Spring 2012 Makeup Trends

Hello lovelies!
I don’t know about you guys, but this weather has me craving spring! I’m tired of icky, pale skin and a blah makeup routine. Spring is not only the season of renewal, but it’s also the perfect opportunity to refresh your makeup palette.

So what are the top trends for Spring 2012? 
 The “dewy skin” look is in, girls! Get your face primers out and start priming. Be careful with certain products, though – you don’t want to look like an oil slick. What you do want: healthy looking skin!
That Gal” is my favorite primer. When I don’t feel like wearing makeup, I dab some on my cheeks and forehead and blend for a fresh-faced glow.

 This season I’m mad about MAC lip color. The New York fashion runway featured lip colors in all different shades of red. I’m usually a nude lip kinda girl, but I’m excited to branch out. This look is so bold and beautiful, I love it!
If you’re not quite that adventurous, there’s a way to pull it off that’s understated. Be courageous and go for a slightly brighter lip color than you normally would. Stay away from reds and go for a fuschia or coral lip, instead.

Even if you don’t get to vacation in a tropical paradise this spring, you can still look like it! Fake it ’til you make it, babes. My skin gets insanely pale in the winter months, which is why “Watt’s Up” by Benefit tops the list for my favorite makeup products. Applied to cheekbones, it lightens up your face with a champagne shimmer, while also giving you that bronze sun-kissed glow. Don’t forget to apply a powder bronzer first!

Cat eyes were all over the catwalk this year, and you can achieve them with some super mascara – like this one by Estee Lauder (it’s my fave!). The blacker, the better. If you need a little boost, try applying a primer (like Estee Lauder’s Lash Primer Plus) to lashes before adding mascara. The white primer will plump up your lashes for added volume! If you want a cheaper option, try Maybelline’s two-in-one primer and mascara, my favorite drugstore option.

Finally, pastel nails are in this season. I’m loving the latest collection from Essie, especially these three pastel hues. In love!

What are you favorite makeup trends this Spring? I want to hear!
Happy Saturday πŸ™‚
Love, Cait

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  1. I love this post! Especially the new lip colors. I usually am a nude lip kinda girl, but I've been itching to try out all these new bold colors, and I think you may have just convinced me!

  2. I just bought that Estee Lauder mascara recently, and it's great!

  3. love your blog! its so optimistic and colorful:) definitely makes me excited for spring!!


  4. Oooo so many great products – I really adore your graphics, great design elements! I have a weak spot for all Benefit's products πŸ™‚ Lovely little blog you have here <3


  5. I love Benefit and Essie! I might have to try "That Gal"!

  6. Love these trends, especially the pink lips!


  7. I love benefit. I will need to try that product

  8. LOVE this post πŸ™‚ I'm soooo happy that cat/ bold eyes are in! just what i do ayway! πŸ™‚ and also the pastel nails gives me an excuss to buy more nail pollish which i really dont need! πŸ˜› i one have one pastel colour.. more is a must!

  9. I like benefit products. A friend told me that it was "too young" but I don't agree. I'm going back to get some more.

  10. I'm usually a nude lip kind of girl, but recently I've been stocking up on bright lip colors! Mac and Nars have the most exciting colorful lip options.. I can't wait until spring so I can test them all out!
    xx -Bo

  11. I'm a sucker for make-up; I love Benefit so much! And I adore those new MAC colors, thanks for doing all the work for us!!! Very pretty!

  12. Girl – you have gotten me sooooo ready for spring. Bright lips, bronzed skin and fun nails. YAY

  13. Mmmm pastel nails! Too bad I just painted my nails a super dark color. I guess I'm still in winter mode in my head… Oh well!

  14. Sun kissed skin! pretty nails. I can't wait

  15. My favorite and in fact all time favourite got to be dewy skin! I'm tempted to try bright lips this spring too! Hey babe, thanx for dropping by our blog and commenting! Drop by again!

    Fang Ting

  16. Can it be spring now?!

  17. hi hi hi πŸ™‚ i, too, am craving spring! thanks so much for the sweet comment you left me! i am your newest follower!

    love, jamie

  18. Anonymous

    I just recently switched to that Estee Lauder mascara, and WOW I notice a huge difference in my lashes! Love the Essie colors too!

  19. Loving all the spring makeup picks!! I am ready for the dresses as well! I have tons of outfits picked out, it's just pulling the trigger haha

  20. I am loving all the spring makeup picks! I am loving pastels polish! xo