Exploring the Streets of Ravello

straw tote (sold out in my color), similar & less expensive here // handmade sandals, similar HERE 

I wore this blue and white dress one day to explore Ravello – one of the things I loved I about Ravello is that the entire city is walkable. Around  every corner there’s a new beautiful site to see, whether it’s a garden, view of the coastline or just a pretty door. This outfit was both cute and comfy for walking around town and taking in the sights. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post because I’m sharing our Ravello Travel Guide, including another vlog!

Thank you to everyone who commented or emailed me yesterday with Charleston venues and/or wedding planners! You have NO IDEA how helpful that was!! I haven’t even planned anything yet and I’m already feeling overwhelmed and stressed. If you have tips about dealing with stress I’ll take those too, haha! πŸ˜‰



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  1. This is the quintessential vacation outfit. I love your straw hat and bag and your flat sandals too. You're giving me so much inspiration for what to pack for our trip to Croatia next month!

    Arum Lilea

  2. Such a gorgeous dress and probably something I would wear for sightseeing. Can't wait for the travel guide and the vlog!

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

  3. One of the most prettiest summertime outfits ever! LOVE it!


  4. This little dress is absolutely darling on you!

    By Lauren M

  5. This is such a cute summer look!

    xo, Carey

  6. Love this outfit girl! I can relate to the stress about wedding planning – I'm getting married this September and am starting to feel the anxiety coming on! What has really helped me manage the stress is by making a to-do list, and including every little thing you have to do or purchase, and set a deadline date. My list was 3 pages long which seems crazy but it really helps you not forget anything! And it feels so good to cross something off the list! I hope this helps πŸ™‚

  7. I love this dress! So perfect for Italy! <3

    xo, Katie
    Willow and White

  8. Oh my goodness this entire outfit is adorable!! <3

  9. What a cute little summer dress!

    And don't sweat the wedding! Enjoy the moment and all the craziness that comes with it. Take some yoga classes – it will relive the stress


  10. There is nothing better than a sweet little summer dress. So cute!

    I found a binder system with clear pocket protectors to be such a helpful thing with wedding planning. Keep each contract in a protector, create a checklist, etc. There are a lot of online resources that can help guide you on what to do and when. But first things first, you need to set your budget. πŸ™‚

    Erin Schabo
    Top Knots & Sweatpants

  11. That dress looks like it would be really flattering on any body shape. I can't wait to go along as you plan your wedding! Something tells me it'll be beautiful.


  12. The main thing that helped me with wedding planning was picking only 1 thing to conquer at a time, whether it be the venue, photographer, florist…it gets to be too much when you do everything at once! And get it done early. The last few months before my wedding I was really relaxed because I didn't procrastinate and stayed focused!

    Xo, Nina
    Law of Fashion Blog

  13. That is a beautiful summer dress!


  14. the bag is really nice as well as the sandals. it's a nice summer look

  15. Love this looks! Super cute!
    Be sure to check out my latest post!
    x. kritsida

  16. Love your outfit!! For me to keep wedding planning stress to a minimum, I had a notebook that I kept everything written down in as well as a portfolio where I kept all magazine clippings, contracts, etc. Lists, lists, lists will make things so much smoother and keep clutter out of your mind. Try to get everything done early! Once you decide on your venue, that will decide a date and everything will fall into place. A planner will be very helpful as well with keeping you on track! Your wedding is going to be so beautiful – especially being in Charleston!!

  17. Beautiful dress! I want to steal your whole closet <3


  18. This outfit is absolutely perfect!


  19. Love this dress! So gorgeous! Best advice I can give you is don't let it get the planning get to you! Enjoy your engagement. Everything else will work itself out. Just make sure you and your fiancΓ© communicate. Remember it is yours and your finances special day. So the only people you have to please is each other! Looking forward to hearing wedding updates!


  20. This outfit is so cute and perfect for a day in Europe. I hope you are having an amazing time!!

    Much love,
    Ashley | dearash.com

  21. I love your outfit! It sounds like you had the most amazing time in Italy!

    I hope you're having a lovely Thursday,

  22. Love this Cait! When it comes to dealing with stress and planning, do your best to take one thing at a time and focus on what's important! I've made the mistake at trying to focus on too many details at once and it can so overwhelming!

    I wish you and Chris the best! I know your wedding with be flawless! <3

    Brittany || http://www.theeverydayb.com

  23. Take a deep breath. Remember the big picture is that this is about your love and life of partnership. The stress of picking the perfect "fill in the blank", the years of debt to pay the vendors, everyone elses drama is the exact opposite of what this should be about. Figure out what memories you want the most- photos, a beautiful dress, closest friends/family, preserved bouquet, honeymoon, your first home (and down payment)- and budget for that. Just some unsolicited advice from a well seasoned wedding guest and married woman. πŸ™‚

  24. Looking flawlessly amazing xx


  25. This is such a cute summer dress. You look adorable!


  26. Such a great dress! What size do you wear from the SHOWPO website? I'm about to invest in some of their great dresses and I'm not sure what to get!

  27. Such a great dress! What size do you wear in the clothes from SHOWPO? I want so many of these dresses but I'm not sure what size to get!