What’s In My Gym Bag

Since it’s January and we’re all really into our fitness goals right now, I thought it would be fun to show you which beauty products I keep with me in my gym bag. I’ve been going to a ton of workout classes lately – my husband and I have started boxing on the weekends, and I still go to pure barre classes during the week. I always carry some beauty supplies with me because, more often than not, I go straight from working out to running errands, grabbing lunch with a friend, etc. and I need to look (and smell!) presentable! All of these only take a few minutes to apply and 100% of the time I’m applying them in my car before or after a class.

Oh! I forgot the best part. All of these products are free of parabens and pthalates, and they’re from Walmart so you know they’re affordable 🙂

Cleen Beauty Fragrance Free Face Wipes

I’ve been on the hunt for face wipes that are “clean” and fragrance-free, so I was very happy to find these biodegradable cleen beauty Face Wipes! These wipes don’t contain any parabens, phthalates, or dyes – I keep them in my gym bag for both before and after my workout. Before working out, I use them to remove any makeup residue leftover from the night before (I hate working out with makeup on). I also use them after my workout to wipe away sweat! And I don’t just use them on my face, if I get super sweaty then I’ll also use them under my arms and on my neck and chest to feel clean and refreshed.

Cleen Beauty Mineral SPF 30 Face Moisturizer

After working out and cleaning my face with the wipes, I’ll apply this cleen beauty Mineral SPF 30 Face Moisturizer – especially if I have a lot of errands to run. This is a really lightweight mineral sunscreen… it comes out of the bottle as a white color, but don’t worry, it goes on clear! I think daily sunscreen is SO important for protecting your skin and preventing wrinkles. (Did you know you can still get sun damage through your car windows?)

Love Beauty and Planet Deodorant

I always keep an extra deodorant with me – it has come in handy so many times! Right now I’m obsessing over this Love Beauty and Planet Deodorant in the Murumuru Butter and Rose scent. First of all – this deodorant smells sooo good, and secondly, it’s vegan, aluminum-free, ethically sourced and made from 43% recycled plastic. Plus, it really works! It lasts all the way through a 45-minute INTENSE boxing class.

Cleen Beauty Coconut Water Hibiscus Glow Mist

This cleen beauty Coconut Water Hibiscus Glow Mist is a cooling mist that feels soooo good to apply after a workout. It’s made of real coconut water and a hint of hibiscus extract (which makes it smell divine). I love keeping this in my bag and applying whenever I need a refresher – it makes my skin feel moisturized and glowy. It also makes a great makeup-setting spray!

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo

This next one is a MUST-HAVE for me: Living Proof Dry Shampoo! My hair doesn’t always look the best after a workout, so I’ll spray this dry shampoo onto my roots and rub it in a little bit – and voila. It looks like my hair is freshly washed. This dry shampoo can soak up anything – oil or sweat – while adding volume and texture to your roots. It has saved my hair so many times.

Other things that I carry with me in my gym bag include a cute stainless steel water bottle, extra hair ties, an extra pair of barre socks, an energy bar, headphones, my cell phone, keys and a small wallet. I’d love to hear what you keep with you in your gym bag!

P.S. Walmart has a whole “New Year, New You” section on their site dedicated to Gym Bag Beauty – I love scrolling through to discover new products!

*Thanks to Walmart for sponsoring this post

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  1. Aww! I love it that you and your husband are trying boxing together! I bet that’s so fun! My husband and I used to workout together when we were dating but we really want to make it a goal to get back into that this year!

    Also, I had no idea that Love Beauty and Planet sells deodorant! I’ve been wanting to use something new since I’ve been using the same kind for over a year now and really want to switch things up! I’m glad this one is safe to use also. That’s so important to me. I will have to give it a try! Thanks for recommending!


  2. I’ve never heard of Cleen Beauty but I love how refreshing their products sound!

    Anika | chaptersofmay.com

  3. Great essentials to have in your gym bag! Love your gym outfit as well, so cute!


  4. Bobbi

    At some point could you please share your favorite hair ties. I’d love to find some that don’t leave dents in my hair.

  5. Your work out outfit looks so prettyyy!*-*
    These sounds like such nice products to use after working out, especially if they are that fast to apply!

    Xo Noor

  6. Anna

    I’ve loved following your blog lately, but I’m confused about some of the inconsistencies. Love, Beauty and Planet has a terrible score on Think Dirty for ingredients, and Fabletics is kind of the epitome of “fast fashion.” You’ve been advocating for clean products and more sustainable clothing, so I’m just wondering why you’re still promoting the aforementioned brands? I ask sincerely!

    • Hey Anna, thanks so much for your comment! First and foremost, I’m human, and even though I intend to live more sustainably and use cleaner products, I will inevitably make mistakes. I actually didn’t even check the deodorant’s score on the app – it had really good reviews, is ethically-sourced and made from recycled plastic, so I figured it was “safe” to use. You’re right, I should have looked it up on the app first before purchasing. As for the sustainable fashion portion, I think I’ve expressed before how as a fashion blogger it is difficult to find the balance between helping save the earth while also running a business. I really love Fabletics workout clothes (a lot of my readers do, too!), and I think they’re well-made and will last for a long time. I can love Fabletics clothes and also be on the lookout for sustainable clothing brands at the same time. I’m trying to find a balance between showing my readers what they love while also promoting a more sustainable lifestyle. Hope that explains some of my choices, as I really am trying my best! 🙂

  7. Ashley

    I love this post! On a similar topic with the gym, are you or anyone following this using an Apple Watch? I’m trying to figure out if it’s worth the investment or if I should just do a Fitbit. Thank you!

    • I wear a Fitbit and really love it! I got it specifically for working out, because I heard the Apple Watch doesn’t work quite as well to track workouts, calories burned, etc.

  8. Kellen Noe

    Hi love following you! I can’t wait to try out these new Clean Beauty products. Also where is you ring from (Not the wedding one) but the Rose gold one. Loved it.

    • Thank you!! That one is David Yurman 🙂

      • Kellen Noe

        Thank you!!! May you success only shine brighter! Love your posts.

  9. Loved this post! I carry pretty much the same beauty products in my gym bag, and I agree, an extra deodorant and dry shampoo are essentials haha!
    Xx Janine

  10. Laurene Richardson

    I love your white workout top! Where did you get it?

  11. Laura Leigh

    Need to try that flow mist – sounds amazing!

    xo Laura Leigh

  12. Elizabeth

    You should check out Each and Every deoderant it is EWG verified and I have been really liking it. Looking up the scores and ingredients is key because some of these marketed “clean” products have really bad scores/ingredients. It would be awesome to see a post on some EWG verified products ! Maybe a shampoo ?

  13. Cathy

    Where are your legging from?

  14. E

    Thanks for the post. Your treadmill outfit is everything! Can she share where you got it from?

  15. Great post!! I love the Cleen products aesthetic & I’m definitely going to try them soon! Thanks for sharing!!

  16. Amanda

    Hi, I love your outfit. Is it from fabletics? I’m looking for more workout clothes and I would love to try fabletics, so I was curious if that’s where it’s from. Thank you so much in advance.


  17. Andrea

    Love this post and your outfit! What is your sizing in Fabletics?

  18. Tori

    Do you like fabletics? I just bought this set and one other one bc of u and am excited about the membership to stock up my gym wardrobe!