Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Cutout Minidress

cutout minidress // Chloe wedges, almost identical HERE

Alright, how adorable is this dress with side cut-outs?! I love that all you have to do is throw on the dress and you automatically look put-together. It has really pretty embroidery details on the hem and bust - it's also a gorgeous periwinkle color! I paired it with these Chloe look-alike wedges and my favorite Kendra Scott cocktail ring for a lunch date last week! :)

As you're reading this, I'm currently in GREECE on my honeymoon! It is absolutely beautiful here!! I'll share all the details with you guys when I get back home :) 


Wednesday, June 6, 2018

What I Wore to Our Rehearsal Dinner

Good morning, everyone!! I can't believe I'm writing to you now as a MARRIED WOMAN! How crazy! I'll be sharing lots of wedding details with you over the next couple of months (it was the best day of my life!!!), but I wanted to answer a few questions today about our rehearsal dinner. The dress I'm wearing is this Revolve dress with these Louboutin Degrastrass pumps. I linked up TONS of similar dresses at the bottom of this post, though! I wanted a dramatic statement-making dress for the rehearsal dinner, so I went with a long dress with a high slit. There are a lot of similar dresses that are available right now! 

To answer some other questions about our rehearsal dinner, we held ours at the restaurant 492 on King Street in Charleston. It's a BEAUTIFUL restaurant, and they let us have the entire top floor for our rehearsal dinner (including a rooftop patio!). For dinner we had a beet salad, a choice of beef shortrib or local caught fish, and for dessert, a molten chocolate chip cookie cake with vanilla ice cream on top. Chris's sister made a slideshow of mine and Chris's photos (us as babies, growing up and then photos of us together), so we watched that, and our groomsmen and bridesmaids also gave speeches. 

Later on in the evening, we hosted a Welcome Party, and all of our wedding guests were invited to 492 for drinks. Almost all of our guests were from out of town (and some very far away - from Wisconsin!) so it was really nice to see everyone and talk to them, since we knew that the actual wedding day would be crazy.

This might be a southern tradition (y'all let me know if it isn't!) but I got Chris a cake from Ashley Bakery for the rehearsal dinner, called a Groom's Cake. Chris is the biggest Clemson fan in the world,  so I wanted the cake to be Clemson-themed! They really brought my idea to life - a huge Clemson cooler, with real-looking ice cubes (made out of sugar!) and cans of Busch Light on top. Chris looooves Busch Light so I had them put those cans as a little joke :) The inside of the cake was red velvet - Chris's favorite.

I think that's it for the rehearsal dinner! It was the absolute perfect way to kick off the wedding weekend. Let me know if you have any questions in the comment section below :)


Friday, June 1, 2018

We're Getting Married!!! His + Her Q&A

Good morning everyone! The big day is *almost* here - Chris and I are getting married tomorrow!! I have been in Charleston for a few days now with my family, and Chris is driving up tomorrow to stay with his family. Our rehearsal and rehearsal dinner is tomorrow night! I'm so so so so excited (and nervous). One more exciting thing: our wedding is featured on The Knot as one of the Most Influential Weddings of 2018! You can read our story and more about our wedding here on their website. In honor of all this, we both thought it would be really fun to answer some Q&A questions before the wedding. 

Chris and I didn't look at each other's answers, we both answered on our own, separately. Some of these are pretty hilarious. Some of them are really sweet. I have to sign off before I start crying haha! 

Here you go!

Q: How did you first meet?

Chris: Caitlin and I first met in Greenville, SC. I was working as a mortgage banker, and she just graduated from UNC and was working for a PR firm. We actually met through mutual friends. My fraternity brother was dating one of Caitlin’s first friends at Clemson, and they introduced us at dinner one night. Love at first sight is cliché, but I was a goner from day one.

Caitlin: Chris and I met in Greenville, SC, when I moved there after college to start my first "big girl" job. I met a girl who went to Clemson University, and she introduced me to Chris just 18 days after I moved there. It wasn't love at first sight though - hahah! - Chris had to convince me to go on a lunch date with him, but after that first date I knew I was in trouble! I was pretty much head over heels for him after that.

Q: When/How did you first fall in love with your fiancé?

