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Happy almost WEEKEND, everyone!! I’m so excited to share some behind-the-scenes photos of my wedding hair in today’s blog post. I wrote an entire blog post on beauty treatments I had done before the wedding, but I left out something major: my hair! The wedding hairstyle that I wanted called for thick, voluminous and HEALTHY hair, so I wanted to do everything in my power to make my hair as healthy as possible on the big day. The three products that I’ve been using faithfully are from Schwarzkopf Gliss™- their line of hair products has patented technology to repair your hair up to 10 layers deep. For several months leading up to the wedding, I did several things to try to reverse the damage my hair has accumulated over the years:
1. I used Schwarzkopf Gliss™ Fiber Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner FAITHFULLY!!! You can literally feel your hair getting stronger every time you wash it!
2. I applied Gliss Fiber Therapy Repair-In-Oil Spray to my hair after getting out of the shower a few times per month. If I knew I was going to wash my hair in the morning, sometimes I would spray my hair and put it in a bun right before getting into bed.
3. I tried to go as long as I could in-between washes. If I could get away with only washing my hair once per week, then yep, you bet that’s what I did! (Don’t worry, I took baths to wash my body hahaha)
4. During workouts, I braided my hair so that it didn’t get damaged from a tight ponytail. 
5. When I could, I let my hair dry naturally, and used my curling wand as little as possible.
Now for my wedding hairstyle!
I knew I wanted a different wedding hairstyle… something romantic and a little boho. I envisioned lots of curls and loose tendrils, I didn’t want a hairstyle that was “perfect” with every hair in place. I also knew that I wanted a partial updo – the Charleston heat and humidity can be pretty fierce, so I wanted a hairstyle that kept me cool, but also still looked like “me” (and I normally wear my hair down!). I gathered a ton of inspiration from Ulyana Aster’s Instagram page, and asked my stylist (Charlotte Belk) to create something similar. 
She started by curling my entire head with a curling wand, seen below (Lindsey was doing my makeup at the same time! 🙂

She then ran her fingers through the curls to create loose waves. P.S. I love this picture because of all my pretty bridesmaids in the back!! 

Using tons and tons of bobby pins, Charlotte pinned small sections of hair to create this beautiful boho-style look. Before we started, I had given her a few instructions: I wanted lots of volume on top, and I wanted my hair to still look thick at the bottom, rather than looking like a braid where it thins out at the bottom. I think she did an amazing job capturing my vision! 

Next, she secured the headpiece (I had bought this one from Ulyana’s site six months in advance). She wrapped it around my temple and wove it through the hairstyle, securing it with bobby pins along the way.

And THIS was the final product! I actually had more videos than pictures on my phone, if you guys want me to share them on Instastories or compile them into a YouTube video, let me know in the comments. The videos help to show the process of how Charlotte achieved this hairstyle. 
One piece of advice I have for future brides is to DEFINITELY have a hair trial a few months before your wedding day! I actually had a different hairstyle picked out at first, and that’s the one I had done at my trial. My mom and I took a BUNCH of photos of the hairstyle so that I could see how it looked from all angles. During the moment, I thought I really liked it, but once I looked back at pictures I realized that I actually didn’t like it and wanted to change a lot about it! So please, please have a hair trial beforehand because you might end up changing your mind 🙂 
Overall, I am so so so happy with how my hair turned out! It was everything I had ever dreamed of, and on top of that, it stayed put the ENTIRE night! Even after a solid two hours of dancing, haha! If you’re getting married in the Charleston area, I highly recommend Charlotte Belk. AND if you’re looking to whip your hair into shape, I highly recommend Gliss products! I truly credit them for transforming my hair and making it healthier and shinier than it ever has been for my wedding day.
I think that’s about it, let me know if you have any questions in the comments! I’ll leave you with these two sneak peek wedding photos 😉



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  1. I would love to see the videos! Please put them in a video! Also- could you link your beautiful robe that you wore while getting ready?! It is GORGEOUS!

    Thank you! 🙂
    Rebecca 🙂

  2. Your wedding hair was STUNNING!! Definitely saving this post for future hair updo inspiration! 🙂

    xoxo A

  3. Your hair looked PERFECT!!!!

  4. Your wedding hair was beautiful! I absolutely love the style. I am similar to you in that I want my hair somewhat down for my future wedding because that is how I wear it on a day-to-day basis! I absolutely love it and would love to see the video(s)! 🙂

  5. Did you use any extensions for this beautiful style?


    • Hey Kelsey, Yes she actually did put a few wafts (if that is the right word?!) of clip-in extensions in for this look, mainly to create more fullness at the bottom! I had never worn any extensions before so I'm not even sure what the brand is! But they were great!

