Second Trimester Update + Q&A

Good morning (errr, afternoon!) everyone. I wanted to write an updated post on my second trimester and how it’s going. Before getting pregnant, I had visions of absolutely loving pregnancy… of having glowing skin and lots of energy. I had only heard my pregnant friends talk about the positives of being pregnant… but not a lot of the negatives. While I’m so so thankful to be pregnant, there are some days (and weeks), where it is really NOT enjoyable! However, I think the longer I’ve been pregnant, the more I’ve come to love my changing body – and I’ve learned some tricks to make myself more comfortable. The aches, pains, growing breasts and acid reflux are all incredibly real, and while it’s such a miracle to be growing a human life inside of you, it’s certainly not all rainbows and butterflies!

Now on to your questions 🙂 By the way, I am 24 weeks along right now and due January 13, 2021!

Q: I’m 7 weeks pregnant and wondering if the fatigue and food aversions go away?

Yes, they go away! I started feeling better around the week 15 mark, and then by week 16 I felt back to my normal self. You honestly don’t even realize just how bad you feel until you feel normal again! All of you pregnant mamas in your first trimester, hang in there. The nausea, food aversions and tiredness really do go away. I feel like I have more energy right now than pre-pregnancy.

Q: How are you dealing with your body changing? Is it mentally challenging?

At first, yes! I think every woman who has been pregnant before can agree with me, that you feel like your body is not your own anymore (and let’s be real: it’s not! You are sharing it with another tiny human, haha). It’s not just the weight gain or body changes, it’s feeling like you just don’t have any control at all over what happens to you: the back pain, acid reflux, extreme hunger and tiredness… it’s all out of your hands and really out of your control. I think what has helped me the most mentally has been continuing to work out and eat healthy every week. Even though my body is changing and I’m gaining weight, it’s all for an amazing reason, and I know that I’m doing everything I can to stay healthy and strong.

Q: When did you feel your baby kick? And has Chris been able to feel the kicks yet?

I started to feel the baby’s kicks around 17 weeks. At first, it almost feels like little muscle spasms (at least, that it was it felt like to me!). Or someone is just gently poking you from the inside. She has gotten more and more active since then. One night I had an Airhead after dinner and she went CRAZY, hahah! It felt like she was doing a gymnastics routine in my stomach. Chris was able to feel the baby move around 19 weeks, and we can both see her movements in my stomach now! It so weird to see her kicking and moving around in there. I will say that the kicks and movements are the absolute BEST part of pregnancy! The constant reminder that she’s there is truly the most wonderful feeling in the world, and I know I will miss her being in there when she’s finally here.

Q: What is your workout routine? What type of workouts feel the best during 2nd trimester?

To be honest, I did not exercise much in my first trimester! I felt tired and nauseous a lot of the time, and was also scared to work out and do something “wrong” that could lead to Diastasis Recti. I also experienced a ton of lower back pain during my first trimester. At my 18-week ultrasound appointment, I talked a lot with my doctor and he recommended continuing my pure barre workouts – in addition to keeping my muscles strong, he said it would also help my back pain. I was so happy to hear that (pure barre focuses on a lot of core and ab-strengthening exercises, so I had purposefully been avoiding it). After getting his blessing, I went home and did a pure barre workout that afternoon. Ever since then I’ve tried to do three classes a week… and honestly it has helped me SO MUCH! My lower back pain has improved and I also feel better mentally on the days that I work out. On the days that I don’t take a pure barre class, I either do an Obe Fitness prenatal stretch class or this prenatal yoga routine. I still walk a lot, too… I try to take one walk in the morning and one in the evening every single day. Staying active in my second trimester has been the number one thing that has helped me feel good, both physically and mentally.

Q: Which stroller did you choose?

