What’s In My Hospital Bag (For Baby #2!)

Good morning!! I’m so excited to share what’s in my hospital bag today, and I thought it was only fitting to share it on baby’s Due Date! I wanted to round up everything I’m bringing with me to the hospital for baby #2. A lot of this is based off of my experience having Kennedy… I made the decision to leave some things at home that I brought last time and decided to bring a few extra things as well! For instance, last time I didn’t bring my slippers with me and I REALLY regretted it… so I’m packing them this time. And last time I packed a bunch of underwear (LOL). Trust me, you will not be wearing regular undies after birth! The hospital gives you tons of disposable underwear, so that’s what I’ll wear instead.

I really didn’t want to overpack, so I really am only bringing the necessities or items that I used last time!

My Bag




Baby’s Bag

I feel like the baby’s bag doesn’t have much in it, but last time we packed a ton of clothes and swaddles for Kennedy and did not use them at all!! The hospital provides swaddle blankets and we were constantly unwsaddling her to do skin-to-skin and breastfeed, and then swaddling her back up. It wasn’t until our last day in the hospital that I really needed the outfit/accessories I brought her.

Here are a few collages I made that really sum everything up that I’m bringing!

travel toothbrush case // Slip silk scrunchies // wave frame iPhone case // phone charger // Loveshackfancy Octavia bag, similar here // claw clips // Mario Badescu lip balm // Nécessaire Travel Set // Moonlight Eco short pajamas // Bra-llelujah nursing bra // Stanley tumbler // pink shower sandals

baby coming home outfit // sound machine // Pacifier holder // Mittens // baby wash // Pacifiers // Barefoot Dreams baby blanket // baby wipes // Loveshackfancy Oran bag

Let me know if you have any questions!! Maybe soon I’ll have a baby update!!!! 😀


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  1. I love how well you covered this, Caitlin! I hope I can be this organized whenever I become a mommy!

    Make Life Marvelous

  2. SALLY

    You are ready. This will be a vey special moment. My younger sister is due in mid March. I got to pass this along to her.

  3. Everything is so organized and put together! I hope the birth went well and that you are recovering smoothly. Congrats again!



  4. Rachael

    I am due next month with my first and this is very helpful to see what you brought to the hospital. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Amanda

    I am pregnant with baby #2 due in July and I’m so happy you posted this as I totally forgot what I packed last time but did the same thing over packed a few things I didn’t need. Only thing extra I would pack for anyone reading is a shower towel from home. The hospital ones are not very nice and it always feels so good to wrap yourself in a nice towel after a shower especially after birth.