Monday, May 21, 2018

Bermuda Beach Day

Ted Baker London swimsuit (fully stocked!), also comes in pink and a bikini version
my mom's swimsuit top // swimsuit bottoms

Happy Monday, loves! I'm excited to share these photos that we took in Bermuda a couple of weeks ago... this Ted Baker London swimsuit is honestly my favorite swimsuit I've ever worn!! We are heading to Charleston next week for my wedding and I'm hoping to get some beach time in, so I'll definitely be packing it :) The big ruffle around the neck really accentuates curves and is so feminine and fresh! I also loved my mom's swimsuit that she wore, it's a beautiful light blue color!

Did everyone have a good weekend? I went to a couples shower for my friend Gracie, spent some time with my parents, grocery shopped for the week, and also had my wedding makeup trial! I'm going to share some of my wedding beauty treatments on the blog this week so stay tuned :)


Friday, May 18, 2018

Where to Buy Tiffany & Co. on Sale

Tiffany & Co. Heart Tag Pendant Necklace (40% off)
see all products here

Good morning everyone! I have really exciting news today - all Tiffany & Co. products on eBay are 40% off right now!! I had been wanting a Heart Tag Pendant Necklace from Tiffany & Co. for forever, and I finally decided to bite the bullet when it went on sale! I didn't have to bid on the necklace or anything, I hit "Buy It Now" and it arrived to my house a few days later in a signature teal box (my first Tiffany's box ever). I love how classic and beautiful the necklace is - it's definitely a piece that you pass down to your daughter!

You can check out all of Tiffany & Co.'s products on eBay here - all of the products are brand new and 40% off for a limited time. They make a great gift for a bride or a new graduate!

I'm linking up more of my favorites in the widget below! 


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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Ruffle Romper (Only $30!)

Nasty Gal ruffle romper (marked down to $30) // pink velvet bow heels (also marked down to $30)

I love dressing up for special occasions (weddings, parties, etc.) and what I love even more is finding party outfits for an affordable price! Nasty Gal's has a whole section of their site dedicated to occasion wear and every SINGLE outfit is on sale right now, including the ruffle romper I'm wearing in these photos! My favorite part of the whole outfit, though, would have to be the pink velvet bow heels - they're what dreams are made of! Just be sure to size down a whole size because they do run large :) The romper is true-to-size, I'm wearing a size 2. I'm including some more of my favorite occasion wear in the widget below!


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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Affordable Summer Makeup

Good morning everyone! One makeup brand that I've loved ever since high school is NYX Professional Makeup. Not only is their makeup incredibly affordable, but it's incredibly high quality. Back when I had an allowance from my parents (a loooooong time ago) I remember spending it on NYX makeup from Walmart hahah! I listed all of the makeup products I'm wearing above (and I'm wearing all of the products in these photos) however I wanted to share my absolutely FAVORITE three with you here - all available from Walmart!

NYX makeup setting spray, matte: A lot of beauty bloggers rave about this makeup setting spray, and now I know why! During the spring and summer I get an oily/shiny T-zone and I absolutely hate it - this setting spray controls the shine but still allows my highlighter to show through. I tested it all throughout my trip to Bermuda and it worked great - however the REAL test was this past weekend at my bachelorette party! It was 90 degrees and HUMID in Charleston and my makeup never budged!!!

NYX volumizing and lengthening mascara: I normally use a pretty expensive mascara, and I've found that this one is an amazing dupe for it, but for less than $8!! It does exactly what it says it does: lengthens and adds volume to your lashes. (I'm wearing it in these photos but I did use a mascara primer like I normally do.)

NYX lip lingerie liquid lipstick in "cheekies": If you learn one thing from this post, let it be that you HAVE to try NYX's lip products!! I have been using their gloss forever, and I like their liquid listed equally as much. The Lingerie collection is amazing in itself: the pigmentation is fantastic the lipstick is long wear and lasts much longer than the soft matte lip creams. On top of it all, it doesn't dry your lips out at all! I fell in love with the color "cheekies" for its soft, pale pink hue.

All of these products can be found at your local Walmart or online here! :)


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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Bachelorette Party Recap!

Good morning everyone!! Today I'm so happy to be sharing the details of my bachelorette weekend!!! What I really wanted for the entire weekend was to be able to get some sun on the beach, relax and enjoy being surrounded by all my best friends, and that's exactly what happened :) My matron of honor found an amazing rental house in Wild Dunes, SC - our house was pretty much right on the beach, within walking distance to the Boardwalk Inn (where you can get food and drinks) and only a 20 minute drive from downtown Charleston. I would highly recommend Wild Dunes - plus, it's a gated community so it's VERY safe, not to mention clean and beautiful!  

Friday morning, my friends Sara and Brit met me at my house at 9 a.m. (the photo above was taken RIGHT before we hopped in the car!) and we headed to Charlotte to pick up our friend Emily, then to my cousin Jennifer's house. Jennifer has a HUUUUUGE car, which was great because it fit all of our luggage and wine bottles (hehe)! We tried really hard to pack as little as we could, but of course we all had multiple bags hahah! 

