Thursday, March 16, 2017

5 Apps to Make You More Productive

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These days, time is pretty scarce. I feel like I'm constantly running from one thing to the next, overwhelmed with projects, deadlines, trips and emails all while trying to squeeze in a social life. Thankfully, there are TONS of apps that are insanely useful for organizing, keeping track and prioritizing everything going on in your life! There are five key ones that I really depend on, and they've made such a big difference in my productivity (well, these apps + several cups of coffee lol). Without further ado... here are my top five!

one // Wunderlist

First on the list is an app called Wunderlist. I typically rely on a pen and paper for my "To Do" lists, but this app has some pretty amazing features that even a pen and paper can't beat. Wunderlist allows you to create several categories of "To Do" lists (for example, "Work" or "Travel") and then under each category you can list each item that needs to be done and sort them alphabetically, by due date or by priority. If you're anything like me, I have ideas running through my head all day long, and while I'm not always near a pen and paper, I'm guaranteed to always have my phone with me and can easily make updates or add in a "To Do." I actually keep track of my Grocery List on this app, too... whenever I run out of a food item or find a recipe I want to make, I just whip out my phone and add the ingredients. This app also helps me focus on career goals and the necessary steps to reach them, as well as lets me add in reminders and due dates (which is priceless!).

two // TripIt

This next app - TripIt - has completely changed my life and the way I travel (and if you travel a lot, you need it too!). TripIt organizes all your travel plans into one place, with all the info you need such as dates, times, confirmation numbers, flight times, etc. You simply forward your confirmation emails to, and the app creates a master itinerary for each of your trips. The thing I really love about this app is that you can access it even when you don't have internet access (i.e. if you're on an airplane or in a foreign country!). The app even shows maps of the airports you are flying in and out of, making it incredibly easy to navigate and find your next gate. After using this app, I don't think I could travel without it. Five stars all the way!

three // Hootsuite

This app, Hootsuite, is essential for anyone who works in social media or has to make several social media posts a day. I use it to schedule out social media posts throughout the day, week or even month.  This has been a special lifesaver for my personal life haha - Chris and I cook dinner together pretty much every night, and it usually happens to be right in the middle of my "peak" social media posting time. I used to tell him to "hold on" and then rush to get my social media posts up. With Hootsuite, I can schedule my posts earlier in the day and can cook/eat dinner with him in peace (which he really appreciates!). I also used Hootsuite when I worked in PR - it's very useful for managing different clients'  social media accounts at one time. 

four // 30/30

This one is really simple but is the best time management app I've ever used. The app 30/30 lets you set timers to keep you focused on one project at a time. Without this app, my brain flits from one task to the next and I get overwhelmed! You can set the tasks in order of importance, and then an alarm sounds when the allotted time has passed. When I'm working from home I like to schedule 30 minutes for answering emails or writing a blog post, then allow time for fun stuff like taking Winnie on a walk or reading a good book. Having pleasant tasks scheduled helps me get through some of the dreaded ones!

five // MileIQ

This next app, MileIQ, is great if you need to track your business mileage. I always forget to track my mileage, so this app is perfect because it takes care of everything for you! MileIQ runs in the background of your phone and automatically calculates each car trip you take... then afterwards you just have to classify the trip as "personal" or "business." Not only is it easy to use and create reports, but it's reliable too. It has made my life sooo much easier as far as tracking mileage is concerned! 

Ok that's it! I hope some of these help you guys! They have helped me so much and made my life SO MUCH easier. Now I would LOVE to know what apps you use to make you more efficient or increase your productivity - I'm always on the lookout for new apps. Let me know in the comments! :)




  1. These are so helpful!! I'm definitely downloading 30/30!!

  2. I love hootsuite, but I've never used the other ones! I'm really excited to try wunderlist!

    By Lauren M

  3. I have Hootsuit but I need to utilize it more! Thanks for sharing these apps!

  4. These are all great apps! I've been dying to try Hootsuite. Also, if you end up investing in an Amazon Echo, the Alexa app is AWESOME. You can tell Alexa to add something to specific lists and she just adds it for you so you don't forget to put it on the list.

    Top Knots & Sweatpants

  5. Definitely downloading 30/30!!

  6. I just discovered ChefTap which organizes recipes you find on Pinterest plus you can find new recipes on the app and save them! So far I like it!

    Xo, Nina
    Law of Fashion Blog

  7. This post is great! I'm the most unorganized person ever hahaha

    My favourite app is Hopper - I use it to book ALL my flights. Since my best friends live far away (one in Kelowna, British Columbia and the other in NYC) I watch flights for long weekends and other times of the year I'm interested in traveling to see soon as hopper alerts me to a deal, I book it. it's the best.

    AnyList is another version os Wunderlist that I love, I also LOVE Spotify for my music and Yelp for finding great places to eat when I'm traveling or looking for something new :)

    I think I'm going to give 30/30 a try!

  8. Such a useful post, I'm always looking for ways to make my list run more smooth! I'm also in love with your phone case and that top!
    xx Tess | Sequins are the New Black

  9. I need to look into Hootsuite. I need to start focusing on scheduling out my social media posts more often but I'm such an in the moment type person it's hard to do sometimes

  10. I just started using MileIQ and it's seriously so awesome! And isn't wunderlist the best?! I live with my brother and we use it to share grocery lists and our weekly cleaning schedule!

    How 2 Wear It []

  11. I just downloaded Hootsuite and 30/30. Both sound like exactly what I need to improve my daily life! Thanks, girl!

  12. That "TripIt" app sounds absolutely incredible - technology is so amazing to me! Will definitely be looking into that one. And totally agree about Wunderlist, it's so helpful for my grocery list!

  13. I'll have to check about these apps, thanks for sharing!

  14. Such a great apps! Thanks dear! ;)

  15. Ahhhh, definitely digging TripIt (such a pain to dig in your email to find those conf #s!) and MileIQ, where have you been these last five years?! Thanks for these, Caitlin! I use Sleep Cycle and love it! It tracks your sleep and instead of jolting out of bed, it wakes you up the way your body should wake up. Let me know if you try it! xo

    She Sweats Diamonds

    1. I don't want to freak you out but just be careful with SleepCycle or any apps that have to be close to you (or close to/on a baby for parents)-I refuse to wear an apple watch, the wifi radiation is damaging to cells and causes far more harm than good. I use my iPhone as a light to get into bed etc., and as my alarm but it's in airplane mode (you can also set the alarm and turn it off and it will of course turn back on at the right time), the airplane mode kills the WIFI which actually causes sleep disturbance. Something to keep in mind is that cell radiation contributes to cancer at a time when the body is supposed to be repairing itself overnight, keeping such devices away from you is essential.

  16. Ohhh I wanna try 30/30! Thanks for sharing these!

    Kendal // Life With Kendal

  17. All of these look so helpful! I'm definitely going to have to give TripIt a try next time I travel. Thanks for sharing!

    xo - Marianne

  18. I need to check out MileIQ! Thanks for sharing this list!


  19. I love FlightView for tracking flights at the airport or right before flying!! And Gas Buddy for finding the best deals on gas at local gas stations. I'll have to check all these out!!

    xoxo A

  20. You look really stunning in these photos as always! I really think the 30/30 app sounds interesting, need to check that one out! xx

  21. Nice! I'm taking a trip on Sunday, and will definitely be trying out TripIt! Thanks for the tips!

    Katie | Willow and White

  22. I'll have to try some of these apps out, they seem so helpful!

    xo, Carey

  23. Hootsuite and TripIt sound like lifesaver apps!


  24. besides the apps I love your dog<3


  25. I loved these!!! If you don't currently use it, you need to download the "mail" app. It lets you put different mail accounts on your iPhone and instead of the normal apple email, you can organize the bar to have all subscriptions, travel, packages, bills, etc, organized for you! it is AMAZING!!!!!

  26. Thank you for this great post. I'm always looking for new apps that will help me manage my time. Especially now, time is precious with my little girl. <3

  27. I'm really excited about these! I like the idea of the 30/30! I need something to help organize my efforts at home with kids!

  28. Thanks for sharing these! Can't wait to try them out!

  29. I love TripIt! Always trying to get others to use it. Thanks for sharing!

  30. Thank you for the helpful advice. By the way your dog is adorable!


  31. I'm so glad you mentioned TripIt - I've never heard about it before, but I just downloaded it and am looking forward to using it this summer when I travel out of the country!

    Carrie |

  32. Great post...I'm always on the hunt for new apps to download + am super interested in #1-3!

    insta | bloglovin’

  33. I'm about to go download the list app right now-I always forget my grocery lists/to-do lists at home and then they are no good to me, so this looks like a life-saver!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern And Style

  34. I definitely need to check out that time management app! I get so many things going at once and get distracted!

    Katie |

  35. Definitely need to check out TripIt and 30/30!! Those look so useful, thank you.

    Daphne |

  36. Have you heard of Trello? I use it and love it for business & at home life! Check it out!