We actually got two strollers, because one was gifted to us! We purchased the Uppababy Vista V2 stroller based off of the recommendations from our friends and family, who all swear by this stroller and especially the bassinet. I can’t give a full review yet (since baby isn’t here), but it seems really easy and intuitive to use, it’s beautiful, and it rolls really easy. The only thing I’m a little concerned about is lifting the seat and bassinet with a baby inside – it feels heavy just without the baby! We also received the Doona Infant Car Seat and Stroller combination as a gift, which I’m so excited for. I only have one friend who has the Doona, and she says it’s the absolute best. I mean, she really raves about it. It’s incredible light, and it pops out of the car and transforms into a stroller in no time at all. My friend says she’s able to get her baby in and out of the car in a few seconds, without any struggle. I’m looking forward to trying both!

Q: Body wash you recommend during pregnancy? And what have you been using for stretch marks?

I’ve been using this body wash because it’s made with “clean” ingredients. For stretch marks, I have been LOVING this belly butter (if you follow me on Instagram, you already know about this). It doesn’t have any water or fillers, or preservatives… it’s literally made with the purest ingredients, which you want if you’re going to be rubbing it all over your baby belly! It’s a super thick butter, so I melt it in between my hands a little bit before applying on my stomach, breasts and butt. I think whether or not you get stretch marks has a lot to do with genetics, but keeping your skin moisturized and elastic certainly helps. This is definitely TMI but I’m just going to put it out there, I also ordered this olive oil butter specifically for my perineal area. I’ve had a few friends who said that keeping this area moisturized and massaged help reduce tearing during labor.

Q: What do you love most about being pregnant that no one talks about?

Well I love the baby kicks, but I think everyone talks about that. 🙂 Personally, I love my bigger boobs! I have always had an A or AA cup, and right now I’m a full B. I had to ditch my push-up bras at the beginning of the first trimester. Although, I will say, it’s harder to dress! I can’t wear a lot of the same summery tops that I used to, because my boobs feel like they’re spilling out!!

Q: Do your pre-pregnancy jeans still fit?

That is a big fat NO!!! Hahah. Even the jeans I bought from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, that I sized up in, are too small now. I already think jeans are pretty uncomfortable, but wearing too-tight jeans when you’re pregnant is the WORST! I will definitely invest in a pair of maternity jeans soon.

Q: Are you nervous to give birth?

My whole life, I have never been nervous to give birth. But I have to admit, now that there’s a ticking clock and countdown to labor, I’m starting to think about it more and more. It’s a little nerve-wracking! I’ve heard some beautiful birth stories and also some horror ones. No matter how much you “plan” for the perfect birth, I don’t think it ever goes according to plan. I’ve accepted that and am doing my best to give it over to God! As long as the baby gets here and is healthy, then however she gets here doesn’t really matter to me.

Q: What birth courses have you done/will do?

We have hired a local doula to assist with birth, and they have an online class that we are going to take! We also plan to watch some of the videos by Spinning Babies as I’ve heard they’re amazing and really helpful.

Q: Are there any not cute pregnancy things (relating to your body or mood) that no one tells you about?

Ummm YES. So many things. Every week I experience a new symptom that is pregnancy-related, that I had no idea about! I’ve experienced a lot of lower back and tailbone pain, to the point where I could not sit in my car for more than five minutes without pain. I ended up ordering this special pillow and a few others that I keep around the house and in my car. I also found out the hard way that constipation makes my tailbone pain worse. And guess what? When you’re pregnant, you’re pretty much constipated ALL THE TIME! An increase in the progesterone hormone during pregnancy causes all of your muscles to relax, including your intestines. My hips and ribs also hurt a lot, and within the past couple of weeks I started experiencing a new symptom: acid reflux. I have to be super careful with my food choices right now, because one wrong choice and I will have acid reflux for the next 24 hours (mine feels like the acid is splashing up on the back of my throat and leads to my throat feeling sore.) One more thing I will mention and then we won’t speak of it again: when you’re pregnant, all sorts of things come out of your body. Invest in some organic panty liners and there you go – we won’t mention that again. 🙂

Q: Remedies for constipation?

If someone has a different remedy for this, please let me know! I started drinking a small cup of coffee every morning in my second trimester and it definitely helps keep things regular.

Q: Did you end up getting the Snoo?