Chris: One night Caitlin and I went to dinner with some friends and at this particular restaurant they had live music. The band went to take a break, and almost as soon as they left, Caitlin went up and started playing the drums…later on that night, we went to another place with a DJ. He was offering “spin lessons” for some of the patrons, and Caitlin and I jumped at the chance to learn how to DJ. I fell in love with Caitlin’s spontaneity, her self-confidence to do what she wanted and not care what anyone else thought, and her fun-loving nature. Obviously, our love has blossomed more since that moment, but I vividly remember seeing her DJ and do the “Wobble” and thinking in my head that she was the one.

Caitlin: It only took a couple of month for me to fall in love with Chris! It was kind of weird/crazy - he felt like the guy version of me right from the start. We both had the same exact sense of humor, morals, family values and drive... I had never met anyone else that I immediately connected with on such a deep level. It's hard to explain but it just felt "right" - he was exactly who I had been praying for my entire life.  

This picture was taken a few months after we first started dating!

Q: What's the most memorable date you've had?

Caitlin: I would say our most memorable date is our first date - the lunch date! I worked in Greenville, SC and there are beautiful waterfalls right downtown. I worked on one side of the bridge, and Chris and I were meeting at a restaurant on the other side of the bridge for lunch. I called my mom when I walked over and I remember telling her how nervous I was! Chris was waiting on the other side of the bridge, with a huge smile on his face. 

ChrisWe’ve had a lot of amazing dates through the years. We always do “date night” on Friday, so there are a lot to choose from. The most “memorable” would have to be our first Valentine’s Day dinner together. We had been dating for about a month, so this was our first “big date.” We were both in our first jobs, so we decided to cook dinner together, my favorite Fettuccini Alfredo. We were so nervous given the fact that it was our first valentine’s day, that we “boiled” the noodles in cold water (Caitlin forgot to actually put on the stove). We also decided to make our own cheese sticks with string cheese rolled up in Pillsbury breadsticks (bad idea). The saving grace was that we made our own Alfredo sauce and had the entire romantic mood ambiance with flowers and candles. Needless to say, the dinner left a lot to be desired, but the fact that we failed together and still had an amazing time and a great story to tell makes it one of my favorite dates we have ever had together.

Q: What quality do you most admire about the other?

Chris: Aside from her stubbornness (kidding), I most admire her passion. She gives her all in everything that she does and accepts the best from herself and others. Whether it’s her blog/career, her family, our pets, our relationship, or her hobbies, she does it 100%. It’s contagious and I love that she challenges me to be a better person in everything that I do. She’s inspiring to me. 

Caitlin: I would say his loyalty. Chris is fiercely loyal to his family and friends and it's something I recognized right away about him. If you become friends with Chris, you will be friends with him for life - not only that, but he will have your back in any situation. He has taught me how to be a better friend. I also love that underneath his macho/manly exterior, he is a softy at heart (he may kill me for saying that!). Deep down he is a hopeless romantic, but I'm the only one that really knows that side of him! 

Q: What was the best engagement present you received? 

Chris: We are still receiving gifts (thanks to everyone who has sent them, and I promise that we are working on the thank you letters), but I have to say that my personal favorite has to be the world map with push pins that we received. The idea is to put the push pins in every location that Caitlin and I have traveled to together. We love to travel (she obviously gets to do it more often than I do, but still), and I think it’s a great way for us to reminisce about each trip and get us to travel even more.

Caitlin: The best engagement present was a Kitchen-Aid mixer from my parents! I have wanted one for so many years and we put one on our registry (even though we didn't think we would receive it). Thank you, mom and dad!!! I can't wait to cook for everyone!! 

Q: How did you celebrate your bachelor/bachelorette party?

Caitlin: For my bachelorette party, we went to Wild Dunes (near Charleston) for the weekend! We had a beach day, played tons of games and went out in downtown Charleston. I blogged about the entire weekend - you can read about it here.

