My mom and I visited Aruba in the spring because we wanted to visit Flamingo Island. We simply fell in love with Aruba upon arrival! When we arrived at the airport, our hotel was only a 10-minute drive away, and it was easy to get around the island by taxi. One thing that is definitely worth mentioning is how safe we felt there. I have visited a lot of tropical places and you are often warned not to leave the resort because it “isn’t safe.” Well that is truly not the case in Aruba! We felt comfortable exploring and walking around the entire island, even at night, by ourselves. Side note: The main reason we chose to stay at the Renaissance Hotel is becuse they own a private island where the flamingos are – and staying at the hotel gives you access to the island any time you want! Access to Flamingo Beach is free for guests staying at the Renaissance Resort and Casino; however, you can purchase a day-pass to visit Flamingo Beach if you aren’t staying there (I think it’s around $100). The only downside is that if the hotel is full, they don’t let anyone purchase passes.

What to wear in Aruba