What I’ve Been Loving Lately + Life Update

Happy Monday, friends! I thought it would be fun to just sit down and chat with you guys today about what’s been going on in my life lately and some of the things I’ve been loving (apologies in advance if it’s SUPER random, hahah!). First up: this cute outfit combo! These polka dot shorts are still fully stocked and fit TTS (I’m wearing a size XS). I’m wearing this tee but it’s sold out – you could really wear ANY white tank or tee with these shorts, but I did find some really similar ones if you want my same look – try here, here and here. I am obsessssssed with this outfit combo! It also looks really cute with a denim jacket!

Next up, I’ve been doing some online shopping, trying to figure out what to wear in these weird “transitional” months as we (hopefully) move into warmer spring weather. Surprisingly, I’ve been shopping a ton at Forever 21 – they are KILLING it right now with casual cool clothing!

Top left // top right // bottom left // bottom right

Here are some pieces that I recently ordered, and they came in over the weekend. I am seriously in love with all four looks – how comfy do they look? I plan to style them very similarly (with white sneakers, a baseball cap, etc.) so look out for some of these pieces in some upcoming Instagram photos!

Okay, next up, something SUPER exciting that I’ve been dying to tell you guys about!! If it seems like I’ve been taking a lot of trips to Ocean Isle Beach on the North Carolina coast lately, you’d be right – and it’s because Chris and I just bought a beach condo! It’s an investment property, so we plan to make a few renovations and rent it out during the summer months. But when it’s not in use, you can bet that we’ll be down there soaking up the sun. It is SOOOOO cute, you guys! It’s only 1,000 square feet but it’s just a few steps away from the ocean and there’s even a community pool. We bought it completely furnished, so we could start using it right away. Here are a few pictures:

I’ve already been down several times, once with Chris and a few times with my family, and even though it’s been really cold, it’s so relaxing to just be by the sea. My family grew up taking vacations every summer to Ocean Isle Beach, and some of my best and happiest memories took place there. Chris and I are so excited to own a little piece of it now, we can’t wait to go there when it’s finally warm outside, and eventually bring our own children so that they can make their own happy childhood memories there! (P.S. If you’re looking for some real estate in Ocean Isle or Wilmington, I HIGHLY recommend working with Baxter at Keller Williams! He made our entire experience so easy and I just had to share!)

Like I said above, we do plan on making a few renovations to it – so if you have some ideas, we would LOVE to hear! We want to wait until next fall to start any major renovations, but until then I do plan on replacing just a couple of furniture items and making the place feel more like “ours.” In the process of searching for furniture, I discovered Serena & Lily – perhaps the home store of my DREAMS! Everything they sell is light, beachy and beautiful. I mean just look at these rooms:

Shop this room

Shop this room

Shop this room

Shop this room

Shop this room

Shop this room

So far I’ve ordered some new bedding, some pillows and this gorgeous mirror from Serena and Lily. If you guys would like for me to blog about the changes/renovations we make to the beach condo, let me know! 🙂 This winter has been really challenging in a lot of ways, so this little “project” has given me what feels like a new purpose and has renewed and refreshed my motivation.

If you guys have been loving something, whether it’s a recipe, makeup product, home item, etc. I’d love to know in the comments! Love you guys! xoxo

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  1. Amy

    Hi Caitlin!! Kind of random question, but looking for your advice. My fiance and I are in the honeymoon planning stages and trying to decide between Amalfi Coast and St. Lucia. I have been stalking your travel guides and saw they are both on your favorites list, but is there one you would choose over the other for a honeymoon? Thanks so much in advance! This.is.stressful!!

    • Lala

      Please go to Rome and Pompeii then the Amalfi coast. It’s truly amazing! If not do santorini.

  2. Jenn

    Congratulations! Such a cute condo and yes, please: More details as you all renovate the condo. So much fun creating your own place and always fun to cheer someone on as they do.

    Here’s to creating many warm and happy memories.


  3. I absolutely love this, Caitlin! Such a perfect new chapter for you and Chris. I hope you get to spend many moments loving this new beach home! I would so read any reno blog posts on this home! I’ve been doing a lot of renovating DIY items at our house lately! It’s addicting haha

  4. Faith

    I have been loving the glimpses of your home decor lately. I would love to see more!

  5. Alexandra

    Would love to see how you renovate the condo, congrats!!

  6. First of all, congratulations to you and Chris, Caitlin!!! That’s so exciting and a very smart move especially if you’ve had history there! It’ll be some nice residual income over the summer months too! And yes, I’d love to see your vision of what a beach home would look like. I love the serene and airy feel of beach homes without a ton of in-your-face-this-is-a-beach-home decor. I know some people like it, but I’d like to let the beach and its surroundings speak for itself if you get what I mean.

    I really hope you’re doing well. We saw sunshine here in Dallas this past Saturday for the first time in what feels like ages so I get what you mean! xo

  7. Ashton

    So jealous, congrats on getting a condo! My life dream is to get a beach place, it’s going to take a while but I want it to happen!

  8. Congratulations, Caitlin! How exciting for y’all! You should definitely blog about redecorating the condo… I love posts like that! I can’t wait to follow along!

  9. Ah so exciting!! My fiancé and I would love a beach condo but something about smelling fish and the water bothers me, LOL.

    @happilyeveralanis | Happily Ever Alanis

  10. Angela

    I definitely want to see before & after of the condo as you add your own touches! xo

  11. Congrats on the house! I’ve always wanted a beach house, I love the beach and being near it and waking up to the sound of the waves seems amazing. And that’s a lovely look, the shorts are so cute.

  12. Erica

    I would love renovation posts!! SO excited for you guys!

