5 Tips for Feeling Fresh While You’re Traveling

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One day last week, we spent 14 hours traveling, either in a taxi, waiting in the airport or on a plane. That’s a long day of stress, worry, sweating, etc. and by the end of the day all I wanted was to feel FRESH! “Fresh” as in: a shower or warm bath, scented lotion and cozy pajamas. Unfortunately, those things aren’t available in the middle of a travel day, but there are some things you can do to stay looking and feeling fresh all day long.  
1. Layer your scents
I have been trying out L’Occitane‘s new scent “Terre de Lumière,” a delicate scent inspired by the golden hour in Provence. Sometimes perfumes and strong scents can give me headaches, but this one is very subtle and has the perfect mix of lavender, honey and almond. (If you haven’t heard of L’Occitane before, I have blogged about them in the past – they’ve been known for their luxurious products since 1976!) The morning of travel I will take a shower or bath (depending on how much time I have) and use the same scent of shower gel and bath lotion – this helps ensure that the scent will stick around for a long time – like a 14 hour day of travel! Both the Terre de Lumière shower gel and Terre de Lumière body lotion smell amazing and are the perfect combination to make you feel beautiful and fresh.
2. Bring deodorant in your purse or travel bag
I always, always, always keep a mini-size stick of deodorant in my purse when I travel! On our last travel day, we were running to catch flights, pulling luggage in and out of cars, etc. and afterward felt so gross! It was so nice just knowing I had the deodorant in case I needed it. 
3. Bring mouthwash
Another thing I always bring in my purse is a small bottle of mouthwash. Just a quick swish of mouthwash will help your mouth and breath feel and smell fresh! The mouthwash also fights off bacteria, which can be essential after a flight so that you don’t get sick!

4. Bring travel-sized bottles
I ordered some small travel-sized bottles from Amazon so that I could easily transport my lotion and body wash. The drugstore also has teeny perfume bottles that you can transfer perfume into (I did this with the Terre de Lumière Eau de Parfum) so that you can spritz your wrists and neck whenever you need a refresh. Just a tip – try to avoid doing this on the plane since it’s an enclosed space! 🙂

5. Bring hand-sanitizer
Hand-sanitizer is another must for me, because when you’re traveling you’re constantly touching things that a million other people have touched – door handles, luggage, etc. Hand-sanitizer kills bacteria and germs on your hands, so I’m constantly using it throughout the day! (It’s also nice to bring a hand lotion so that you can moisturize afterward.)

If you have any tips for staying fresh on a travel day, I’d love to hear!! Let me know in the comments. And thank you SO MUCH to everyone for your response on yesterday’s post! I was in tears in all day long! I love you all!!!


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  1. How do you feel about this backpack and using it as a purse for travel? I have been wanting to buy a backpack that can hold some of the essentials you mentioned because I find them a tad more comfortable than the pressure a purse puts on one shoulder. I don't want to buy one that is too bulky or that is already pretty heavy when empty. I love the look and size of this one but not sure if it would become bothersome using it as a purse during an entire tirp.

    *** another essential is wipes or tissues. When traveling I have encountered some pretty sketchy rest rooms. I also have kids so yeah wipes clean up a multitude of sticky situations.

  2. I don't go anywhere without hand sanitizer, travel deodorant and mouth waste/ toothbrush- seriously the quickest way to refresh yourself! Great post and I love your LV backpack!
    xx Tess | Sequins are the New Black

  3. Great tips! Love the idea of using the same scent of body wash and lotion to make the scent last longer!


  4. I love this post but am really loving the LV backpack. Is it something you think you would use a lot? I am purchasing a new LV in the next week or so but can't decide which to get? I have the NF MM. Now I'm really confused. 🙂 Cheryl Tucker

  5. These are great tips! I definitely think bringing mouthwash is key haha!


  6. You're absolutely beautiful! Love your style and great blog <3


  7. I travel so much and completely know what mean by wanting to feel 'fresh'. I love these tips!
    Lauren | Pretty as a Peony

  8. I'm a big fan of L'Occitane but havene't tried that specific product. I will have to now! Hand-sanitizer is def a must for me at all times! I also like a facial mist for after the flight as my face is on the dry side to begin with. I love how you put your hair up like too!

  9. LOVE L'occitane products!! Also love your hair in a bun, any chance of a small tutorial on how you've achieved this look? Oh and if it's not too much of a weird question: could you recommend a good deodorant, since you mentioned you carry one around whilst travelling? Thank you! Lots of love from Germany, Anne

  10. Love these tips! I always feel so gross when I travel, especially on airplanes. Airplanes are barely every cleaned so I always bring wipes on to wipe down my tray table haha!

    Lauren Lindmark | dailydoseofcharm.com

  11. Great tips 🙂 I always have a bottle of hand sanitizer in my car too! So handy when you can't get to wash your hands x


  12. Love this because I'm always feeling the need to be fresh while traveling! I try to bring as many wipes and face spray on trips as well. I love little Winnie in the background!

  13. Great tips dear! Thanks 😉


  14. I love your style!! so classy

    Please check out my gourmet candy shop! You would love my lollipop tree!!


  15. i love your style!! so classy!

    please check out my gourmet candy store – we have a lollipop tree that is your style!!

  16. I need to start carrying mouthwash with me again! That's a great tip!


  17. These are amazing tips! I am always traveling to and from college, so I will definitely keep these in mind.

    Much love,
    Ashley from Dear Ash

  18. Excellent tips! I feel like hydration & moisturizing are definitely the most helpful things for myself.

    Kim | http://www.condorny.com

  19. Thank-you for the awesome tips!

    I hope you have a marvellous Thursday!

  20. Love your tips..and this backpack is gorgeous 🙂

    Be Happy with Fashion

  21. Deodorant is so smart! I hate how clammy I feel after a flight!

  22. Bun tutorial please!!

  23. So funny you talked about tip #4 because I was looking at some perfume atomizers just yesterday! I like to bring face wipes because sometimes, I have TOO MUCH airport on me so I just head to the bathroom and remove all my makeup and start over if I have a long wait in between flights. I need to start taking mouthwash with me again! Thanks for the reminder, Caitlin!

    She Sweats Diamonds

  24. Fantastic tips. I travel quite a bit too and just figuring out what works best for me.
    Have a nice weekend.
    Love, Esther