Friday Favorites

Happy FRIDAY you guys! This week absolutely flew by for us… do you agree? I feel like just yesterday we were trying to decide where to go for date night… and now it’s that time again! Another Friday, and we are still trying to decide what to do for date night haha. I wanted to round up a few things I’ve been loving this week. And feel free to tell me what you’re loving too!

1. This outfit

I’ve worn this outfit three times so far in the past couple of weeks… lol! I love mixing high and low pieces for a really high-end look. For example, my shorts are an Amazon find and less than $20, while my nude ankle-strap sandals are currently marked down to $35. My top is under $100 as well. But pair it with a nice handbag and the entire outfit looks designer!

2. Vampire Diaries

Oh my gosh, y’all. I recently started watching Vampire Diaries on Netflix and I am OBSESSED. I started season 1 this week and I’m already on episode 20. It’s one of those shows that you can’t watch while multitasking… you have to put down the phone and laptop and really pay attention. And it’s WORTH IT. It has romance, suspense, danger and comedic relief all in one. And you truly fall in love with the characters! For those of you who have watched it… Team Stefan or Damon?

3. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Preview

Nordstrom released the previews for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale today… and EVERYONE can see them! (Unlike in years past where they didn’t release them until the day the sale opened.) Check them out here! I loooove looking at all the fall stuff. In a world where everything feels uncertain right now, I’m so happy that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is still going on like usual. You already know fall is my favorite season! I will be rounding up my #NSale picks soon, but if you want more information about the sale, check out this blog post I wrote a few weeks ago.

4. Trade Joe’s

I went to Trader Joe’s for the very first time since quarantine began… and it was magical! I stocked up on all of our favorite frozen foods like the cauliflower gnocchi, orange chicken and veggie cauliflower stir-fry. I also picked up some new items that are DELICIOUS. If you want me to do a whole Trader Joe’s haul, I can, but here are the items I really loved from this week’s shopping trip: Dill Pickle Hummus (a sign of pregnancy, perhaps?), Fruit Jellies (addicted), Mini Ice Cream Cones, and Ghost Pepper Potato Chips. We also tried out the new Everything But the Bagel Dip… and it’s too tangy for me! But my husband really liked it with pretzels.

5. A New Makeup Product

I know I already mentioned this earlier in the week, but I cannot get over how good this highlighter is. Just a little bit as all you need for an intense glow! It looks so pretty in photos and is definitely my favorite beauty item I’ve bought the entire summer.

I’d love to hear your Friday Favorites, if you got ’em! Until next week! xoxox

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  1. Alyssa P

    Please do a Trader Joe’s haul 🙂

  2. Taylor

    TEAM DAMON! Omg you are in for a treat! It’s my absolute favorite show!! ENJOY! And congrats on the baby <3

  3. Kathryn

    I LOVED The Vampire Diaries! I just finished my rewatch of TVD, The Originals, and Legacies. I was all in on Team Stefan…and then I was all in on Team Damon. 🤣 So many great characters and crazy storylines. You’ll stay addicted.

  4. Hi Caitlin 😀 nice blogpost!
    I would love to read about how you take care of your clothes and shoes etc. how often do you clean shoes, do you have any tricks on cleaning shoes or ironing? cuz your outfits always looks perfect and suits you!

  5. Emily

    The Vampire Diaries is the BEST! Team Damon all the way, even though both brothers are great!!

  6. Laura Leigh

    LOVE your look! And all of your Trader Joe’s finds – I haven’t tried any of them. Will definitely be looking for them during my next visit. Have a great weekend!

    xo Laura Leigh

  7. I think this is my favorite look you’ve ever done! It’s so simple but not & chic!!

  8. Kari

    Team Stefan ALL DAY

  9. Team Damon! 😍 Vampire Diaries is my favorite! I’m on the last season of The Originals and it’s also pretty good!

  10. Trader Joe’s is the best! I love grocery shopping there and trying all their new and seasonal products. Their fall foods are my favorite!

  11. Logan Kinner

    Vampire diaries is so good you can’t miss a thing other wise you have to go back and rewatch it lol but definitely team Damon all the way!!!

  12. I love Vampire Diaries. I used to live in Covington, Ga where it was mostly filmed. I used to go jogging on Saturday mornings and see people going on the Vampire Diaries Tours. It was always so lovely to jog past all those old historic mansions. 🙂


  13. Rachel Pruitt

    Loved this post! Thanks for sharing 🙂 Would definitely be interested in a full Trader Joe’s and even Whole foods and then a more economical grocery store haul(s)! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  14. loved vampire diaries! would love to see a trader joes haul too 🙂

  15. Love your outfit Caitlin, especially the low prices…so cute and affordable!! You know I’ve never seen the Vampire Diaries, so I have no idea lol & yes a Trader Joes haul would be great!! wohooo I’m so excited for your pregnancy journey. xoxo

    -Happy To The Core

    I write about the Self Growth journey..come join me at

  16. Sara

    I would love to hear more about your favorites from Trader Joe’s! Also, where did you get the bench with the beige seat and acrylic legs? I saw it in one of your Instagram pictures. Thanks!

  17. Mary

    A fun black top is my FAVORITE. Love this one .

  18. I love Trader Joe’s and I really wish there was one closer to my home! I feel like it’s a treat anytime I make the drive to go. I haven’t tried any of the things you mentioned but I may check them out the next time I visit. Love your look!