Golden Leaves

Happy Wednesday, friends! I’m back with another look from New Hampshire. This tree was actually in the middle of the parking lot of our hotel hahaha but I just LOVE the bright orange color! This plaid scarf came in handy so many times during our trip because it was WAY colder than we expected! I wrapped up in the scarf like it was a blanket  🙂 It’s really thick and soft!

How is the weather where you guys live? FINALLY this week it has cooled down a ton in North Carolina, and it’s starting to feel like fall! None of the leaves have changed here yet, though. It’s very unusual for October – usually it’s much cooler by now!

Chris and I started a new series on Netflix last night called “The Haunting of Hill House.” The first episode was SOO good – very spooky but not gory at all. We have a date tonight to watch the second episode! It’s a good one for all of you Halloween lovers out there 🙂


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  1. Joan Crandall

    I live in San Diego, CA and this week we have a seasonal experience called a Santa Ana. Strong winds, very chilly mornings, and blazing hot afternoons. Love the scarf!

  2. I would have never guessed it was the hotel’s parking lot! The leaves are so pretty!

  3. Such a cute outfit, I love the hat! The weather here has only been cooling down now too, storm Leslie came last weekend and I think it was the little push fall needed to make itself present haha

  4. Such a cute look! Loving the booties and scarf. And yes about the lack of colorful leaves in NC! I’m in Raleigh and wish the leaves would change already 😉 But I don’t want winter to come too fast, so I’m trying to soak it all in.

    x Sarah

  5. Lindsay Wilson

    It’s really good! I found it more of a psychological thriller than scary. We finished the whole series in 2 days lol

  6. Loving the top! The ribbed detail is my fave.

    Chicago is seeing a lot more colder weather temps but the trees aren’t turning as fast as I’d wish haha.

    I’m looking into buying a bakers boy hat, but having trouble finding the right one, what do you recommend?

  7. S. Powell

    Always love your posts! #Hairgoals

  8. Stacey

    Did you go to the cave bar? So fun!

  9. Here in Nashville it went from literally being 90 degrees to 55 this week. I’m not too happy about it because there hasn’t been a chance to wear a light jacket and mules or any of the “warmer-cool weather clothes”; just COLD now. Boo! But maybe I’ll get used to it and appreciate the 60 degree days if they return. It has been so unbearably hot I couldn’t even bring myself to pull out the fall decorations until last weekend!

  10. Hi can you please post a link to your pumpkin carving you posted on Instagram TV I cannot access it. Thanks.

  11. These photos are beautiful!
    Love your casual look


  12. Such a cute outfit! You really do the best casual and everyday-appropriate yet super put together styles – such an inspiration!
    I live in Germany and it was surprisingly still about 24-25 degress celsius here the past days, which is almost summer weather! Today it finally started to cool down and we are supposed to get some rain early next week – I am not complaining though, I thoroughly enjoyed warmer weather taking us into October this year 🙂
    xx Janine

  13. Love the plaid scarf, Cait! It looks so comfy and perfect for fall!

    I hope you have a great Thursday,

  14. Candice

    FYI. Your Sam Edelman Roden Booties are on sale for $90 at Off Saks 5th Avenue’s website! I just bought them! 🙂

  15. Amy

    My daughters and I loved watching “The Haunting of Hill House”! We had to use the subtitle mode because it was kind of hard to understand what they were saying sometimes. Great series though!!

  16. Karen Perticone

    Great outfit. I bingewatched the Haunting of Hill house in 3 days. It was so good!

  17. KatieLynn Parker

    Loving the scarf!!
    Wish I could use it where I live but it’s still 85+ degrees!

  18. Sarah

    Need these booties!

  19. Mary Timmerman

    Love the whole look. Can’t wait to get out my scarves❤️

  20. Your outfit is ON FLEAK AHHH

  21. Gretchen G.

    Hi Caitlin! I started following you on Instagram and the app, recently. I teach Kindergarten and rarely have time to go shopping for myself BUT having a few minutes in my day to read your cute posts and gain outfit ideas has been so convenient and fun! I even did a little online shopping this weekend, thanks to your inspo!

  22. Ranea

    I love the scarf color 😍😍

  23. Gracie

    I love the simple tee pairing dressed up with wedges/booties !! So cute

  24. Pinayfanhere

    Your outfits looks great on you as always..

  25. Cortney Munro

    So gorgeous!

  26. Kelly

    I loved the show! Love your jeans!!