5 Items I Use Every Day (Summer Edition)

I thought it would be fun to share five items I use EVERY single day. When I was trying to write this post, the first things that came to mind were actually a bunch of baby items, lol. (If you’re interested in five items Kennedy uses every day, I can write a post about that too 😛 haha.) A few of these are health-related, one helps with my productivity, and a few are just cute fashion items that are definitely must-haves for summer. Let’s get started!

Vitamix Blender

Our Vitamix may be the most used item in our house! Whether I use it for making smoothies or frosted coffees, I have definitely gotten my money’s worth out of this machine. It’s so powerful, it can even blend and cook soup due to the heat created by the friction of the blades! We also use it to make our own sauces, salsas and dressings. It is an investment, but it’s totally worth it! Other blenders just can’t compare.

Amazon Water Bottle

Okay hear me out… drinking enough water every day is hard! I don’t *love* the taste of water and I’m usually too busy to remember to fill a new glass all day long. BUT I know how important it is – especially since I’m breastfeeding and need a lot of extra liquid in order to produce milk. I swear ever since I got this Amazon water bottle, I’ve been doing such a better job! It honestly is super motivating to drink water – each hour is marked with a line on the side of the bottle to remind me to drink water throughout the day. It even has encouraging words at each hour mark (and it’s super cute, too!). I usually add a waterdrop tablet to add a little mango flavoring.

Braided Leather Sandals

If these sandals aren’t on my feet, then they are by the door ready to go! They are cute, SO comfortable and super easy to slide on and head out the door quickly. I slip these sandals on every day to walk around the neighborhood, go run errands, or just to take Winnie out in our backyard. They are definitely the “it” sandals of summer and the neutral color ensures that they go with every single outfit.

Amazon Notepad

I use this notepad every single morning to plan out my day! There’s just something so motivating about actually writing down my daily tasks and then checking them off throughout the day. I also love that there’s a spot for “what I’m grateful for” (even if the answer is always Kennedy lol) and a place for tracking my water intake, health and fitness, and meals. This planner helps keep me accountable for all of my personal, mama and professional goals, and I would be lost without it!

Claw Hair Clips

These claw hair clips are a summer must-have. Not only are they are great for quickly throwing your hair up on those hot summer days, but they also really help to hold up big sections of my hair when I’m drying and curling it. Plus Kennedy is in a stage where she likes to grab onto my hair, so these are helpful to keep by hair out of her reach throughout the day hehe! And aren’t these colors SO CUTE?! The pink is my favorite (obviously). 🙂

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  1. Laura Leigh

    such great items! adding those notepads to my cart!

    xo Laura Leigh

  2. I totally bought that Amazon notepad based off of your recommendation months ago and love it! I really have been wanting to upgrade my blender to the one you have, as well. Hopefully soon!

    Love those claw clips and sandals, too!


  3. Love this blogpost idea! And I absolutely can relate to the items on your list, haha!
    xx Janine

  4. I love that Amazon notepad- so cute and useful!

    Shay | Happy Healthy Stylish

  5. Iva

    Can’t seem to find your recipe for lemon poppyseed muffins?