Splurge vs Save

Cartier bracelet // Styled Collection bracelet // Chanel Boy handbag // Rebecca Minkoff handbag // Bottega Veneta sandals // Marc Fisher sandals // Ray-ban sunglasses // Pro Acme sunglasses // Adidas sneakers // Walmart sneakers // David Yurman ring // Amazon ring // Louis Vuitton handbag // Walmart handbag

Today I thought it would be fun to round up some trendy designer items… and their dupes! You absolutely do not have to spend a lot of money to get the same high-end look… and I’m majorly impressed with some of the dupes on this list. For instance, this Styled Collection bracelet looks almost exactly like Cartier, but it’s only $15, rather than 15 THOUSAND! And you’re more likely to wear it all the time, too – I’d be way too scared to wear the Cartier one in everyday life for fear of messing it up or losing it. And if you’re looking for some new white sneakers, I own these Walmart sneakers and can attest to their quality – I’m actually wearing them in this blog post!

Which dupe is your fave?


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  1. I think the sandals are my favorite dupes, as I am not quite ready to spend designer prices on shoes, haha! Thanks for sharing this!
    Xx Janine

  2. These are really good dupes! I think that so much of the time, when people buy from specific name brands, they are paying for the brand or logo vs. better quality. This isn’t always the case, though, but definitely something that I think about a lot!



  3. Oh my goodness, you nailed this Caitlin! The side by side comparisons look pretty identical! It’s always fun seeing how we can get a high end look for less!


  4. Really great choices!

    Diana, | Elegant Mermaid Dress