First Trimester Must-Haves

I mentioned a lot of these products in my Pregnancy Q&A blog post, but I wanted to round all of them up in one convenient place! These are pretty much all of the items that got me through my first trimester of pregnancy, and each one was essential! Several of them I’m still using into my second trimester. I’ll be quick, but here’s why I love each one…

Barefoot Dreams blanket // I’ve had this blanket for a few years now (it was a Nordstrom Anniversary Sale find) and it is definitely an investment, but it’s 100% worth it. This is THE softest blanket I’ve ever owned – no joke. On days that I didn’t feel good, it was nice to cuddle up under this blanket and nap or watch TV on the couch!

Harper Wilde The Base bra // If you’re like me, my boobs HURTTTT all first trimester! And they’ve grown at least a cup size. I had to ditch my old bras and buy some new ones – I went with the Base bra because it’s so comfortable, it’s seriously like wearing air.

Erbaviva lip balm // I’m really conscious about everything I put on/in my body right now, especially my lips, since you end up consuming some of the product! The Erbaviva lip balm is organic and sulfate- and paraben-free, and is so gentle it’s actually made for babies. It smells like honey and lavender, which I love.

DHA supplement & Vitamin Code prenatal vitamins // These are the two vitamins I take every single day.

Barefoot Dreams cardigan // Another must-have: this cardigan is so soft it feels like you’re wrapped up in a cloud. I like this cardigan better than a robe because it feels like a robe, but looks more presentable (especially if you have to hop on a Zoom call). Again, its really comforting when you don’t feel well.

Vitamix blender // When I felt really nauseous, sometimes smoothies were all I wanted to eat. The Vitamix blender is truly a godsend… it’s so powerful, it can whip up a restaurant-quality smoothie in less than a minute. I ordered these Bumpin Blends smoothie cubes to make my mornings even easier.

Glass straws // I used these for drinking my smoothies! Definitely ditch the plastic straws, if you haven’t already.

Pedialyte freezer pops // I don’t know how “healthy” these are (they probably contain a good amount of sugar), but when I felt really nauseous, I didn’t even want to drink water. These freezer pops tasted so good and also helped prevent me from getting dehydrated.

Pink fuzzy slippers // Another necessary item for maximum comfort!

Pregnancy Flakes bath soak // I have these on a subscription plan from Amazon so that I get a delivery every month. They truly are amazing – I sprinkle a bunch in a warm bath and then soak for 20 minutes. They’re made of pure magnesium, which is essential during pregnancy – some studies suggest that supplementing with magnesium may reduce the risk of complications like fetal growth restriction and preterm birth.

If you have any tips or “essential items” you want to add to this list, let us all know in the comments! xoxo

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  1. Karly

    Will you be doing a post on the supplements and body products you used while trying to get pregnant? Would love that info!

  2. Antoinette Lopes

    Have you gotten a body pillow to sleep with yet? Boppy makes a *wonderful* one!

  3. Amanda

    I have used the same pre-Natals and DHA for all of my pregnancies and currently with my third and they’re the BEST! I also use the garden of life raw calcium since I am not a fan of dairy and want to make sure I get enough calcium (I didn’t with my first and his baby molars were not fully formed so he had to get a cap on one of them at 3!) they have magnesium and k2 in them for proper absorption and I had a x ray a while back for a broken toe and the doctor was very impressed with how dense my bones looked.

    Thanks for the tips! Getting those slippers and cardigan because I need them in my pregnant life!

  4. Jessica

    Peppermint lotion was a pregnancy must for my 2. It helps with fatigue, nausea, itchy skin… headaches-

  5. Laura Leigh

    LOVING the pregnancy content already! This is such a helpful posts for moms to be. Will definitely refer back to this when pregnant.

    xo Laura Leigh

  6. Chantel

    Great post. I just entered my third trimester, on the home stretch! It also took me a while to get pregnant so I’m enjoying every minute. Such a special time. In addition to fish oil and a prenatal I also take a good probiotic as research shows the right strains can help prevent eczema and behaviour issues in babies, and helps promote good gut health which is optimal to good health in general! Also extra vitamin D. In my second trimester I bought a U shaped pregnancy pillow to support my bump&back and help prevent me rolling on my back (as you’re supposed to sleep on your side when pregnant). I’ve just bought a book on hypnobirthing and plan to practice the techniques to have a calm and positive birth experience. Best of luck for the rest of your pregnancy gorgeous xx

  7. Chicprofessor

    These are great! I swore on lemon water and crackers! I really like my prenatal as it’s a liquid prenatal which was really nice when swallowing a pill basically seems like the worse thing ever when nauseous! I added mine to smoothies or even a small bit of apple juice to make it taste better. I did the one from pink stork.

  8. Cait I have been following you since 2013 and I am so happy that you are going to be a mom! I started reading your blog when I was expecting my first baby and now I am a mom of two! All the best to your family 🙂 Lots of love from India <3

  9. Cynthia

    It has been a few years (my baby boy starts college next month) but I found that spearmint gum really helped my nausea. It was easy to take in the go when I had to run errands. I’m sure there is a healthier spearmint option than Wrigley’s gum now. It was a life saver!

  10. Nina S

    Some of the things I couldn’t have done without: body pillow, compression socks for later in the pregnancy, a couple of parenting books (Happiest Baby on the Block), maternity leggings, and a few prenatal massages.


  11. Polly

    One of my must-haves was tea from Herb Lore. Try the pregnancy tea and more importantly the breastfeeding tea. Only brand I trust.

  12. Polly

    One of my must-haves was tea from Herb Lore. Try the pregnancy tea and more importantly the breastfeeding tea. Only brand I trust.


  13. I am soooo excited to follow along on your pregnancy journey and learn from you along the way! Not pregnant just yet, but one day!