Chris: My bachelor party was amazing. My best men, Zack Owen and John Raymond, set up the best and most fun weekend I have ever had (up until the wedding). They reached out to around 20 of my childhood and college friends to come for a beach weekend in Wilmington, NC. Although it rained most of the weekend, we did get some beach time. The highlights were going on a brewery tour, topped off with a military style Laser Tag competition amongst the guys. Very manly, brews, artificial guns, and competition. They had gotten us all NBA AllStar jerseys for East vs. West for the teams, so we certainly looked like the goofiest people in the place. All in all, my most favorite part was reconnecting with all my friends and bringing everybody together for my “last hoorah.”

Q: How would you describe the style of your wedding?

Chris: Classic Southern. We are both from the South and so we wanted to have that feel to our wedding. Naturally, Charleston was the perfect location for us. I grew up going to Charleston for beach trips and Caitlin loves going down there. We have all the Southern staples: Chicken and Waffles, Shrimp and Grits. The décor is perfect with a lot of lanterns and lights, it’s going to be perfect.

Caitlin: I would say it will look like a southern, romantic garden party... if that makes sense! The color scheme is blush pink, gold and light grey. I wanted the wedding to have an ethereal, fairytale feel to it.... with TONS of flowers hahah!

Q: What has been the most fun detail of your wedding to plan?

Chris: My favorite part has to be picking the wedding registry. It’s like playing laser tag with stuff that you want. They give you a scanner and you get to go through the whole store, pick out what you want and shoot (scan) it. I’m no hunter, but that was pretty awesome. Almost like an adult version of the Toys R Us run from Nickelodeon. If only I could do that for my birthday presents…

Caitlin: I think the most fun detail was picking out the rentals (like the tables, chairs and lounge furniture) and the flowers. That's when I could really start to picture it all in my head. Although going to Charleston for the food tasting with Chris was pretty amazing - I am still drooling over the mac'n'cheese we tasted and can't wait to have it again on Saturday!! 

Q: What has been the most difficult detail of your wedding to plan?

Chris: The hardest detail is planning with all of the moving pieces. We are trying to get dinner and set tables up with a moving guest list, and inevitably there is something random that comes up that throws a kink in the “original” plan. In the moment, it gets frustrating, but at the end of the day, I know we will look back at the whole experience and laugh at it.

Caitlin: Picking out a hairstyle. Hahahah. 

Q: Do you have any unique wedding details?

Caitlin: Yes but you will have to stay tuned to find out!! 

Chris: Caitlin will have a completely different answer, but for me, the most unique thing will be my family coming into town. Most of my relatives have never been to the south because they live in Wisconsin. I’m excited and a little terrified for them to come down because they are going from almost as cold as it gets, to muggy Charleston heat. I tried to warn everyone, but I don’t know if they know what they’re in for. One of the most unique things about our wedding is that it’s the first time that Caitlin’s brother, also named Chris, will be back in the US in around 3 years. He has been living in Japan since college and is coming to the states for the first time since moving out there. I’m so excited to see him, his family and Caitlin to see him, and for him to be there to support us. It was a little unconventional, but I asked for his blessing to marry Caitlin first thing in the morning US time, because there was a 12 hour time difference.

Q: What moment of your wedding day are you most anticipating?

Caitlin: Seeing Chris's face when I walk down the aisle. And then that moment when I'm finally his wife!!

Chis: I’m most anticipating the first dance. Partially, because I’m so excited that we did it and we are officially married; partially, because I am nervous about forgetting my steps and I don’t want to mess it up.

Q: What are you most excited for on your wedding day?

Chris: Most relieving will be when she says “I Do,” but I’m most excited about seeing her walk down the aisle. I get flustered thinking about it because I know she is going to be the most beautiful bride and look so amazing. I’m packing some tissues because I know the water works will start as soon as I get to look in her eyes as she walks closer to me.

Caitlin: I'm most excited to be with Chris, and to be surrounded by all of our closest family and friends. There will never be another time in our lives when we're surrounded by EVERYONE we love. I can't wait to dance the night away with all of them!! 

Q: What are you most nervous about on your wedding day?

ChrisThe weather. I’m praying that it doesn’t rain, but the forecast doesn’t look in our favor. It’s lucky if it rains on your wedding day, right?

Caitlin: To be honest I'm worried about two things: 1. that it's going to rain, and 2. that my hair won't turn out the way I want it to.

right after we got engaged!

Q: What advice would you give to other engaged couples who are planning a wedding?

