Target Holiday Decor

lumbar pillow // “MERRY” pillow // striped pillow // garland // plaid runner // “Merry and Bright” sign // “I Believe” mug // fair isle knit stocking // 4 pack mini trees // mini wooden houses // advent calendar // gold tinsel trees // 3 foot artificial tree

I think we can all agree that Target is amazing all year long… but ESPECIALLY during Christmas! This year I decided to do all of my decor shopping online (while laying in bed wearing my maternity pajamas hahah), which I think is pretty smart considering my local Target is usually sold out of all the good stuff, anyways. I wanted to round up all the best things I could find on Target’s website… I already ordered quite a few of these, including the “I Believe” mug and three fair isle knit stockings (one for me, Chris and baby). I also can’t wait to receive these mini wooden houses and gold tinsel trees – they are super affordable and I’ll definitely share the quality with you guys once they come in the mail!

Have you been to Target lately?


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  1. Maureen

    I move on Sunday so I’ve been at Target twice in the past 24 hours lol. Sadly it was for moving stuff and I just did a quick look at Christmas decor. With buying a house, I figured bed pillows would be better to spend money on then Christmas decor since I have some already

  2. Cute stuff! Love those gold tinsel trees! 🙂
    xx Janine

  3. Lena

    My boyfriend and I went to Target and I was going crazy! I didn’t buy any throw pillow though I was very proud of myself haha! They have such great stuff… I might have to go back after seeing your post!

  4. I haven’t been into a Target recently because…I’m lazy. lol I prefer browsing their website and ordering online from the comfort of my home! 🙂

    They always have amazing Christmas home decor items! I love your roundup!


  5. Heather

    Oh this is perfect. Thanks so much for featuring these. Target always has the best holiday decor.

    I don’t decorate until the beginning of December, but for the past few years I’ve bought my Christmas decor early. Waiting until the season starts means all the good things are sold out. Doing online shopping early means I can get all the new decor and never have to deal with the madhouse rush at my local Target.

  6. Omg OBSESSED with all these holiday decor!

  7. I bought that advent calendar in October and realized once I got it home that it didn’t have day 22, thankfully my store had 2 left with day 22 and I was able to swap it out and it is my favorite thing I have right now! It’s soooo cute and very well made for that price tag! We’re building a house and moving in on 12/20 but I already can’t wait for next year’s decorations and going allll out!

  8. Molly

    Cute stuff! I love that you said you’re ordering while in your pajamas. Haha!