  13. Congrats on the condo!! I would love to see more about how y’all are renovating it! 🙂

    xoxo A

  14. So exciting, congratulations on your new beach condo! I’m sure you’ll create some amazing memories there.

    • Liz

      What size is the front twist shirt you’re wearing?

  15. Fabulous decor!

  16. Liz

    I love ocean isle! Love seeing your blog grow and mature as your life changes into a new phase! Best of luck with the home renovations!

  17. Mary

    Cute place. From the existing pics it looks like there is a lot of competing blue. Maybe update the rug or paint the wall color to something more neutral to let the blue sofas be the star. Add some white Serena and Lily pillows. I love Serena and Lily’s products. They are very high quality and the customer service is great. Seagrass rugs are beautiful for a beach house and don’t have to be expensive. Replace every 5-7 years to keep things fresh. Enjoy your new vacation home!

  18. Elizabeth

    Congrats on your new condo!! It is SO cute and I love that the location has so much sentimental value to you. This is going to be such a fun project for you and I can’t wait to see you guys make it your own! Would love to see the behind the scenes as you go through the process! xoxo

  19. Congrats on the condo!! It’s so cute and I can’t wait to see the renovations you guys make!

    Kendal / Life With Kendal

  20. That is so exciting! Congratulations. Sounds like such a nice property to have so you can enjoy the beach at your leisure. Yes, definitely share renovation and decor updates. You have such great taste so I’m sure it will look lovely.


  21. Such a cute outfit and congrats on the condo! It sounds so fun. ALso Ivé been loving Forever 21 right now too and bought a few things as well.


  22. Rebecca

    This post could not have come at a better time! My husband and I just bought our first home. It is about a block from the Gulf in Florida and I’m in desperate need of ideas and inspiration for decorating. I just took a peek at this store and love a lot of what they have. Please post more on decorating and renovation projects you take on! Thank you and congratulations!

  23. Oh yay! congrats guys! Investment property is such a good financial decision. And doesn’t hurt that it’s at the beach!

  24. Victoria Foster

    My parents FaceTimed me this weekend with a surprised that turned about to news that they had just bought a condo in Ocean Isle and close on it in a few weeks!!! I went to school in Wilmington and can’t wait to explore OIB a whole lot more! Very exciting for both you and Chris, congratulations!!! See ya at the beach (:

  25. Kathy

    Hi Cait! Congratulations on your new condo! So happy for you! Yes please do blog posts on your renovation for the condo. You have great taste. Love your blog!

  26. Congratulations on your condo. What a great investment!

  27. Looove the combo! Simple,but cute! 😀

    I’m thinking about updating our apartment,so got some new inspiration as well, thanks! 😉

    Xo Noor

  28. YAY! Congratulations — I would LOVE to own a beach condo to rent out sometime. Unfortunately Nashville isn’t too convenient to any particular beaches to pop down regularly. Love Serena and Lily too — please do share as you make progress (but it’s already so cute!!!)!

  29. Awesome! My husband and I are in Charleston and have considered looking for a Beach condo investment property in a nearby beach town (within 5 hrs)…yours is so cute! Congrats! http://Www.thebohobeachbabe.com

  30. Love your precious beach condo!! I would love for you to update us as you go making the space feel like yall’s! Inspiring me to consider a little waterfront property for our family!

  31. Francene M Katzen

    It is SO PRETTY! Just love it! Its great that is already furnished and looks like it is a great condition. Even if its not your taste, at least you can use it and not have to worry about buying stuff right away. That is such a beautiful beach area. One of my good friends here bought a house down there last year, they love. Enjoy! Am a beach girl. We have a place at VA Beach so can’t wait to start going.

  32. Congrats!!! That is so exciting! The condo is just adorable and I can’t wait to see all the changes you make! Love all your healthy recipes too!

  33. Ashley

    Oh my goodness Cailtin!! Your condo is absolutely adorable! The colors are so me and I’m in love! You guys are going to have such an awesome time there once it finally warms up. I can’t wait to see what cute pieces you’ll get to decorate!


  34. Congratulations and that’s so exciting! We’re headed to NC next week. Too bad we’re not staying closer. I’d totally rent that for the week! Speaking of which – any recs for must see and dos in Raleigh triangle and Wilmington?

  35. So exciting!!

    Blondie in the City

  36. Can you share the decor you do as you update it please? I love your style and I’m about to be buying my first house so would love some inspiration!

    Felicity | http://oliverandmoose.blogspot.com

  37. Kate

    Beach condo… how exciting?! Question… what are your rental rates?

  38. Shirley Wicks

    Very exciting Caitlin! I know how wonderful it is to have beach memories growing up! My brother and I spent every summer with my grandparents on the Oregon coast in and near a small town Waldport where many of my extended family lived. I would be excited to see what you do with your condo. My friend Anneke on IG with @coastalinteriors has some great ideas if you want to check it out.

  39. This is so cool! Congrats Cait!
    I’ve been following you for years and I remember you used to have photos from that place!
    xo, Kari


  40. I’d love to see renovation pictures, updates, and ideas posted! I’m very into house plans and house renovations (as I just helped my parents renovate essentially their entire house). Would love to see the beachy theme come into play of a renovation.



  41. Amanda L Gibson

    What a great idea!!!! My husband and I unfortunately got wrapped up with a timeshare we are currently moving toward getting out of and I wish Scott and I had purchased a condo instead. You and your family and friends will SO enjoy fixing it up and using it often. I’m truly happy for you Caitlin!!! Amanda G.

  42. Linda Collins

    Are you renting out your condo yet? Where on the island is it located?