Chris: It sounds cliché, but “don’t sweat the small stuff.” You both make a lot of decisions and each decisions seems to be “life or death,” but at the end of the day, you are marrying the love of your life, and everything will go the way God intended. 

Caitlin: I would say to slow down and take it all in, and ENJOY the little moments along the way. I feel like I was WAY too stressed out for so much of the planning months and looking back, I wish that I hadn't stressed so much and that I had enjoyed just being engaged! All of the little, seemingly stressful details don't really matter that much in the long run, and you will only be engaged once in your life. 

Q: What are you looking forward to as newlyweds?

Chris: I can’t wait to be able to call Caitlin my wife. Simple. Sappy, real.

Caitlin: To be Mrs. Dorsch!!! And go on the honeymoon :D 

Q: Thoughts on how you will feel when it's over?

Chris: Relieved. I’ll be so excited that we are officially married, and relieved that the planning is over. It will be a little depressing because you work so hard for so long on something, and then it’s gone in what feels like an instant; however, I see it more as the prologue to our journey together.

Caitlin: In some ways, I think I'll feel a little relieved. To be honest, it has been really stressful planning a wedding, having a full-time job with a busy travel schedule, and trying to care for pets and keep a house clean at the same time. Actually, my house hasn't been clean for like a full year because of it hahah. I am excited for life to go back to normal and for us to be husband and wife... but I do think I'll feel sad because I've gotten to talk to and see my friends and family so much during the planning months!

Q: One thing you're looking forward to in marriage?

Caitlin: I can't wait for our day-to-day life as a married couple... and eventually having a family! I want like ten kids hahah!

Chris: I’m looking forward to writing our own story, together. I’m so excited to see what the future brings us. In the near future, I’m looking forward to being closer than ever together. Going to sleep, and waking up to the woman I love. Long term, I’m looking forward to building a family together. Learning to be parents together, and growing our relationship.

Q: What is one thing you would like your fiancé to know a few days out from being married?

Chris: I want her to know how proud of her that I am. I don’t express it as often as I need to, but I remember when we first met and blogging was her “hobby.” I have seen, firsthand, how hard she has worked to make it into her career and I am so proud of her for taking a leap of faith into something that she is passionate about, and not stopping until she reaches her goal. I love her with everything I have, and I promise to always strive to be better man. I will never be able to be the man that she deserves, but I will try every day to reach that goal for myself. I love you, Cait.

Caitlin: I want him to know that God TRULY answered my prayers when he brought him into my life. He balances me out in every way, he is strong in all of the ways I am weak, and I can't wait to be 90 years old with him, rocking in our rocking chairs on our front porch. He is everything I've ever wanted in a man, and I couldn't be luckier. I can't wait to be your wife!!!

xoxo, Cait

Thursday, May 31, 2018

My Three Must-Have Summer Makeup Products

Sephora products usedLaura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder // 

My friends and I used to ask each other, "If you were stranded on an island, which one makeup product would you bring?" and I always had such a hard time answering that question. The problem is, I love makeup too much!! And there are too many products that I view as "must-haves" - even alone on a  stranded island haha! I think I could narrow it down to three (at least, at this moment in time), and all three can be found at your nearest Sephora. My three current favorite beauty products are *drumroll please*... 

I have talked about this setting powder before on my blog (in fact I named it as one of my best buys of 2017) and it still stands true today. Prior to this powder, I had tried out probably five different setting powders - most of them seemed to work well at first, but sure enough, a couple of hours later my T-zone area always got shiny! Laura Mercier's translucent powder is a true godsend, because not only does it set your makeup, but it eliminates shine for 12 HOURS, even in the summer heat!! I will not leave the house without applying this first. :) 

I switch back and forth between Anastasia Beverly Hill's brow pomade and the brow wiz. Right now I'm loving the brow wiz because I think it's a better fit for the spring and summer months: it's a little bit easier to apply than the pomade, and it also goes on lighter and looks really natural... plus, once it's on it doesn't BUDGE, even if you're outside and sweating in the summer heat! 

