Friday, April 18, 2014

Hello Sailor (+ Free Wallet with GiGi New York purchase!)

Lately I've been a huge fan of everything nautical, and this sweater from LMae Boutique fits the bill. I love the royal blue color, the easy fit, and the anchors pictured on the back. How perfect would it be for a walk on the beach? I sized up to a medium because I like my sweaters to fit a little looser!

Now lets talk about my GiGi New York bag. You've probably seen me carry this before, but it's because the white Elle crossbody goes with EVERYTHING. GiGi bags are truly an investment because the leather is so nice and will last for years. Obsessed! And today, GiGi New York is offering a free wallet with your $250 purchase using the code PEARLS!

Now is the perfect time to purchase one of the clutches, handbags or crossbodys you've had your eye on... 
When you make your purchase on GiGi's website, put in the discount code "PEARLS" and tell them what color wallet you'd like in the comments! The colors available include:
taupe, coral, blue, lime, purple, white gold & black.

Happy shopping! ;)

Thursday, April 17, 2014

One More Day...

Happy Thursday, loves!

Reminder - today is the last day to shop ShopBop's Friends & Family sale! Get 25% off your entire order using the code INTHEFAMILY14. Now is a great time to purchase that Kate Spade or Tory Burch item you've had your eye on... those products rarely go on sale!

Some of my faves...

I'm taking vacation days today and tomorrow and taking a little road trip! I have a super fun post planned for tomorrow though so be sure to check back - you won't want to miss it!! ;)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My Workout Routine

Ever since I interned for a health & fitness publication in college, I've been interested in eating clean and staying fit. I feel so much more confident about myself when I'm getting exercise and feeding my body whole foods. I try to make working out a priority every week... but I'll be the first to admit that exercise can be really hard to fit into a busy schedule! Today I'm sharing my workout routine with you. This is just what works for me, but you should adjust your routine to what works best for your schedule and your body!

Since I moved to Charlotte, I've been attending Jazzercise classes two to three times per week. I like to go first thing in the mornings to go ahead and get my workout out of the way... that way I can shower, get dressed and then go on with my day. Jazzercise is really great because the classes consist of 45 minutes of aerobic activity and 15 minutes of strength training. It's not a "dance" class, per say, because it combines dance moves with yoga, pilates and kickboxing, and also includes exercises using hand weights and the stability ball. I love it because the instructor switches up routines every day and they always play really good music. Most people think I'm a 60 year-old woman when I tell them I love Jazzercise... but it really is an insanely good workout!

I try to attend Jazzercise on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (sometimes I'll skip a day if I'm super busy with work!). On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I aim to get in physical activity by either walking or running for 30 minutes. I'm not a very good runner so sometimes I'll do intervals - run for 2 minutes, walk for 5, run for 2, etc. 

On these days I will also do abdominal and arm workouts on my own. I am OBSESSED with YouTube videos, especially the 8 minute abs video. Yes, it's hilarious and from the 80s, but I swear it works. Before a beach vacation, I'll start doing 8 minute abs several times a week because after two weeks there is a noticeable difference in my stomach - it's much flatter! I also do the 8 minute arms video using 3 pound weights, which tones your arms without making them bulky. I swear by these videos. Every spring I incorporate them into my workout routine to prepare for bikini season and always see results! 

Although Saturdays and Sundays are rest days for me, I try to stay as physically active as possible. I love hiking, going on walks and playing tennis, so sometimes I'll try to incorporate these activities into my weekend. Even making simple changes such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator can make a huge difference! 

Working out releases endorphins, relieves stress and builds muscle. It also gives you confidence to look and feel your best this summer. My annual family beach trip is officially one month from today, so I'm going to be amping up my workouts and clean eating (and buying new bathing suits, see above photo evidence!). If you're interested in some recipe posts on my clean eats, let me know in the comments!

Thanks and have a great Wednesday, everyone!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring Fling

Bright colors, florals and bows... could there be a springy-er outfit? I have been crushing on this floral skirt for a few weeks now and think I may finally have to pull the trigger! I love it paired with pops of pink & blue... but especially the pink bow wedges. Are they not the cutest shoes ever? I would buy them in a heartbeat if I thought I could wear pink shoes every day for the rest of my life and get away with it.

On another note, I just purchased my ticket to Derby Days, a Kentucky Derby event put on by the Young Affiliates of the Mint. Charlotte friends, come celebrate the Kentucky Derby May 3rd on the lawn of the Mint Museum Randolph! A ticket includes food, beer and wine, and an evening spent enjoying a live band, lawn games, a hat contest and raffle. I'm mainly just excited about bringing out my big hat!!! You can purchase your ticket here.

I'm also guest posting on For All Things Lovely today so be sure to check out my post!


Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring Chic

Waccamaw Pearls earrings // Essie nail polish in "go ginza"

I love scallops (and no, I'm not talking about the food). A delicate, scalloped hem is all that's needed to transform a regular article of clothing into an "oh my gosh I must have that" piece. For instance, these royal blue scallop shorts from Catch Bliss Boutique. I am obsessed! I love the bright color and the fact that they make everyone's legs look a billion miles long (seriously). I paired it with a crop top for this look, but I would also wear it with a tank tucked into the shorts. And I'm sorry that I keep wearing these Kohl's nude heels - I can't stop, y'all. They are so comfortable and go with EVERY OUTFIT.

On another note, I finally found the perfect sunnies for summer! These Anthro sunglasses are very similar to a pair that I bought last summer but sold out really fast (for comparison, I wore last year's version in Friday's post)... but they are in stores now! They will probably sell out again this year because they are universally flattering (and less than $40!!!).

I had an amazing weekend, did y'all? The weather in Charlotte was absolutely perfect. My boyfriend was in town and we walked to dinner and brunch, laid out by the pool, tested out the new rooftop bar in Charlotte and attended a baseball game. Monday definitely came too soon!


Friday, April 11, 2014


Lately I've been drawn to shades of blue, but particularly this aquamarine color... so I could not resist this aquamarine tunic when I saw it on Zappos' website! The white stitching really pops, so I chose to wear it with my favorite bag right now, my white GiGi New York Elle crossbody. I love the two together!

I am SO, SO, SO happy it's Friday. I've been staying up really late every night this week to get work done, so I am all too excited to sleep in tomorrow morning. My boyfriend is also coming in town and we are going to the Charlotte Knights baseball game on Saturday! We have a new stadium in uptown Charlotte so I'm really looking forward to it (side note: I don't really like baseball but there's just something about a baseball game in the spring... you can't beat it!). What are y'all's plans for the weekend?


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Pale Pink & Floral

Waccamaw Pearls six strand pearl bracelet / pearl earrings // YSL lipstick in "lingerie pink"

One type of clothing I'm loving this spring is crop tops. Yes!! Everyone can wear them, I swear. The trick is keeping it classy with high-waisted shorts and skirts (I'm not a huge fan of showing my midriff). I love, love, love this pale pink crop top from Lyla's Clothing. The double layer scallops and beaded embellishments make it so classic! I paired the top with these floral printed shorts from ASOS (yes, they are shorts, even though it looks like a skirt!). I am obsessed with the floral pattern on these shorts... SO beautiful. I think they'd be equally as beautiful paired with a light blue or pale pink tee for a more casual look!

This scallop top also comes in green, ivory and royal blue (and they're only $34!). Swoon.