We decided not to get the Snoo! Every mama has to make the best decision for themselves and their babies. For us, we decided that we would prefer to get the baby on a sleep schedule early on and hopefully she will learn to fall asleep on her own, without a machine to help her. We plan to take the newborn sleep class by Taking Cara Babies in my third trimester. My friend swears by this class and says it helped them so much, even during her baby’s four-month sleep regression. I also worry about EMFs and having too many wifi devices close to the baby’s head, so I prefer to buy a traditional bassinet and just not have to worry about it. Like I said, though, every mama has to do their own research and make the best choice for them! Who knows, our baby might be a terrible sleeper and I will end up ordering it one night at 2 a.m. in desperation – you never know!

Q: Are you still taking the same prenatal vitamins?

Nope, I’m actually not! The Ritual prenatal vitamins finally came back in stock, so I ordered those and am taking those now. The only reason I switched is because the Ritual ones contain all of the same vitamins and minerals, PLUS choline and DHA (which my other vitamins did not have). And you only have to take two per day instead of three, which is easier for me to remember.

Q: Have you found any maternity clothing wins?

Another tough part about pregnancy is feeling uncomfortable in your clothes – and feeling as if you have nothing to wear! I’ve had the hardest time with workout clothes and pajamas. Early on, all of my pre-pregnancy workout clothes felt SO tight and uncomfortable. I worked out a few times in my pajamas because I simply didn’t have anything that fit! And then when your pajamas start to get too tight – that is a whole other problem, hahah. I ordered these Lululemon Align leggings and shorts in a size 6 after a recommendation from a friend. They are technically not maternity, but since I ordered a few sizes larger than normal, they fit perfectly and aren’t too tight on my bump. I wish I had ordered more pairs, because they are literally the only workout bottoms that feel comfortable to me right now! As for pajamas, I am head-over-heels in love with these maternity sleep shorts – I really might order ten more (not kidding). They are so soft and don’t hurt my stomach at ALL – you can either wear them higher up on your bump or fold them down. I can finally sleep well at night because I have the right pajama shorts, now! (And no, I have never been one to sleep in just an oversized tee or dress. I HAVE to wear shorts!)

Q: Second trimester must-haves?

I can dedicate a whole post to this if you want, but here are a few of my must-haves for second trimester (some I’ve mentioned throughout this post!):

I plan to do a blog post on what we’re adding to the baby registry, but let me know if you want to see anything else in particular! 🙂

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  1. Jen

    I LOVE this candid post, Caitlin. Thank you!

  2. Ilana

    Great post! I’m 10 weeks in and was looking to order some pregnancy-sized align leggings and was wondering what your pre-pregnancy lulu size was? I’m trying to figure out if I should order 1 or 2 (or 3!) sizes up.

    • I actually have never owned a pair of Lululemon leggings before now! My pre-pregnancy size was an XS or size 25 in jeans, though! I also ordered a size 4 in the Lulu leggings and they were too tight. I’m thinking the bigger you go, the more comfortable they will be!

    • Aubrey

      Hi Ilana! I’m 4.5 months postpartum and pre-pregnancy wore the Align leggings in a size 4. I wore my regular size 4 through half of my pregnancy (they’re so soft and stretchy!), then bumped up to size 6 for the remainder of my pregnancy. Good news is the size 6 was still very wearable after birth so I still wear both the size 4 & 6. They both feel comfy post-birth; main difference that I notice now is the size 6 feels a tiny bit longer in the inseam, but I’m also only 5’1” so I would notice something like this. Hope this helps!

  3. @gabriellaaaaa

    Thanks for the good info, real and raw! Looking forward to the registry blog. Having a hard time picking between bottle brands and breast milk storage bags! Can’t wait to see what you choose xoxoxo

    • Angie S

      Prune juice really helps with constipation. I hate the taste of prune juice so I close my nose and drink it that way lol it makes you go!

  4. Kate

    Love allll of this! 🙌🏼 In my 3rd trimester (32 weeks rn) I was shocked at how the shape of my belly changed and made finding comfortable bottles even harder. Blanqi biker shorts have been the absolute best! I would wear them every day if I could, even at this point if pregnancy. For constipation I’ve felt like an apple a day, a fiber one bar and a generally healthy diet have keep things pretty normal, and avoiding certain foods like white rice, too!