My two matrons of honor Anna and Melissa arrived to the house in Charleston right at the same time as us, so we all quickly changed into our bathing suits and headed to the beach. I swear, the beach is my happy place, and I instantly feel at peace whenever I'm next to the ocean. We all laid our beach towels in a circle and played a couple rounds of "Never Have I Ever." Then we headed back up to the house to meet some of the other girls that were just arriving! A few of us went to the grocery store to pick up some snacks and water bottles, while the rest of the girls stayed home to start fixing dinner. When we got back, the girls had all decorated the house! 

 cups, "mermaid squad" tees and flower crowns from Stag & Hen // hats from Bits and Pieces To Go

accessories from Stag & Hen

The rest of the night, girls kept arriving, and we all ate a DELICIOUS lasagna that Anna had made for everyone (I need to get her recipe because it was honestly the best lasagna I've ever had!). For dessert we had cake balls and peanut butter cookie dough dip, then played a fun game that Melissa and Anna had made. Prior to the bachelorette weekend, they had asked Chris a bunch of questions like "What's the best gift Caitlin has ever given you?" and "What's Caitlin's most embarrassing moment?" He answered them all, and then the girls printed out his answers on little notecards. All of the girls took turns asking me the questions, and I had to guess what Chris's answers were. I thought that it would be pretty easy, but Chris is really wordy and he basically wrote NOVELS for his answers hahah! Regardless it was really fun :) Anna had also printed out this "Pin the Tail on the Chrissy" game which I thought was absolutely hilarious!!! (Yes that is Chris's butt hahah)

The next item on the agenda was the Lingerie Shower! If you haven't heard of a Lingerie Shower, I'm pretty sure it's a southern thing! (Although I could be wrong on that). Basically, all of the girls gifted me pretty lingerie to wear on the honeymoon. I took turns opening each gift and then had to guess who it was from. It was so fun but also a bit embarrassing :) The rest of the night we spent all hanging out, laughing and eating the rest of the peanut butter cookie dough dip, haha.

On Saturday morning, we all had breakfast (a bunch of the girls had volunteered to bring breakfast so we had pancakes, avocado toast and bagels along with coffee), then put on our swimsuits for a beach day. I wore an old white swimsuit from ASOS, but this one is incredibly similar and only $30!

similar swimsuit (mine is here but sold out) // palm print kimono
glasses from Stag & Hen // hats from Bits and Pieces To Go

all of my KD girls from college! Sarah, Anna, Katherine and Gracie

the whole group in our hats from Bits and Pieces To Go
from left to right: Nicole, Sarah, Katherine, Sara, Melissa, Anna, me, Emily, Jennifer, Kelsey, Brit, Gracie

For lunch, we walked on the beach to the Boardwalk Inn and ate at their little beach restaurant. They have a selection of sandwiches, burgers, salads and wraps - and their tater tots are delicious! Around 4 p.m. we all headed back to the house to take showers and get ready for dinner that night. I wore an old white dress I have from Revolve, and all of my girls dressed in pink! 

Anna putting on my veil!

All of the girls before we left for dinner

My dress is a few years old from Revolve (you may remember it from this blog post back in the day), but I did find similar ones here and here. My shoes are here

That night, we all took a party bus to downtown Charleston (which I would highly recommend because Ubers are hard to come by in Wild Dunes!). Our first stop of the night was Stars Restaurant for its rooftop bar.

After Stars, we walked to Eli's Table, my absolute FAVVVVVVORITE restaurant in Charleston! Anna had made us a reservation several months in advance (they fill up really fast!). They have a large patio out back that is really cute, but it was really hot outside so we ended up sitting inside in the air conditioning! We had several appetizers (the smoked gouda fondue is amazing) and for dinner I had the local fish, grouper, while a bunch of the girls ordered the shrimp and grits (a Charleston specialty). It was delish!!

After dinner, we all headed to a nearby bar to DANCE! Anna had printed out a "Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt" which she hung around my neck with ribbon. The entire night, I had to do things to check off the list, which made the whole night really fun! For instance, I had to stand on a table and yell "I'm getting married!!" (which I did after a glass of wine haha). I also had to find another bride on her bachelorette party and take a picture with her, and find a guy with the same name as the groom (Chris) and take a picture with him. 

After a fun (late) night out, we all headed home - a bunch of the girls stayed up talking late into the night, and then we crashed! The next morning we all ate breakfast, packed, cleaned the house and then headed home. It was honestly one of the best weekends of my entire life (it will be second-best after the wedding!) and I am so thankful to be surrounded by such positive, loving and KIND friends. Even though a bunch of the girls didn't know each other beforehand, everyone got along so well and (I hope) had a much fun as I did. My abs were so sore at the end of the weekend from laughing so much. A huge thank you to my matrons of honor for planning everything and doing such an amazing job!!!!

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments :)