Friday, August 26, 2016

Ruffle Dress in Vero Beach

Costa d'Este Vero Beach, FL
striped ruffle dress
pinstripe ruffle dress
Baublebar earrings
What to wear to the beach!
Prada sunglasses

On Wednesday I arrived in Vero Beach, FL, to get in one last beach trip before fall. I know that summer is coming to an end, and as excited as I am about pumpkins, Starbucks lattes, changing leaves and crisp mornings, I just needed one more beach trip to say goodbye. The place where we're staying, Costa d'Este, is simply gorgeous and has shown us some of the best hospitality we've ever seen. Last night they set up a private dinner on our oceanfront patio and we ate paella and churros while watching the sunset. It was amazing but I am still full this morning, haha! These photos were taken right outside of the resort's iconic entrance. Stay tuned for a special offer from Costa d'Este :)

What is everyone doing this weekend?! 


Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Six Favorite Beauty Products

I love sharing new beauty products with you guys when I find them, so today I'm sharing six products that I discovered recently and really love. It's so much fun trying new products and even more fun when you find products that really work. (And no, I'm not being paid by anyone to write this post! I really do use these products :) If you want to know where my outfit and room decor is from, scroll down to the bottom! 

Let's begin, shall we?!

First up, these hair skin & nail gummy vitamins. I picked these up from Target a couple months ago and I'm now on my second bottle! I eat two of them every morning, and they actually taste pretty good (like grapefruit). Like any product containing biotin, you probably won't see a difference right away (it takes a while for it to get into your system), but after using these for a month and a half I can definitely say I've seen an improvement in my hair and nails. I even noticed a difference in my eyelashes - I swear they are longer from taking these!!! After buying these at Target, I noticed that the brand Olly makes a ton of different vitamins for different things. There's a vitamin that supposedly gives you more energy, one that helps you have a restful night of sleep and even one for hydrated skin. Now I want to try them all! 

Next, this NARS cheek kit was actually in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and the exact palette is sold out, but I've discovered some of my new favorite products from it! The highlighter in the kit, NARS albatross, is one of the best highlighting powders I've used. It looks white in the palette but goes on golden-y and just GORGEOUUUUUS. I can't even explain how pretty it is on. Another favorite from this kit is NARS blush in "orgasm." I used this shade a long time ago and forgot just how beautiful it is! (It's top left in the palette, above). The color is a rosy bronze color that I can see myself wearing all fall long - I would definitely say it's more suited for fall than summer! It helps your face look more tan, too, which I love.

I don't wear perfume very often because I'm very picky about scents, but Y'ALL. This one is amazing! It's the new version of Chanel's No. 5 perfume, L'Eau. In my opinion it's the freshest and cleanest version of all of the Chanel No. 5 perfumes. This one is really light (not overpowering at all) and very clean, but still sexy and just womanly. I don't even know how to describe how good it smells, I just wish you could smell it for yourself through the computer screen, haha! It doesn't come out until September, but you can sign up for the waitlist here

In the past week, I've tried two new makeup products. L'Oreal Paris sent me their new Infallible Pro-Glo Foundation and I almost, almost tossed it out (I need new foundation like I need a hole in the head). I'm so glad I didn't! The bottle claims that it offers an all-day glow - for up to 24 hours. It actually does last a long time (for me it lasted 12 hours and then I washed my face, haha). It's very liquid-y which I wasn't expecting, so I apply it straight to my face and then blend it in with this foundation brush. It actually looks FLAWLESS on your skin. For the price - $12.99 - you seriously can't find a better foundation. I'm wearing the foundation in the above photo if you want to see how my skin looks with it on! (Also FYI I am wearing color #207 mixed with this liquid bronzer.) I really don't know how I can buy an expensive foundation after using this inexpensive one that works so well! 

I also purchased and have been trying out Laura Mercier's translucent setting powder after seeing it allllll over YouTube. If you haven't heard about "baking" your makeup, watch this YouTube video. You essentially apply a ton of this setting powder on top of your undereye highlight and let it sit for five minutes, "baking" the makeup onto your face. Sounds crazy right?! I believe it does work though! I've been using the powder as a finishing touch to my makeup since I prefer my makeup to look matte, and it really does mattefy and smooth your skin while also setting your makeup. 

And finally, the last product! I picked up one of these Tsubaki Oil Hydrogel Masks from Sephora the other day and had to go back for more. I never really understood sheet masks before (I had tried them without results) but boy do I get it now. This one in particular is amazing for really dry skin - it is by far the most moisturizing mask I've ever used, plus your skin is literally GLOWING and plump afterwards. The only downside to this mask is that it is slippery, and you really need to lay down with your head back for about 20 minutes to keep the mask from sliding around on your face. If you have some time to spare at night, light some candles, put on some relaxing music and try out this mask! Your skin will thank you.

