Three Target Activewear Outfits

Here are three of my favorite recent looks from Target! These are great for anyone, from the college gal to the mom chasing after her two-year-old (aka ME lol). And they’re affordable, too!!!

black strappy exercise dress // light brown belt bag // Amazon sneakers // black alo cap

white ribbed tank // white double layer shorts // Malibu tennis hat // Amazon sneakers

blue tennis dress // Lululemon belt bag // Golden Goose sneakers // white alo cap

Which one is your favorite?!


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  1. The blue tennis dress and the Malibu tennis hat are my faves! You look great!


  2. Brenda

    Happy to get a blog post. You’re quite a busy woman these days. Both the black and blue dresses are appealing, but I’d want to know whether they had shorts. Target doesn’t mention that in the description, but the Q&A for customers indicates that the blue one does but the black one doesn’t. Other shoppers asked about a bra/shelf bra & again, no answer. Please let us know details that can’t be found on the site in your posts. Those of us not near a Target would find it helpful.

    You look happy!

    • The blue dress does not have shorts OR a shelf bra! However the black one does have both! And the shorts underneath the black one also have a pocket!

      • Brenda

        Thanks. Great for responding so quickly.