation posts from the past, click here.

Today I wanted to round up a bunch of planners and desk accessories to help you get organized in 2021. I like using both a paper planner and Google Calendar to keep my calendar organized. It’s nice to use both because you can add events to Google Calendar while you’re out and about, and then write everything down when you get home to your desk. There’s just something about physically writing it down or crossing off a To-Do List that’s so satisfying to me! My favorite items from this list include this leopard planner and this pink one from Target. The Target planner has a bunch of extra features and even some inspirational quotes inside. I also ordered this meal planner – it’s magnetic so you can stick it to your fridge, and there’s a spot for your “shopping list” to write down ingredients as you think of them. I also ordered this tape dispenser for my desk because, I mean, HOW CUTE!


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  1. Oh girl, I so get you on that physically writing something down thing! For me, if I do not put it into my calendar, I WILL forget about it, haha, it’s so bad! These planners and organizers are so so cute – I might need to try out that meal planer!
    xx Janine

  2. Candice

    Wow, these are all really stunning!

    Candice x


  3. All of these are so pretty, and the Everygirl Planner looks amazing! I really like the idea of keeping a Google Calendar along with a paper planner. 🙂

    Wishing you the most amazing week, Caitlin!

    Make Life Marvelous

  4. I am a sucker for all things organization, especially in my work space. I really appreciate this post and am going to look into getting some of these items- thank you!


  5. I’ve seen that jaguar planner in store, and it is sooo tempting! I love the playful yet minimalistic look of it. The daily planner that I use leaves the dates blank so you can pick up on using it whenever needed, which has been very nice, too! Beautiful selections, as per usual! 🙂