What about you guys? Any new products that you love? Any that you'd like me to review? Let me know in the comments! :)

Outfit details:
Room details:


Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Flash Sale - Up to 50% Off Outfits I've Worn!

Happy Tuesday, friends! Today I'm rounding up some of my recent outfits from Goodnight Macaroon that are all on FLASH SALE today! There are some huge discounts but they only last for a day before the prices go back up :)

To begin, this Goodnight Macaroon white lace dress would be perfect for any bride-to-be! I can see this dress at an engagement party or rehearsal dinner. Or if you're not a bride, it's still the perfect dress for a big event! It's SO pretty in person and very high quality. I'm wearing a size XS.

This next dress is my favorite item out of everything. It has little cut-outs on the side, and the color is SOOOO pretty and summery and looks amazing with a tan! 

I wore it to our friends' wedding so I wanted to include the picture below! I got a ton of compliments on it :) Wearing size XS. 

 Next up, this white pleated top that I wore to travel to New York a few weeks ago. There are so many ways to style this top! I wish I had worn it without the jean jacket so you could get a better view of it. It looks cute all by itself with a monogrammed necklace and jeans, but it also looks good layered, too! I love it with cardigans.

Delsey luggage // Louis Vuitton Neverfull

Yes, I am wearing this gingham top backwards! I love the back so much that I wanted to show it off :) This top is so cute and fun, I wore it in Toronto one day when we went out to lunch and shopping. It would be cute with white pants too!

Goodnight Macaroon gingham top (wearing it backwards on purpose :) // white shorts // 
Givenchy bag

This off the shoulder top is the PERFECT summer top. If you have one last beach trip planned for the summer, you need it!

And finally, the last item is this red top but you'll have to stay tuned to instagram today to see how I style it :)

If you have any questions about the clothes, leave them in the comments!


Monday, August 22, 2016

Fall Basics to Buy Now

If there's one thing I've learned about shopping for the fall, it's to stock up on the basics. You can NEVER have enough basics, especially since you can mix and match them all to create dozens of different outfits. I wore the above outfit to the airport last week, but this cargo jacket is exactly the type of "fall basic" I'm talking about. It pairs well with jeans, black pants and even dresses! Plus it's really comfortable and will keep you warm in cool weather.

I've rounded up some more of my favorite "basics" for fall, below...

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight // nine

I quickly want to point out this winged tote - it's less than $100 but looks almost EXACTLY like this designer bag that is $500 :) I actually have the leopard version of the bag and love it. In the fall, I consider leopard to be a neutral, which also explains why I've added this leopard scarf and these lace-up flats to the mix. You'll wear these over and over, more than you think! Oh and you may have spotted a pumpkin spice latte in there too ;) I seriously can't wait to order my first "hot" drink at Starbucks this fall!



Friday, August 19, 2016

Zara Obsessed

Zara outfit

Givenchy antigona
Zara tie top
ripped jeans
Zara top, similar HERE, HERE & HERE // Charlotte Russe jeans, similar HERE
YSL lipstick in "tropical pink"

Happy Friday, everyone! If you follow me on snapchat you may have noticed that I've been a little Zara obsessed lately! I LOVE Zara and think they have the cutest/most unique clothes, but there's not a store in North Carolina. Last week in NYC I stocked up on Zara clothes, including this top and some really cute ripped jeans (among other things). Would you guys be interested in a haul video on what I got?! I was also considering doing a haul video on Forever 21 because they have some REALLY cute fall clothes right now. Let me know what you would prefer in the comments :)

This weekend, Chris and I are heading to Greenville for a going away party. The rest of the weekend I plan on cleaning, reading and doing some meal planning for the coming week. Happy Friday, everyone!



Thursday, August 18, 2016

Make the World a Softer Place

This post makes me so excited for fall - a cozy cafe, a steaming cup of coffee and my most comfortable outfit! This look by Splendid is one of my favorites... the pull on leggings are so soft and comfortable that they almost feel like pajama pants. And the white tee is the PERFECT basic piece for your fall wardrobe - it's great for layering underneath cardigans!

Another one of my favorite Splendid items is this floral print top, below. It's pretty enough for a dinner date, but cozy enough to lounge in at home (and cuddle with Prince George).

This year, Splendid is all about spreading softness - and not just with their clothes. There's no doubt that they make the softest and most comfortable clothes around, but this campaign is about even more than that. With so many terrible things happening around the globe, Splendid's "spread softness" campaign is all about spreading kindness throughout the world. 

In honor of #spreadsoftness, I've joined Splendid for a giveaway where you can enter to win a pack of their exclusive Spread Softness tees. The idea is you keep one tee and give the second tee to a loved one to spread a little softness! To enter, click the image below. 


*Thank you to to Splendid for sponsoring this post