The Best Denim Shorts

Happy Thursday, you guys! Had to share another look from Aruba – these are my all time favorite jean shorts, and this lace top is giving me total Valentine’s Day vibes – except I’d have to wear it with pants and a coat in NC! (P.S. I did find this top on Amazon that I think is pretty similar.) Speaking of Valentine’s Day, Chris and I are celebrating tonight because we’ll be away this weekend. I have no idea what he has planned, but if I had to guess I would say some Olive Garden breadsticks might be in my future 😉 I guess we’ll see!! Since he doesn’t read my blog, I feel confident in telling you guys his present – I got him a pair of nice work shoes, a bunch of chocolate and a six pack of his favorite beer LOL. I will keep y’all updated on the Olive Garden situation – our friend Seth always makes soo much fun of us for loving Olive Garden but oh well 🙂

Okay ANYWAYS! Thank you guys for checking in on Winnie after her teeth cleaning! She did great – she didn’t have to have any extractions, her teeth are shiny white and her breath smells SO much better! The doctor gave me some chicken-flavored toothpaste so I’m going to continue to brush her teeth every week. Just imagine – chicken-flavored toothpaste – yucky!

Sorry that was a bunch of random stuff, haha! Be back tomorrow with another outfit, or let me know if you have any special requests for tomorrow’s post!

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  1. I really enjoy these more “random” posts, it is a true throwback I what blogging used to be like – just people sharing their day to day life! 🙂 that is a really cute outfit and I hope you have the best valentines day!
    Xx Janine

    • I totally agree with you! I’m really enjoying all of these posts! 🙂


      • I agree too! I actually do try to keep my blog sharing day to day stuff even though i do a lot of fashion I try to fit it in to actually stories about stuff i’m doing. Usually those are the types of blogs I still read because I love a good story and just seeing others day to day routines

  2. Anne Arnold

    Such a cute holiday and summer outfit. Can’t wait for it to get warmer, we have storms and rain pretty much since last weekend 🙁 Ah, hope you’ll have a lovely Valentines Day celebration tonight. I got Russ some Shiseido moisturiser and a bottle of Moet. And he always gets one red rose delivered from me 🙂 We are off to an Italian restaurant, so hopefully that will be good. Glad that Winnie was ok after the teeth cleaning. Have a great time tonight! 🙂 Love from Germany, Anne

  3. Looks extremely cute with the denim shorts and the wonderful blouse!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  4. A lot of people have been raving about those AGOLDE shorts. Definitely want to try them out! Glad to hear Winnie is doing well!

  5. Laura Leigh

    Super cute! Definitely need to scoop up these shorts for the spring and summer seasons. Oh I cannot wait for warm weather and sunshine!

    xo Laura Leigh

  6. I WISH I could wear slides but they all end up giving me blisters ): From Forever 21 brand to Tory Burch. I love the neutral Chancel, it isn’t so much of a POP in your face.

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  7. Hi Caitlin!
    Love your blog and your book club SO much!
    Would you consider a post on the following:

    1) How do you keep your designer stuff (shoes and bags) clean and/or keeping their shape?
    2) What’s in your bag for every day?
    3) ANYTHING behind the scenes – your outtakes always make me smile!

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  8. Chicken-flavored toothpaste sounds so interesting! Thankfully, that’s only a dog thing and not for humans! haha

    Also, these Aruba photos are giving me all the beach vibes and making me wish it was summertime! I cannot wait! Ah!


  9. Janie

    Can you compare these shorts to the Levi’s you’ve also been linking on LTK? I’m buying the Agolde, but maybe I need the Levi’s as well. Just had my second kid in three years, so it’s time to update my wardrobe from cute dresses to more playground-friendly outfits, lol. This whole outfit is so cute, thanks for featuring the shorts! 🙂

  10. Such a cute top! Love those shorts too! I have a similar pair from Levis and they are my absolute favorite!

  11. Julia

    Hi, could u please tell me which size do u wear in this top?