Ten Unexpected Items You NEED from the Nordstrom Sale

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has become known for it’s vast selection of cute, trendy fall clothes like booties, sweaters and cardigans, but that’s not all they have. I was DEEP into the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale website while browsing the other day, when I had an epiphany – there are some REALLY good staple items included in the sale… staple items that you can stock up on now (while they’re on sale) and they’ll improve your life and home in the future. A lot of these may seem boring (I talk about towels and underwear a lot hahah) but as a woman, I love chatting about these things! And I’d love to hear your opinion, too. Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried any of these! 
ONE // Nordstrom At Home Hydrocotton Bath Towel // Originally $29, marked down to $20.90
I love having all matching towels in my home, especially for guests to use! These hydrocotton bath towels come in 18 (yes, 18!!) different colors and have amazing reviews. I’m serious – read the review section on Nordstrom’s site – there are 90 PAGES of reviews raving about these towels, with commenters calling them “plush” and “luxurious,” adding that they hold up well in the wash and are still as soft as ever. 
TWO // Set of Two Burgundy Wine Glasses // Originally $25, marked down to $15.90
Do you have a set of matching wine glasses in your home? If not, now is your chance to snag them on sale. The Nordstrom Sale includes these red wine glasses, as well as these white wine glasses and these champagne glasses. I love serving guests a glass of wine in a nice, “grown up” wine glass as I call it, haha.
THREE // Natori Rose Dream Underwire Bra // Originally $72, marked down to $47.90
I ordered one of these bras after hearing my friends rave about how soft and comfortable these are! One of my friends had just bought bras at Victoria’s Secret and went and returned them all after she tried this brand. A high-quality and well-filling bra is hard to find for less than $50, so I was shocked to see the sale price. I currently have two of them in my shopping cart!
FOUR // Nordstrom At Home Sateen Sheets // Originally $119, marked down to $73.90
If you haven’t tried 400-thread count sheets before, you’re missing out – they’re like heaven to sleep on! These sheets are thick and soft and made with organic cotton. I personally like all-white sheets, but these come in three other colors, too. I’m stocking up on a few sets for our guest bedrooms.
FIVE // Donna Karan Cashmere Mist Deodorant Trio // Originally $81, marked down to $65
Alright, I know what you’re probably thinking… $65 for deodorant?!? TRUST ME when I say that this deodorant is life-changing! Plus the $65 includes three tubes of it. I bought my first one a few years ago and now I will never use a different brand. It smells so good that I could probably spend 10 minutes talking about it – and it also works really well to prevent sweating. This trio will probably last you a couple of years! 
SIX // Antica Farmacista Prosescco Hand Wash Duo // Originally $52, marked down to $39
I’m always running out of hand wash in my house! I ordered three of these sets during the first day of the sale and I’m happy to report that the formula smells amazzzzzing! I’m also obsessed with the packaging – it looks very elegant in my master bathroom.
SEVEN // Zella 3-Pack Tab Back Socks // Originally $25, marked down to $15.90
Another thing I’m always running out of: socks! I can never seem to find a pair that matches. I ordered several of these Zella 3-packs from the Nordstrom Sale to replenish my sock drawer. The great thing about these is that they have extra fabric on the back to prevent blisters – they really protect your heels in tennis shoes! I 100% recommend them.
EIGHT // Zella Live-In High Waist Leggings // Originally $54, marked down to $35.90
If you buy ONE thing from the Nordstrom Sale, please let it be these high-waisted leggings. I have sworn by Zella leggings for several years now. The plain black color is such a wardrobe staple – I wear them both to work out in and with regular outfits, too. They look really cute with boots and an oversized sweater, and they last a really long time!
NINE // Voluspa Maison Blanc Two-Wick Tin Candle Set // Originally $48, marked down to $29.50
You are probably sick of hearing me talk about these candles, but they are just too good. I love these because you can light one and within a matter of five minutes, that room in your house will smell good. The scent really travels, which I love! (I hate when you light a candle and then can’t even smell the scent.) Plus this trio is a really good deal! 
TEN // Hanky Panky Low Rise Thong // Originally $22, marked down to $16.90
I have been wearing Hanky Panky underwear since I first discovered them in college, and I’ll never switch to anything else! They’re one-size-fits-all, which sounds weird but it somehow works, it truly does fit everyone. These are so comfortable and also pretty at the same time! I have accumulated so many pairs that my underwear drawer looks like a rainbow of Hanky Panky, haha! But really, they’re the BEST!
Don’t forget to check back tonight at 3 A.M. when the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale goes live to the public – I’ll be revealing the $1,500 Gift Gard winners and the T3 curling iron winner!

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  1. I love all these suggestions! I really enjoy when you post about things other than clothes! Don’t get me wrong, I adore your wardrobe and outfits, but I also like the Home suggestions and other things like food, ways to store things, and exercise!!

  2. That bra is my very favorite — I'm definitely going to be grabbing a couple more when they're on sale! And the towels and sheets are tempting. Eight years after we got all of those types of things for our wedding shower, we're in desperate need of a refresher!

  3. I see what I need: new underwear πŸ™‚
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  4. Love!!! Thanks for the tips!!

  5. I’ve gone through and looked so many times at all the sale items! All your outfits are gorgeous! Thank you for the suggestions!!

  6. The Zella socks are a MUST!! I just went through and got rid of a bunch the other day. Need to add these to my list!!

  7. Voluspa does smell amazing!! I'll have to get those wine glasses!

  8. I bought a different Natori bra in the sale but I really like it so far!! The candles are on my wishlist for sure. πŸ™‚

    xoxo A

  9. I know so many people who love those legging.


  10. I love those candles!


  11. I love finding items like this that are hardly featured! Definitely need a few of these!


  12. Question: have you ever tried lululemon leggings, and if yes, how do the Zella ones compare? οΏ½οΏ½

  13. You know, I had never thought about the home section as much for the anniversary sale, Caitlin! It may seem simple, but I've been looking for the best towels for a LONG time, haha! And considering I'm working out more and more, I may need to nab those socks too! Thanks for this post!

    She Sweats DiamondsΒ 

  14. Zella leggings are the best! I wore them everyday this past winter lol!


  15. OK I am finally going to get a pair of zellas!!!! Woooo!!

  16. I seriously cannot wait for the Nordstrom sale! I have to get these!

  17. Love everything!

  18. I love everything you’ve posted I can’t wait for the sale!!! Really love how you mix all the pieces together! Makes me want to be more open with my wardrobe choices! ❀️

  19. Hahaha yes! I always stock up on underwear and socks during sale time!
    Great post, love all your recommendations.
    Xx, Janine


  20. Such a beautiful outfits! And you are so beautiful!