Black & Grey in Vermont

I’m backkk with another outfit from Vermont! This is one of my faves – I am getting a little Halloween vibes from the dark grey and black colors in this outfit. (And you know what else is a little creepy? I am standing next to a cemetery, eek!) This H&M grey sweater is super cozy and I love that it is long enough 6to wear with leggings – even with a pregnant belly! I paired the sweater with my trusty Spanx maternity leggings, the exact same pair that I owned with Kennedy. These leggings hold up SO well, because I practically live in them during my pregnancies! The belly part is SO stretchy and comfortable (which can be hard to find, even in maternity leggings). And to finish off the look, some black combat boots and a black handbag.

Speaking of Halloween vibes… what are you guys doing for Halloween? We are taking Kennedy trick-or-treating for the first time and I am so freakin’ excited!!! I have been working with her on saying “trick-or-treat,” we don’t have it quite down pat yet but we are getting there. I won’t tell you what our family costumes are, but I will say that Kennedy is dressing up as her favorite thing – a bus. So we are all basing our outfits off of hers! I will be super surprised if you can guess what we’re going as!!


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  1. Vermont looks stunning, and I love this outfit, friend! Absolutely gorgeous!

    Make Life Marvelous

  2. Yesss totally Halloween vibes! But you really can’t go wrong with black and grey. Love those boots. I wasn’t a fan of Halloween until my little one was born and now here we are I am obsessed! Haha I am so excited to see your family themed costume this year.

    Maureen |

  3. You look so beautiful! I love that grey sweater – it looks so cozy. I hope you all enjoy Halloween!


  4. Frannie

    Hi I just love your looks! Is this your H&M sweater the lighter gray one or darker one? LOL I am not color blind, I swear! Sometimes the colors are different in person! I hope you are doing well these last few months of pregnancy! 🙂

  5. Sandra

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