Manchester, VT

One of my favorite places to visit during the fall, Manchester, Vermont, is a quaint little town that truly comes to life in the fall: every doorstep is dotted with pumpkins and mums, and the trees turn vibrant colors of orange, red and yellow. The Equinox Resort is one of my favorite hotels in the entire world! It’s located at the bottom of Mount Equinox in Manchester. It’s become a tradition to visit Manchester every fall and stay at the Equinox! The hotel is so dreamy and picturesque – picture a large white house with green shutters, lots of flowers and rocking chairs on the porch. The inn itself is historic (several Presidents have stayed there!) and so charming – although it is old, all of the rooms have been updated and are incredibly spacious and well-appointed. Our room had tons of windows (with a great view of the mountains) and super comfy beds. Plus, it’s DOG FRIENDLY! I bring Winnie with me every year, and it’s such a treat to have her with me. Some other notable features of the inn include a golf course, award-winning spa and a fire pit out back (where we enjoyed dessert and a glass of wine). Plus, it’s just insanely beautiful. You’ll want to bring your camera!

What to wear in Manchester, VT