Must-Have Beauty Products for the Beach

Happy Friday, you guys… it’s been a loooong time since I shared an updated beauty post! I feel like I was in a “beauty rut” all winter – it was so cold outside that I felt kind of “blah” about everything, even my skincare routine. But as soon as it warmed up outside, I bounced back – I’ve been testing out a bunch of new beauty and skincare products (all from Nordstrom) that are perrrrfect for summer. I had forgotten how fun it was to test and discover new beauty products! Anyways, I packed all of these in my suitcase and brought them to the beach with me this week – and I’ve used and loved each and every one. The sun, sweat and sand can wreak havoc on your skin, and these will help save you – all of these products are perfect for summer and ESPECIALLY if you have a beach trip coming up! Let’s get started!

Charlotte Tilbury Beach Lip & Cheek Stick

The Charlotte Tilbury Beach Lip & Cheek Stick just SOUNDS like it would be the perfect product to stick in your beach bag, amiright? The stick comes in four different gorgeous, shimmery shades that are designed to create a kissed-by-the-sun glow on both your lips and your cheeks. I really like using it on my cheekbones – it blends in perfectly with your fingertips and gives my cheeks a natural looking glow. I use the shade “Moon Beach” if I am going for a more bronze-y look (it also looks great on your eyelids), and I pick up “Las Salinas” for a happy, youthful pink. Since I haven’t been wearing much makeup at the beach this week, this has been my go-to product – I put on a BB cream with SPF (more on that below) + this beach stick on my cheeks and I’m ready to go!

Kopari Coconut Lip Scrubby

I hateeee having chapped lips at the beach, but it inevitably seems to occur every time (maybe because of the wind?). This time I planned ahead and brought this Kopari Coconut Lip Scrubby in my makeup bag. It’s a true scrub – you can feel the tiny granules when you use it – and it’s great at removing dead skin without being overly harsh on your lips. I love that it’s a “clean” and cruelty-free product, and the fact that it’s made with 100% pure, organic coconut oil, which leaves my lips feeling soft and hydrated after using it. I seriously love this stuff!!! I’ve used it twice this week and I’m happy to report ZERO chapped lips at the beach this week! 🙂

Slip Silk Sleep Mask

We have two sets of large windows in our bedroom at the beach, which I normally love, EXCEPT for early morning when I’m trying to sleep in! Even though we sleep with our blinds drawn, the sun seems to light up our entire room every morning, making it impossible to sleep. Which is why I am obsessed with my Slip Silk Sleep Mask. You guys have already seen my plain pink one a few times, but Slip recently released some fun embroidered ones and I just loved this one with cucumbers over the eyes! I keep it on my nightstand and as SOON as the light starts coming in those windows, the sleep mask goes on. What’s so special about this specific one is that it’s made of 100% pure mulberry silk to protect the delicate skin around your eyes and your eyelashes. Not only is it comfortable but it completely blocks out the light, too, so this girl can get her eight hours of sleep!

After Sun Skin Soothing Aloe Mist

I have brought this After Sun Skin Soothing Aloe Mist with me around the globe: twice to Mexico, once to Italy and now to Ocean Isle. It is such a life-saver if you happen to get too much sun! It’s a really fine, cooling mist made of aloe, mint, lavender and witch-hazel, and it magically brings instant relief to a sunburn. Even my husband loves it, I had to spray him down Monday night because he got a little sunburned on our first full day at the beach!

COOLA Sunscreen

I’ve been a huge fan of COOLA sunscreen for a while now, but I specifically love their sunscreen for faces. They just came out with some new organic versions, the COOLA Mineral Sun Silk Creme SPF 30 and the COOLA Classic Organic Face Sunscreen. I love both, but particularly the Mineral Sun Silk – not only is it very silky, but I love that it’s a mineral sunscreen (which physically blocks the sun) rather than a chemical sunscreen – you don’t want to put chemicals on your face! Plus it is so light, it feels like you barely have on any sunscreen at all. I’ve been wearing it alone and under my makeup, and it’s kept my face protected from the sun all week.

Skin Gym Rose Quartz Set

You have have heard me talk about my beloved facial roller and gua sha before (in this blog post!), and Nordstrom has a really great deal going on right now. They’re offering two exclusive sets: the Skin Gym Rose Quartz set ($49, a $60 value) and the Skin Gym Jade set ($54, a $64 value). Each set comes with both a roller and gua sha, which I’m *obsessed* with using. If you haven’t used one of these before, I definitely recommend checking out some YouTube videos before. The trick is to always massage your face upward and outward, and never down. So what’s the difference between the facial roller and a gua sha? Both products feel really nice on your skin: the facial roller is easier to use and requires less time, but the gua sha goes a little deeper to release muscle tension, and is so effective it’s been called “natural botox” for your face! Both increase some level of lymphatic drainage in the face, which can temporarily reduce swelling. I really like using the facial roller in the morning – I put it in the fridge overnight so that it’s nice and cool and refreshing in the morning. I use the gua sha at night, probably every other night, with my favorite serum, and it helps the serum absorb into my face (and also feels amazing).

Okay guys that’s it for my beach beauty favorites! You can check out Nordstrom’s beauty section here, they are always adding new products and it’s really fun to scroll through the new arrivals haha. Let me know if there’s a new product you’re loving, I’m sure we’d all love to hear about it!

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  1. That Herbivore mist seems like the perfect thing for me as I tend to get sunburnt accidentally about once every summer. I do use spf but sometimes I don’t know that I’m gonna be in the sun for a long period of time before leaving the house so I end up burning my skin. That Coola mineral sun silk cream seems fantastic, I had never heard of the concept of physical sunblocks as opposed to chemical sunblocks so I’m definitely gonna check it out.

  2. Laura Leigh

    You’ve convinced me to get the CT stick! Excited to try it out!

    xo Laura Leigh

  3. Allison

    can you link the cute light pink makeup bag??
    my face always gets sooo red at the beach from being hot that i can’t imagine wanting to use blush! but they do look gorgeous!!

  4. Great post! I Heard people Rave about the Coola Sunscreen, I think I have to give it a go! Also, very intrigued by that Aloe Vera After sun Spray, it honestly Sounds sooo good!
    Xx Janine

  5. I live a mile from the ocean so I’m super excited to hear of your beach beauty finds! Loved this post 🙂

  6. Olivia Schueller

    Oo love this, you make the pieces so cute!

  7. Those CT sticks sound perfect to throw in the bag and go!! I love those kinds of cheek products so gotta check them out!!