  5. Dulcolax Pink may help too! I had to use it when I started new hormone meds that had me all kinda of backed up. 🤣 It was recommended by several pregnant girls! I think it’s actually designed for pregnancy constipation.

    • Amanda

      Check with your doc, but Nature Calm magnesium supplement solved my “bathroom” issues AND restless legs. Post birth it’s been a great anxiety aid and sleep supplement.

  6. Maggie

    Hey! I’m due exactly a week after you and getting the same stroller. What color is that one? I’m assuming the Stella/gray melange but it looks lighter in your pic than on their website so I wanted to check! Congratulations!!

    • Carol

      Try Natural Calm for constipation. It’s a natural magnesium drink. It comes in a powder that you mix with water. It’s pregnancy safe. I’d stay away from stimulant laxatives or Mirax, it’s toxic.

      If you get restless leg syndrome magnesium is great for that too! I’m currently expecting our 7th blessing!

  7. Kat

    Miralax! I mix it with apple juice and can’t taste it at all. Softens things up with out any discomfort. It’s the only thing that helps me! For what it’s worth I also notice that my lower back and tail bone ache when I get too constipated.

    Thanks for being real! I have my head in the toilet still but I’m not as far along as you. It is a special time but it is not all rainbows and butterflies

  8. Gianna

    Hi! I’m just 4 weeks behind you. Struggling to find pants that fit, I actually haven’t tried to look yet I’ve just been wearing leggings. When you find good maternity jeans please share! Would love to know what brands are more comfortable/ fit better than others!

    • Jessica Erickson

      I’ve been searching for a good prenatal vitamin but I really struggle swallowing large pills. What size are the vitamins your taking?

  9. Allison

    You linked a different tailbone pillow in your Instagram stories- which do you recommend most? Thank you!

    • I keep the one from instastories on my dining room chair and then this other one in the car! I think they’re both about equal as far as helping the pain, but the one in this blog post is easier to sit in because you can get your back completely against the chair.

  10. Beverly

    Really informative post. I just switched to the ritual vitamins! I did The Hypnobabies program and LOVED it. It’s definitely not for everyone, but if you are interested I am here to chat about it. If I am able to have another baby I would definitely do it again. That is so awesome you have a doula. It’s so helpful to have the extra support. So happy for y’all!

  11. Sierra

    Thank you for sharing all the details…these are all things I wish I would have known these things before my pregnancy and what to expect! Also wanted to give another great recommendation for all of the Taking Cara Babies courses – we did them all and my daughter slept 8 hours at 8 weeks old (even while nursing)! Cara is the best!

  12. Katie

    Taking Cara Babies is great! Good choice.

  13. Shana

    I don’t know if you like beets, but when I was pregnant I ate beets and spinach everyday and it helped with regularity 🙂 You can throw them into your morning smoothie or I would put them on a spinach salad with oranges, no issues. Also I don’t know that any birth story is beautiful but what I wasn’t prepared for was how quickly things could progress and the vomiting. I did hypnobirth which I loved and contractions were definitely like intense waves but bearable – my baby just turned 4 and I remember it all so vividly!

  14. Kaitlin

    More water and add in some magnesium (powdered Natural calm and/or taking Doctor’s best brand tablets (off Amazon)- fantastic for GI. Start slow with it though. It’s also great for calming your mind if you take it before bed. 40-80% of ALL people are deficient due to soil mineral depletion. It helps your neurotransmitters, muscle function, insulin levels, reducing overall inflammation. Seriously I’m so grateful I learned about it a few years ago.

    Also love Gladrag brand or Luna pad brand of cloth liners- they make overnight pads too and post partum pads that are super soft, and washable.

    A friend got white onesies for their baby because you can oxy or sun bleach out bodily fluids stains something I never even thought about.

    I hope whenever I have a kiddo it is a fantastic sleeper. I seriously would take lower intelligence etc- if they can just be good at sleeping #1!…. Saving up for a night nurse if they stink at it. That TCB course my new parent friend recommended as well.

