Sorry for this quick post, but here are some of my latest obsessions..

My friend Carly recently got me addicted to The Daily Mail – a British gossip website that knows more about U.S. pop culture than we do.

Want to hear how Kim Kardashian got her body wedding ready?

Or the latest on Princess Kate?

If you love celebrities as much as I do, you need to check this website ouuutt.

On another note, I’m completely obsessed with this boutique in Charlotte called K-la, and they now have an online store (hopefully they’ll be putting more of their products online soon). Anyways, after stopping by this week, I ended up with several dresses, a fall blouse, and this gorgeous necklace…

Buy here for only $32!

It’s one of those necklaces you can dress up for a party or dress down for class. Love!

And perhaps, the most exciting of all, my latest purchase…

… which has had me scouring the Internet for panini recipes with every free second I’ve had.

That’s right.. a PINK GEORGE FOREMAN that I found at Target for $15!

I can’t even tell you how excited I was. I can’t wait to grill delicious, healthy foods, and I’ve already found some ah-may-zing panini recipes to try out. Oh. Melted cheese, get in my belly.

Caitlin’s version, coming soon.

On another note, I’m so sorry for being M.I.A. this week! This was my last week of my summer, so I took some time to enjoy being home with my family (and to do a little back-to-school shopping… which I will share with you later!).

Last year’s Bid Day

Today was our first day of rush practice, and as if those five hours weren’t long enough, we have a six-hour-long practice tomorrow. Tuesday is also the first day of class, so I apologize if I don’t get to post much next week!

I’ve missed you all! Happy weekend, everyone.


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  1. That necklace is gorgeous! Good luck with rush practice!

  2. Oh, I saw those pink Foreman grills at Target; so cute and handy! Couldn't resist the article on Duchess Catherine, too!

  3. happy weekend to you too!

    and i'm SO addicted to the daily mail as well! it's great for celebrity gossip and has SO many pictures in it, versus our celeb websites with one pic per page. i'm actually pretty glad to know someone else (not from the UK) loves it too πŸ™‚

  4. mmm that panini looks so good…
    I know about the daily mail, having an English husband helps sometimes πŸ˜‰

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  5. Just came across your blog. Love, love, love it! New follower.

  6. Did I know you were a KD?! AOT! We just had Day 2 of recruitment and it's been rough. We sit on the floor for five hours a day and it's killing my back! The good thing is is that recruitment is earlier this year so it'll all be over soon enough.

  7. I feel your pain! We start rush training Monday and have it for 6 hours M, T, and W! But it'll all be worth it in the end!

  8. Love The Daily Mail lol, guilty pleasure for sure

  9. ohhhhh im def going to check out the daily mail πŸ™‚
    can't wait to hear about what you get up to with the sorority this year… im so intrigued by them since we dont have them here in australia.

  10. good luck with rush gorgeous and with first day classes!

  11. rush practice takes so long! I feel your pain. Good luck with everything!!

  12. I'm wishing you all the best!!! Pink Foreman grill?? Now that's awesome.

  13. The ONLY thing I don't miss about being in a sorority is rush practice, so good luck and make sure to stay caffinated! πŸ™‚ Also, love the article about how Kim K got her body ready for the wedding.

  14. I LOVE my George Foreman! And the pink one is so cute! Rush was so hectic, I hope you have a great week!

  15. Oh the good ole days of Rush!!

    I've heard k-La is pretty cool, I need to go check it out!

  16. Are you in Charlotte, NC?!?! If so, I will be visiting there in Sept. or Oct. to visit my friend who just moved there!! I'd love to get together if that's at all possible….or maybe you are not even in NC and I'm just babbling right now, haha πŸ™‚

    Glad you're having fun with Rush!

  17. Rush week, oh how I miss it!! My chapter is currently starting rush week right now! Hope you're not too too exhausted once it's all over πŸ™‚

  18. I love paninis and CHEESE too!!!

  19. You look gorgeous in that bid day pic! I definitely don't miss the long hours of rush preparation!