The Cutest Amazon Sweater Dress

Good morning and happy Monday, you guys! I shared this outfit last week on Instagram, and it was such a hit that I wanted to share it here too. I honestly can’t believe that I found this dress on AMAZON! And for less than $35!! It’s a pretty thick sweater material, and fees nice and silky soft – like a designer dress, not an Amazon find. It might be the best purchase I’ve ever made from Amazon! And if you don’t own white booties, no worries! You could also wear the dress with heels or black or brown booties. I thought the white booties looked more like a transitional look from summer to fall 🙂

Can you guys believe today is the last day of August? Where is the time going? I am *very* excited for it to be September, though… I am going to drink pumpkin spice lattes and light fall candles with no shame. I feel like all of 2020 has been a bust…. but they can’t take autumn away from us, right?


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  1. Beautiful! That dress looks amazing on you! You are like me…I love fall!!! Fall food, fall candles, fall flowers, fall everything :-).

  2. Flora Jewell

    Haha I love your passion for fall! I feel the same way! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Laura Leigh

    It looks amazing on your Caitlin! Love the color and whole look of it!

    xo Laura Leigh

  4. Haha, I feel you on 2020! This outfit is SO cute, and your pictures are stunning as always!!

  5. Mary D

    Yes 180,000+ deaths are a bust
    We are all so over this year
    And fatigued by it, and many currently anxiety ridden
    As this still continues on…but please watch how you refer to it
    be conscious many are not as fortunate as you, and some have suffered through it.

    Haven’t seen yr posts in a while, and was looking to welcome a bit of light reading frivolity,
    Congrats on yr expectant state!

  6. Time is seriously flyingggg. But I don’t mind because 2020 has been the worst and I’m ready for it to go! However, I am excited that fall is on the horizon- best season ever. I will be enjoying candles and fall drinks with no shame, too!

    Looove your dress! I have this same one, but in a pretty dusty blue. It’s so comfy and such a great Amazon find!


  7. Molly

    What a great dress! You are the cutest.

  8. This is literally exactly what I’ve been looking for! It’s the perfect shade of camel and perfect for my long work days where all I want is just to be comfortable. Thank you so much!! xx

  9. Sami D’Amelio

    I just got this in light gray and I love it!!!