Who’s Ready for Fall?

Okaaayyyy so I know it’s still BLAZING hot outside, but that’s not stopping me from slowly transitioning my wardrobe to be fall. And let’s be honest, I spend most of my time in the air conditioning, where some layers actually are needed! Adding a cardigan and booties to a pair of jean shorts is an easy way to start transitioning your wardrobe and increase the cozy factor. I am so mad that this ALLSAINTS Louisa Cardigan is on sale now – I ordered it just a few weeks ago and paid full price – lol. It’s the perfect piece to wear both now and later! I LOVE how it looks with jean shorts, but it will go with all your fall outfits effortlessly, from leggings to jeans to dresses! (In particular, I am envisioning it over a neutral midi dress like this one.) Obsessed!

This has been a rough week in our household – Kennedy has had a runny nose and I have been dealing with acid reflux from pregnancy! Just when my nausea started going away… I got hit with acid reflux. If you’ve had it before, you know how terrible it is – the acid is literally burning the back of my throat!! If you have any tips for how to soothe it, your girl is DESPERATE! I’m trying to eat small meals and I keep my head elevated when I sleep at night, but so far nothing is really working haha. I know you guys will have an answer!


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  1. Brittany

    Drinking a tall glass of organic whole milk is the only thing that helps my acid reflux. Ridiculous in my second pregnancy! I’m almost 35 weeks and is the only thing that helps! My insides and throat are on fire from the inside out no matter what I eat or don’t eat and whole milk is the only thing that helps and takes it away!

  2. Oh no! I hope you feel better soon as well as baby girl. I didn’t have much pregnancy related symptoms so I am not much help in this department but definitely sending you all the hugs. I am ready for cooler weather even though I don’t want to wish summer away. I am trying to be patient but I am also looking forward to all fall things! Love this cardigan you are wearing. The colors are stunning!

    Maureen | http://www.littlemisscasual.com

  3. Deanna

    My daughter suffers from horrible acid reflux – she said cutting tea, coffee and fruit juice out of her diet helped a LOT. She also doesn’t eat tomatoes any more 🙂 Not sure how much help this is, but I hope you feel better soon!

  4. SALLY

    Still in Summer Mode. Fall to me = Winter especially up north. Hopefully Virginia Beach does not see fall weather till late October-November. Love the cute outfit. Hopefully you & Kennedy are feeling better.

  5. Mary

    I’m going to bed with heartburn if I eat tomatoes and onions (doesn’t matter if they are cooked or raw). I usually have a Gaviscon tablet for dessert. Feel better!

  6. Abby

    Drink a few shots of pickle juice each day, esp before bedtime. It’s a miracle worker! If you don’t want to go through jars of pickles wasting the actual pickles, you can get this bottle that is a decent taste and SO worth it! —- https://radradio.com/product/rad-pickle-juice-3-bottles/

  7. Stephanie

    For you acid reflex, warm up a cup of milk with honey. This made my acid reflux go away every time!