Spring Break Packing Guide

one // Blue and White Top, $24
Blue and white stripes are still all the rage for this spring and summer, and this one is on SALE! Snag it while it’s still available. 
two // Straw Hat, $44 
I have owned this straw hat for several years now, and can attest to how high quality it is! It still looks brand new despite the multiple airports, wind and sunshine that it has seen. 
three // Flyaway Pants, $52
These pants are easy to throw on over a swimsuit to head to breakfast or lunch! Plus how comfortable do they look?!
four // Blush Pink Suitcase, $139 
The happy pink color of this suitcase is just begging you to take it on a trip. Plus it’s incredibly durable and long-lasting!
five // Pink Ruffle Bikini, $12
Pink and ruffles? Sign me up! For $12, this little number is a steal.
six // Circle Straw Tote, $49
Circle totes are more popular than ever, but so many of them are really overpriced. This one is less than $50 and will take you from the airport to the beach to out to dinner at night. 
seven // Espadrille Wedges, $150
These wedges are a dupe for a designer pair, but with a much better price tag. Since they’re wedges, they also way more comfortable to wear than stilettos! 
eight // Pineapple coin case, $118
How cute is this little coin case? Stow it in your handbag when you’re in need of some change, or use it as an airplane ticket holder!
I’m in love with how chic these earrings are. The best part is their neutral color because they’ll go with lots of outfits, and make a big statement!
I own this pair of jeans shorts, and while they are an investment, they’re my favorite pair of shorts! (Click here to see what they look like on.) They’re incredibly comfortable and fit TTS. If they’re a bit too expensive, I also own this pair and they’re a much better price (and just as cute!).
eleven // SPF 50 Face Cream, $21
Protect your face with this moisturizing SPF 50 face cream to avoid sun damage and wrinkles. This one is amazing and happens to be on sale right now!
twelve // Gingham Pom Pom Bikini, $13
This gingham pom pom bikini is only $13 – can you believe it!? If you’re looking for higher quality, try this one or this one for a similar look. 
thirteen // Gingham Two-Piece Set, $295
If you really want to fit in this spring, look out for two piece sets, especially in a gingham print. This one is a bit pricy but I LOVE the bubblegum pink color! If you’re looking for some inexpensive alternatives, I really like this set (less than $60) and this one (less than $15).
fourteen // Tassel earrings, $36
You can never go wrong with a pair of white tassel earrings! These are affordable and will go with EVERYTHING in your closet. (P.S. Use code CAITLIN20 for 20% off your purchase!)

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  1. Since you recommended two items in the post from shein.com I am wondering if you have actually ordered these personally? There are a lot of negative reviews for this site, so I want to be sure it's legit before trying them out. Thanks!

    • Hey Peggy! Yes I have ordered from Shein in the past and have a couple of much-loved clothing items from them (that are surprisingly high quality!). However, I have never ordered a bathing suit from them, so I can't say how their bathings suits are! They are really cute, but I imagine for the price that the material would be thin and you might have to put your own padding in the suit. 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh! Such fun bright picks! I so need a few of these items!


  3. I LOVE all things ruffle & that bathing suit is adorable!


  4. Love this post!! I see that the straw hat comes in different sizes: just wondering how you found it size wise? Thank you!! Anne

  5. Love the black and white bikini!


  6. The pink two piece look is the cutest thing! <3


  7. I usually like most of the things you post… The Pineapple coin purse is ADORABLE but seriously $119 for a frilly purse to hold change is ridiculous even for someone who has money to spend on stuff like that. I also really wish you posted about stuff you did not get a kick back for more often. We get Nordstrom sponsors your posts and pays you. I am a HUGE Nordstrom shopper and that is part of what I love about your posts. But in my opinion you would be easier to relate to and follow if you shopped at other stores besides Nordstrom.

    • I agree with you, the pineapple coin purse is a ridiculous price! I simply included it because I thought it was so cute – I like to include all different price points, as you saw I also showed some swimsuits that were $12. Nordstrom did not sponsor this post, I always put "sponsored by Nordstrom" at the end of the post when they do! I love Nordstrom because of the high quality of their clothes and they have EVERYTHING (beauty, home, etc) but I agree that it is nice to shop at other places too, and I will definitely keep that in mind for future posts! Thank you for your comment! <3