Trina Turk Swimsuit + How To Spray Tan

Trina Turk one piece swimsuit, also love this one (order up – I’m wearing a 4)
Tory Burch jelly sandals // Celine sunglasses, similar here

I love love love bright pops of color on vacation, so I can’t get enough of this Trina Turk one piece swimsuit. I know one pieces may seem a little “old school” but I think they are so classy and beautiful. This particular one is a favorite because of the bright pattern… Trina Turk can seriously do no wrong! (Sizing tip – order up! I’m wearing a size 4, which is the equivalent of an XS.) The romper is one of my favorites as well – it is incredibly comfortable, it almost feels like pajamas. And the back is really cute too!
Okay – I get a lot of questions about my tan (which is definitely a spray tan!) so today I wanted to explain my fake tan process and how to get the most natural looking tan as possible. (I’m not a fan of baking in the sun… especially because I’ve had skin cancer scares in the past.) 
1. Exfoliate
First, before I get a spray tan I shave my legs and exfoliate my entire body… this will make the spray tan go on as easily and smoothly as possible. Don’t forget your face! Use a gentle scrub on your face as well. When you head to the spray tan booth, make sure you’re not wearing any lotion or makeup.
2. Spray Tan
I go to the Mystic Tan Booth – most tanning bed salons have a few of these spray tan booths. There are a couple different kinds – the Versa Spray Tan and the Mystic Spray Tan – I prefer the Mystic, but they both do the same job. When I come in the salon, I ask for the “dark” spray tan, then I add in a few boosters: two scents (I like the scent “summer dream”) and the “accelerator” which balances your skin’s pH level. First-time users may want to try the “light” or “medium” color first to see how they like it.
3. Wash Your Hands
Immediately after the spray tan, I use the restroom at the salon to wash my hands. Yes, this sounds weird, but it washes off the very top layer of spray tan from your hands so that they don’t end up orange and streaky (this always happens to my hands if I don’t do this!).
4. Sleep on It
I always get my spray tans at night so that I can immediately go to sleep and wake up with a tan. The important thing is to not shower or sweat for eight hours after your tan because it will wash off! 
5. Extend the Spray Tan
To extend the life of your spray tan, there’s a couple things you can do. Make sure to keep moisturized – apply lotion every time you get out of the shower or if your skin feels dry. The second thing is to apply a gradual self-tanner to keep your tan looking fresh – I’ve been using Jergen’s Natural Glow in the “medium to tan”color every time I get out of the shower and it has really made a difference – my tan hasn’t faded at all! This is especially helpful if you are going on a long vacation where your spray tan may fade over time. 
Anyways, I really love getting spray tans because they look natural but they aren’t damaging to your skin! I get them anytime before a big trip or vacation and seriously love them. If you have any more questions leave them in the comments below! xoxo

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  1. Thanks for all of the spray tanning tips! I've never had one, but I think I'm going to try it out!

  2. I have also been using the Jergen's Natural Glow and been loving it

  3. Great tip about the Jergens Natural Glow…I'll have to try that next time! I always exfoliate before shaving so I get a closer shave! Have a wonderful weekend!

    xo, Nina

  4. I love the print of that swimsuit!! So cute! πŸ™‚

    xo, Katy

  5. Never thought to use Jergen's after tanning .. what a great idea! Also, I view your posts daily through Bloglovin' and yesterday's and today's did not show up on my feed. Just wanted to make you aware of the issue in case it's something between your blog and bloglovin' messing up. It could just be my feed though? Hope you're enjoying Cabo!

    How 2 Wear It …

  6. This swimsuit and beach cover up is to die for! Obsessed!
    ❀ Ivette,
    Glamour State Of Mind

  7. I love your suit and your cute sandals!!!

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  8. I am heading to Vero Beach FL for a long weekend and will definitely be using a spray tan! Thank you for the tips! Love that Trina Turk suit too πŸ™‚


  9. Gorgeous beach outfits and I am loving those swimsuits!
    Thanks for the tips. I have been thinking about getting a spray tan
    Dresses & Denim

  10. I didn't even know it was a spray tan! I thought it was your natural skin… it looks great!

    XO, Amanda |

  11. Cute looks! And great tips πŸ™‚

    Her Heartland Soul

  12. Looking beautiful in this colourful, beach time outfit! Love your swimsuit!

  13. Jergen's (or just about any other gradual tanning lotion) is amazing for keeping your color! Does your salon offer lotion (a.k.a. 'barrier cream') for your hands before you get in the booth? That seems to really help when I get a spray tan!

  14. How long does your spray tan last if you don't use the Jergens? And how much did it cost? Those are the 2 downfalls for me- if they are expensive and if they dont last long.

  15. I love the swimsuit!
    I used to do the Mystic/Jergens routine.The Mystic tan worked great if I would do a couple of spray tans in a row. I didn't really like the smell of the Jergens but that worked pretty nice. Since I'm so pale the color sometimes would appear streaky or orange-y and it was a lot of upkeep to add even just a hint of color… Now I embrace my freckles and call that color enough πŸ™‚


  16. Love the mint on tan!

  17. Lovely one-piece swimsuit; the print and colours are very eye-catching πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing tips on spray tanning! xx Maja

  18. You look beautifull <3

  19. Great tips! And I LOVE that swimsuit and romper! You look gorgeous


  20. Anonymous

    I'm obsessed with this coverup!


  21. Love this swimsuit, and the cover up is amazing! That color looks so good on you. Great spray tanning tips too!

    Caiti // shutterblush

  22. Love the swimsuit and thanks for the tanning tips!

    Gal and the City

  23. Gorgeous photos. You look great.

    Blonde in Cashmere

  24. This is such a gorgeous romper and I love your bathing suit! I have never tried fake tan, literally terrified I will make a giant mess and end up looking blotchy, but maybe I should try it since I don't get as much sun living in Central Europe as I did when I lived in Spain πŸ™‚

  25. Love your bathing suit! And I agree, spray tanning is the way to go! No more skin cancer scares for us!


  26. I'm a self spray tanner- Neutrogena's Micro Mist is my favorite store brand! Love this one piece!!

    C's Collection

  27. You looks so gorgeous in your one piece swimsuits.
    Love it's design and color of your romper cover-up.
    Looking for swimsuits cover up?check out Swimsuits Direct page and appreciate our wide selection of swimwear.


  28. That's a good idea to shave and exfoliate everything before you go in for a spray tan. I wouldn't want to have "tan lines" from unshaved hair. While I've never had a spray tan before, I'm excited to be tan again. This summer I was stuck inside a lot more than usual, so I feel very pale. I'll have to remember to do it at night so I don't sweat it off.