Alright this is a new one for me, but hear me out :) Ever since I had my wedding makeup trial with Lindsey, she convinced me that I actually can wear eyeshadow and make it work for me (in the past I had always refused to wear eyeshadow because I thought it made my eyes look smaller!). Lindsey taught me that the trick is not to take the dark eyeshadow up too high on my lid, because I have a small eye socket. Anyway, I invested in the Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Eyeshadow Palette a couple of weeks ago and am OBSESSEDDDD and have been wearing it ever since! I mainly stick to neutral colors - "desert sand" and "musk" are my favorites - and I apply one of the shimmery shades right beneath my brow. Trust me when I say this eyeshadow palette is GORG! 

All of these products can be found at Sephora - I'll link them in the widget below! Now it's your turn - which makeup item would you bring if you were stranded on a deserted island?!



*Thanks to Sephora for sponsoring this post 

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Embroidered White Dress

Nasty Gal Studio embroidered dress (on sale!) // pink velvet bow heels (marked down to $30)

This embroidered dress from Nasty Gal is what my summer dreams are made of! If you have any parties to go to this summer (or are a bride!), this dress would be absolutely perfect. Nasty Gal has a whole section of their site dedicated to occasion wear and every SINGLE outfit is on sale right now! I wore this ruffle romper last week on the blog! I also want to point out my pink velvet bow heels, which are marked down to $30 and SO SO CUTE. I'm including some more of my favorite occasion wear from Nasty Gal in the widget below!

Today needs to be SUUUUUUPER productive because I leave for Charleston tomorrow! We still have a zillion things left to do for the wedding (including gluing programs together hahah) and I'm praying that we can get it all done on time AND pack everything up for the road. Wish us luck!!


*Thanks to Nasty Gal for sponsoring this post

Monday, May 28, 2018

Wedding Beauty Treatments

Hey guys, I'm so sorry I meant to get this post up last week! It has been an absolutely crazy busy month... and the wedding is only SIX DAYS AWAY, can you believe it?!?! I have another fun wedding-themed post coming later this week, but today I wanted to share with you all of the beauty prep I did for the wedding! I think every girl can agree that they want to look their absolute best on their wedding day... with beautiful skin, hair and nails! I particularly wanted my skin to look clear and glowing because I think that's my "problem area," if you will. I'm sharing this in a timeline format, because I think that makes the most sense. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments and I'll be happy to answer them! :) 

By the way, this post is NOT SPONSORED at all! 


Six months ago (on January 1st) I started a new workout program and really focused on eating clean. I think what you put in your body has a huge impact on your hair and skin, so I really made it a priority to eliminate processed foods and eat mostly whole foods - especially veggies - I've been eating LOTS and lots of veggies! I try to eat the colors of the rainbow every day - as many red, green, orange, yellow and blue fruits and vegetables as I can. I made this green smoothie (and variations of it) a TON over the past six months. It's packed with skin-boosting nutrients and tastes delicious too. In addition to eating clean, I also upped my daily intake of water, even if I had to trick myself into drinking it by buying sparkling beverages (this one is my fave).

I'm going to do a whole blog post on my workout routine leading up to the wedding, but I do think that it made a difference in my skin, too. Working out helps your body produce collagen, which is a protein that helps to keep your skin firm and elastic. I also noticed that on days I work out, I get a lot better sleep at night - which is also great for your skin because it repairs itself while you sleep!

As far as topical skin products go, six months out I made sure that I was using my retinal every single night (I use this one and blogged about it in this post) and a good moisturizer (my favorites are this one and this one). I also began foregoing makeup whenever I could to give my skin a chance to breathe - on days when I wasn't taking blog photos, you could find me in workout clothes and makeup-free.


Three months out from the wedding, I started a series of Clear + Brilliant skin laser treatments recommended by my dermatologist in Charlotte. Clear + Brilliant treatments are a step above a chemical peel, and a step below heavier resurfacing lasers like Fraxel. My dermatologist said this laser was a good choice for someone getting married because it's pretty gentle, but leaves your skin looking smoother, younger and with a "radiant glow" after a couple of sessions. It was ultimately the promise of the "radiant glow" that nudged me to begin the treatments. Starting in March, I had one treatment every month, with my third and final treatment just last week.

