Amazon Sweater Dress

Looking at these photos makes me miss the cooler weather in Colorado!! North Carolina is getting a heat wave this week – I don’t know who is in charge of the weather, but don’t they know it’s the end of September already? Sheesh! 😉 Anyway, I am hopping on the blog today to share this Amazon sweater dress that comes in a whopping 13 (yes, THIRTEEN!) colors. I personally love this shade of camel, as it is great for mixing and matching with other fall pieces like scarves, jeans, leggings and more. I am wearing a size small and it fits great, but if you’re taller, you may want to size up so that you can still wear it as a dress (I’m 5’3 for reference). I think when my bump gets a little bigger, I will still wear the same size, just add some leggings underneath!

How was everyone’s weekend? Chris was out of town this weekend and WOW it was a tough weekend – I realized how much I really rely on him for so many things (the biggest being parenting). I get scared alone at night now, I even begged my parents to come stay for the night (which was fun). It probably doesn’t help that I like to watch thrillers/suspenseful shows at night – oops. Anyway, we are so glad to have him back this week!!!!! Please don’t ever go out of town again, Chris!


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  1. Ashleigh

    What size chanel 19 bag do you have? Do you prefer it to your classic flap and boy bag? Thinking about getting one!

  2. Definitely love that sweater dress! I love when clothing items come in so many different color options, too. Definitely makes for easier shopping! It sounds like you’re relieved that Chris is back in town – it’s great to have someone to feel so connected to. <3