Summer Blues

Hiii, friends! This has got to be one of my favorite looks I’ve worn in a while! And the best part is that it’s all on sale. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale opens to the public tomorrow and this look is included. Yes, this Frame Julianne Puff Sleeve Top is an investment but, gosh, isn’t it so cute? I wore it with denim shorts and it was very cute and summery…. it would also look great with white pants! These jeans are another #nsale find and probably my favorite pair that I purchased from the sale. I love that they’re a “flattering” mom jean. Not to mention, they’re SUPER comfortable. I was always a firm believer in skinny jeans… that is, until you wear a pair of mom jeans and realize how uncomfortable skinny jeans are!!! Lol.

In other news, I am packing up today and heading to my parents’ house in Charlotte this afternoon. I’m going to a bachelorette party this week, and my parents are keeping Kennedy for a few days! I am probably going to be worried sick about her the entire time!! I don’t know if any of you mamas will relate to this, but I swear that it gets harder and harder to leave her the older she gets. I think the newborn stage was SO hard and I desperately needed a break to gain some perspective, but now that she is a bit older, it feels like a part of me is missing whenever I’m away from her.

Help, please!


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  1. Jeanne Mcallister

    Hey Caitlin ! YOU GOT THIS GIRL ! You are a FANTASTIC MOM ! I had my daughter so young and I was not the greatest mom but I did my best . I was single and still went out with my friends and worked 40 hours a week and she had a babysitter . My anxiety was always thru the roof about money and worrying about her , my grandparents didn’t help with their constant reminders of how cute she was and that someone was probably going to kidnap her 😳 ! But you know what we made it ! She is all grown up and I couldn’t have wished for a better daughter, we never had fights , we never had bad teenage problems . She just entered the police academy and I am so proud of her ! Don’t stress ☺️ Your doing great ! Enjoy your beautiful daughter 🥰

  2. I love that top! Those sleeves are great. Can’t ever have too many puff sleeve tops. 🙂


  3. I think that it is important for moms to have time for themselves, though I hear what you’re saying about having anxiety related to her wellbeing while you’re not there. It might be helpful to have a routine or process that you can stick to in order to help yourself feel less anxious while you’re away from her. For example, when you’re away from Kennedy, maybe you can designate a certain amount of times throughout the day where you can call to check in on her and allow yourself the remaining time to focus on other things. It may be anxiety provoking at first, but if you are able to remind yourself either verbally or in your head that she is well taken care of and with people who love her, it might help. Be gentle with yourself and don’t push yourself too hard. Allow yourself grace and be patient with yourself. You’ve got this. <3


    • This is great advice! Thank you so so much!

      • You are so welcome!! I hope it helps – feel free to reach out if needed. <3

  4. Serena

    Your look is really stylish, casual but chic at the same time.


  5. Your outfit is very stylish, casual but chic at the same time


  6. such a cute top! And you’re totally right, it would look so summery with some white pants or shorts. <3