A Pink Moment

If I could repaint our house, I would TOTALLY paint it pink. I love pink. I live for pink! And this house in Alys Beach is my new favorite house of all time. 😉 I definitely had a “pink moment” when we were walking through Alys Beach and I realized that my outfit matched the house! This puff sleeve top comes in several colors (I also have it in black!), I love the fit and how flattering it is on every body type. And these Free People jeans are probably the most comfortable jeans that I own – they’re not super tight, they don’t stretch and the denim material is very soft. They’re the only jeans that I don’t mind wearing to chase Kennedy around in!

We are back from vacation and a lot changed while we were gone – it seems that all the flowers have bloomed, the trees all have green leaves and yesterday it was 84 degrees!!! It honestly feels like summer, and I’ll take it!


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  1. Brook

    Love this look!! I have the same top in yellow that I wore over Easter weekend. I got tons of compliments on it.
    I have to tell you, I’ve had the best time looking back at all of your blog posts! You’ve come such a long way. I spent most of the evening going all the way back to some of your early days and you have such timeless classic style! I even found inspiration in your Spring/Summer posts from 2015-2016.. I think those are some of my favorite looks of all (I even spotted some straw clutches and tote bags back then)! You are such a trendsetter!

  2. Cindy

    Funny story I have to share. I have this Lands End swimsuit ad on my Facebook and I recognize one of the people in the photos but I cannot figure out why. It’s driving me crazy. I’m thinking do I know this person from work, the bank, the grocery store? Where!? I saw the ad again this morning and my brain finally clicked. Go Caitlin’s mom! Lol. Hope you and your mom have a lovely Mother’s Day.

  3. Alexandra

    Beautiful puff sleeve top❤️