This was my first experience ever having a skin laser, so I wasn't quite sure what to expect! When I arrived for my first laser treatment, they had me wash my makeup off and then they applied a numbing cream all over my face. I waited for 30 minutes for the numbing cream to take effect before they started the actual treatment. The laser didn't hurt at all - in fact it was kind of relaxing! - but afterward, my skin was SO red and felt like it had been badly sunburned (don't worry, they reassured me that this is normal!). The below photo is how my skin looked right after my first laser treatment. Although it was red, my dermatologist told me I was allowed to put on makeup right away if I wanted to (that's another nice thing about this laser treatment - there's no downtime!).

The weirdest part, though, was what happened a few days after the treatment - my skin had a strange rough texture, like SANDPAPER. Yes, my skin felt exactly like sandpaper! It really freaked me out at first, but after a quick Google search I realized that this was normal, too. My dermatologist had advised me to use gentle products on my skin for the first couple of days after the treatment, and to skip my retinal for a full three days. After five days of feeling rough and sandpapery, my skin went back to it's normal texture and to my surprise, was a a lot softer than before the treatment. 

After having the three treatments, I don't know if I would say that I'm "radiantly glowing" (lol I wish), however I do notice quite a big difference in my skin tone, the size of my pores (they're smaller!) and the texture of my skin. I'm even considering keeping up the laser treatments after the wedding for maintenance - it also is a great preventative measure if you're worried about your skin aging. If you're interested, I would recommend asking your doctor if it's a good fit for you!


One month out from the wedding - cue a couple of panic attacks - and the realization that I need to start whitening my teeth! Chris and I both started using these Crest Whitestrips (shown below) at night for 30 minutes. Both of us saw a noticeable difference in our teeth after a couple weeks of using them, and we'll continue to use them up until the big day.

Another thing I did a month out was schedule my wedding makeup trial! I discovered my makeup artist Lindsey Burchfield on Instagram and was seriously in awe of her talent - I knew I had to have her on my wedding day!! Thank goodness she was available on June 2nd, and I booked her right away. (Seriously, just scroll through her Instagram feed, she is CRAZY talented!)

I met Lindsey at her salon in McAdenville a couple of weeks ago for my makeup trial. I was so excited to meet her - she's an absolute doll and made me feel comfortable right away. Not to mention that I absolutely LOVE how she did my makeup!! She found the perfect balance between keeping my makeup natural (so that I still looked like myself) but also making feel like a bride. I am dying to learn all of her tips and tricks!!

unedited photo

Here's a list of the products she used on me!

I can't wait to see Lindsey again in six days for the REAL thing!!!! Definitely check her out on Instagram (@lindseyjburchfield) for some amazing before-and-after photos too!


One week away from the wedding - that's THIS WEEK! This week I'm concentrating on eating really clean, and drinking lots of tea and hot lemon water to help with any bloating. I'm also continuing to whiten my teeth, use my retinal at night and a good moisturizer.

I am getting a calming, relaxing facial on Thursday (nothing irritating or harsh!) to hopefully get a glow right before the big day. I will also get a spray tan on Thursday night so that I'll be tan for the wedding on Saturday. I always feel drastically better with a tan! 

And that's pretty much it you guys! If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments and I'll get back to you! This is definitely going to be a crazy week, but like I said, I have another fun wedding post planned so stay tuned! I'M SO EXCITED TO MARRY MY BEST FRIEND!!!!!! 



Thursday, May 24, 2018

What to Wear to a Spring Wedding (& it's on Sale!)

J.Crew Tie Front Strapless Dress (40% off) // Steve Madden suede wedge sandals (40% off!)
straw circle tote, similar HERE // MAC lipstick in "creme cup"

If you have any spring or summer weddings coming up, this Tie Front Strapless Dress is a great option and is currently 40% off right now! I looooove this dress, from the little bow detailing on the front to the ruffled hem. It does run a little big, so I would size down a full size! It comes in pink too ;) Even my suede wedge sandals are on sale too, as part of the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale. If you haven't checked it out, there are some really great spring and summer items that are 40% off right now!

Check out more sale items below :)

cutout polka dot minidress (40% off!!!)

sale itemB.P. asymmetrical peplum tank (40% off!!)
white jeans // crossbody bag

sale itemblack cutout minidress (40% off!) // Steve Madden suede wedge sandals(40% off!)