January Best Sellers

Is it February already?! I can’t believe Kennedy will be one month old next weekend!! Today I am rounding up all of your most-loved items from January… many of these items got me through my last few weeks of pregnancy as well as my first few weeks of being a mama. I’m working my way backward, so scroll down to see the number one best seller from January!

10. Lululemon Leggings

I really loved my Lululemon high-waisted leggings during pregnancy and they have been really comfortable postpartum too! If you’re sizing specifically for pregnancy, I got them in a size 6 and was able to wear them all three trimesters. I bought two pairs in the black and that way I always have one in rotation if the other pair is in the washing machine.

9. Brixton Straw Hat

This Brixton straw hat was the #1 seller in 2020 and I was surprised to see it on the list for January! Maybe y’all are just as ready for spring as I am, lol. This is THE BEST straw hat! Mine still looks brand new after years of wearing it. This hat looks good on EVERYONE (seriously, everyone), it’s fully stocked at Nordstrom, and I couldn’t recommend it more!

8. Fearless MaMa Belly Butter

 I LOVE this belly butter and used it daily while pregnant (if you follow me on Instagram, you already know about this!). I know genetics plays a role in whether or not you get stretch marks, but I didn’t get any all of pregnancy and I really think that consistent use of this product helped. It doesn’t have any water or fillers, or preservatives… it’s literally made with the purest ingredients, which you want if you’re going to be rubbing it all over your baby belly!

7. “Sweet Dreams” Blanket

This Barefoot Dreams dupe blanket is on sale for only $75 right now! I have both the Barefoot Dreams blanket and this one and I have to say that this blanket is softer (comparison wise, the Barefoot Dreams one is a little thicker). I love using this blanket for baby cuddles… it has a permanent spot on our couch and we’ve really enjoyed it the past couple of weeks!

6. Amazon Turtleneck Dress

I wore this turtleneck dress on repeat in my third trimester! It’s comfortable and stretchy in all the right places. I switched up the look by swapping out different scarves and handbags, and wore it with tan booties.

5. Forever 21 Off-The-Shoulder Dress

This dress made the list again!! It’s one of my favorites too and I really like how it can be worn off of one shoulder or both. This sweater dress is belted so it is flattering with or without a baby bump! It’s still available in all four colors (the pink would be so cute for Valentine’s Day) and it is only $38!

4. Moonlight Dreams Pajamas

These pajamas are so soft! Nordstrom’s Moonlight Pajamas are actually the only pajamas I packed in my hospital bag to delivery Kennedy. I brought this pair along with several black pairs (and I ended up wearing this pair home from the hospital). The short sleeve version and the night shirt version are perfect for those warmer months ahead (I already have spring fever!).

3. Bravado! Designs Original Nursing Bra

This is the best and most comfortable nursing bra that I’ve used so far! It’s a little expensive ($35 for one) but definitely worth it in my opinion. The band is comfortable and you just unclip the strap to breastfeed and clip it back when you’re done. I am just discovering that when you’re breastfeeding, you have to wear a bra at all times because you leak breast milk if you don’t!!

2. David Yurman Renaissance Ring

This is a staple jewelry item that I NEVER take off… I wear it on the pointer finger of my left hand! It’s dainty but sturdy enough for everyday wear, and adds a touch of gold to whatever outfit I’m wearing. It also layers well with other rings.

1. Amazon Wrap Top

This Amazon wrap top was a favorite during my pregnancy (it’s super stretchy and long so it covered my bump and butt). Now it is incredibly functional for breastfeeding Kennedy! It is only $40 on Amazon and it comes in five other colors. I ordered a few more since my baby is pretty much attached to my boobs these days lol!

Which item is your favorite? And do you have spring fever?

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  1. I definitely have spring fever haha, and we actually hit a sudden winter break here in Germany with freezing temperatures – I can not wait for it to warm up haha!
    Xx Janine

  2. Abby WR

    Can you tell us what the Covid protocols were when you gave birth where you did? I’m out in Cali, so obviously things will look different, but I would love to hear how you handled whatever the protocols were. I’m dreading having to wear a mask while pushing out my second baby!

    • Hey Abby, I had to take a COVID test, but once my test came back negative I did not have to wear my mask! My husband had to wear a mask when he was around others, but when he was with me alone in the hospital room he could take his off. Everyone else (doctors, nurses, etc) all wore masks.

  3. Christine Kavelak

    Hi! Congrats on the baby girl! I LOVE the name! Where is the cool mom leopard sweatshirt from? Thanks!!

  4. Laura Leigh

    so many great items and finds! love that number one seller as well – top pick!

    xo Laura Leigh

  5. oh my gosh, I am a sucker for the moonlight dreams pajamas at Nordstrom! I need more colors honestly. haha sooo cozy!

    I saved/bookmarked a lot of your suggested pregnancy/maternity/baby items for future reference! Thankful for you and your posts. I hope you and baby K are doing so well! <3


  6. Becky

    Late to the party but….How is the sizing on that Amazon wrap top? Did you size up for the bump?

  7. Jackie Daniello

    I just love your blog, I know Im late but Im dying to know where you got your scarf that is worn with the turtleneck dress from Amazon??

  8. Tanya

    Hi!! Is it possible to tell us where you got your scarf from the Amazon turtle neck dress? Thank you so much !