  6. Your hair looks absolutely incredible Cait, wow!!

    Happy Friday!

  7. What curling wand did she use on your wedding day?

  8. Do you know where that adorable ring box is from?

  9. Your hair looked beautiful!! I actually did my own hair at my wedding, so I didn't have a trial – but your tips are great. I also think it's a great idea to braid hair during a workout!

    Kim .. How to deal with gaining weight!

  10. Would you be able to share where you found your robe and your bridesmaid's robes?

  11. Your hair looked lovely and I love these wedding pictures! Can't wait to seee/read more about the big day!!

  12. I love everything about this post!! I am 53 weeks away (whose counting…) from my big day!! I will absolutely be following all of your suggestions. You looked beautiful and I loved your hair!! I will be looking into your headpiece too 🙂

  13. Your wedding hair was seriously amazing!!

  14. where's your top/dress/robe from in the first picture? It looks beautiful.

  15. This is exactly what I have been envisioning for my wedding hair!! This whole time I've been waiting for you to post your hair deets!lol This makes me so excited! You looked sooo gorgeous on your wedding day too! Thank you for sharing your beauty tips and wedding day advice!

  16. So pretty! I love the look, such beautiful wedding pictures!


  17. Beyond lovely! Can't wait for more pics!

  18. So beautiful!! Please post the videos!!! 🙏🏻

  19. Hey!

    Were you satisfied with the quality of your Ulyana Aster headpiece? I have been eyeing the "Maria" one but the no return policy makes me nervous! It is actually cheaper than a similar one i've tried at a Charlotte bridal boutique but I don't want to be out $130 if I don't like the look in person


  20. Were you satisfied with the quality of your Ulyana Aster headpiece? How did it compare to other brands you tried? I have been eyeing the "Maria" but the no return policy makes me nervous. It is actually cheaper than a similar one I've tried at a Charlotte bridal boutique but I don't want to be out $130 if I don't like it in person.


  21. I would definitely love to see the videos and these photos are gorgeous!! The same thing happened to me at my trial. I had a vision in my head and when we did it, it looked okay but good thing I had pics taken because I did not like the way it looked in photos so I’m changing it around. Few more weeks left for me!

  22. So beautiful! Please make it into a video! Would love to show my stylist for my wedding this fall!

  23. Could you please share where you got your robe? I’m getting married in 2 months and have been struggling to find a beautiful robe to get ready in. Thanks!!

  24. I have search all over your blog for where it says what robe you wore getting ready for your wedding?! Can you send me a link with the blog post??? Thank you!!

  25. Sandra Perez

    Where is that robe from??? I love all the flowers on it. I need it for my wedding.

  26. Randa M. McCroan

    I absolutely love your robe from the first picture! Is there a link for that one too?

  27. Randa McCroan

    Absolutely love the sheer robe you have on in the first picture! Do you have a link for that one?!

  28. Emily

    Will you please post videos on how she did your wedding hair ?

  29. Cassie

    Where are your robes from?

  30. Andrea

    Hello! Where is your robe from (the robe in the cover picture for this post)?

  31. Kati

    Where did you get the robe with florals on it?!

  32. Jord

    Late to the blog! But I have a similar hair style for my wedding Sat. Did putting the veil in Mesa any hair up? Did you take it in and out for pictures ?

  33. Kim Kaiser

    Hi Caitlin,

    I am getting married at the end of September and have been searching high and low for a wedding hairstyle and saw yours and absolutely loved it!

    Are you able to share the videos from how your stylist created your hairstyle? It looks somewhat complicated and I am a bit nervous that my stylist can replicate it.

    Also, I love your blog.

    Kind regards,


  34. Lauren

    Where did you get your beautiful robes?! I love them both, esp the long sleeve!

  35. Emily La sage

    Please upload those videos!!

  36. Megan

    Hi! I would love so much if you could share a video on how you achieved this hairstyle. I am getting married this June and I want my hair to look like this. SO beautiful. Thank you for sharing all of your information, it’s so helpful!

  37. Morgan

    Hey Caitlin!

    I am getting my trail hair done next month and using your hair as the inspiration!
    I wanted to get a similar headpiece and see the link for the one you posted no longer works. Do you know of any similar head pieces?
    Thank you!