Easter Dresses

top row from left to right: white // pink // blue // pink // bottom row from left to right: purple // blue // white // blue // pink

I can hardly believe it’s April already, and that means Easter is swiftly approaching! I am so excited for Easter this year – for the Easter bunny to come, to go on an egg hunt with Kennedy, to enjoy lots of good southern food, and maybe even dress in some matching outfits with Kenny girl. 🙂 If you haven’t picked out an Easter dress this year, here are some great options above – all of them are from Nordstrom so that means free shipping and free returns! I have my eye on this pretty pink one – it is so gorgeous!!!


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  1. These are gorgeous dresses! I bet Kennedy will have an absolute blast for her first Easter. It’s always so fun to make holidays exciting for the little ones!



  2. Can you link the one in the first picture that you’re wearing? I am obsessed with the back!

    • Kendra


  3. SALLY

    Lovely dresses for Easter but it will be too cold this weekend in Boston for a dress. Boyfriend is taking me to game 1 of the playoffs vs most likely the Brooklyn Nets-assuming they win tonight. He is a Celtics fan and can’t wait to go. Outfit will be a Boston Celtics Sweater, jeans and sneakers. Similar for him. As for the dresses here all great picks. I would pair any of them with a killer high heel sandal.

  4. Leah

    I usually love your recs but these look like they’re appropriate mainly for teens…? Maybe I’m just old.

  5. Lindsay

    Hi, is there a link to the dress you are wearing in the picture?