    It sounds like you are doing a good job keeping expectations low for birth- this is so important! When someone is rigid and overly focused on one way, they will be incredibly sad/upset/angry when things shift. Same thing for breastfeeding etc. Don’t be afraid to get a pelvic floor therapist post birth either. Many women suffer issues or even prolapse and don’t seek help. 🙁

  15. Lauren Medlin

    All so true mamma! I fully recommend the halo bassinet!

    • Evalata

      Thank you for your posts, I always find them enlightening!
      In terms of constipation – chia pudding. If you have a cup of it everyday, I guarantee you, you will go every morning.
      1/2 cup chia seeda
      1.5 cups milk (I like oatmilk by Malk)
      1-2 tbs of maple syrup
      1/3 cup of chopped walnuts

      Give this a thorough stir, set aside for 15 mins, stir again and put in the fridge. By the next day it should have a thicker, pudding like consistency. I’d like to serve myself around 3/4 of a cup to 1 cup, slice some bananas on top and sprinkle it with cinnamon.
      It works wonders.

  16. Melinda

    For constipation- I SWORE by this, but probably check with your doctor just to be safe. Take 200 mg twice a day of Blue Bonnet Chelated Buffered Magnesium. It has to be this one because it is easier on the stomach. Then take 1-2 Vitafusion Sugar free fiber gummies a day as needed. As a bonus, the magnesium is good for the baby’s brain development. Cut back on the fiber gummies before the magnesium if you have problems. I stuck to this my entire pregnancy and can only remember have constipation issues a couple of times after I figured it out. My friend also did the regimen after I figured it out and she had no problems after starting it!

  17. Courtney Rowan

    I have followed you for a few years! I LOVE your honesty in this post. So incredibly accurate! Also, we did order the SNOO out of desperation when our daughter was six weeks old 🤪. Align leggings from Lululemon were a go-to for me, and I stole all of my husbands boxers and t shirts! The pajama dilemma is so real… and I was so unprepared for it. Best wishes to you! You are beautiful and glowing.

  18. Andrea Turk

    If you would like to try an all natural way to relieve constipation during pregnancy my mother was a midwife and my doctor also uses this for surgery or pregnant women is to heat up a tablespoon of butter, a tablespoon of sugar, and a tablespoon of prune juice until the sugar is dissolved and drink it like a shot every half an hour until you experience relief. It worked wonders for me and other women in my family until giving birth. Also, my mother the midwife says the women that walked a lot during pregnancy ALWAYS had much easier labors and faster. Prayers for a healthy Momma and baby for you.

  19. Amanda

    I love your blog posts even more than your Insta and I love your Instagram! First, thank you for being sincere and second, really truly find something that works for the constipation now because post-birth constipation is the worst constipation EVER, you have plenty of time though to find something that works for you so that post birth will be much easier!

  20. Hi. I also follow you so long already. Now you become a mummy already, I feel so touching when seeing this. Please take more care and become the world most happy mother!

    Thanks for sharing

    Japan┊Fashion Stylist ―

  21. Catherine

    I highly recommend starting the spinning babies exercises in your early third trimester! It is all about balancing your body so baby is in the best position for labor! It won’t induce labor, and is totally relevant whether you want an epidural or not! Babies position SIGNIFICANTLY effects the length of your labor. Better position: shorter labor. And the “exercises” are more like stretches anyways and feel great! I also highly highly highly recommend using a peanut ball in labor (lay on your side with it between your legs during active labor), for me and my friends who used one, it sped things up considerably! Ask your hospital if they have one or bring your own!

  22. Laura Leigh

    this is amazing! I am not evening expecting and I so enjoyed reading. will 100% refer back to it when I am expecting. thank you again and again for being so open and honest about things. truly appreciate it!

    xo Laura Leigh

  23. Rose

    You can use the snoo manually with the buttons on it, if you don’t prefer the app/WiFi ! I completely understand how scary being a new mom can be. Just a little peace of mind in case you do decide to order it later.

    Also I mean this with love: keep tabs on prenat/post partum anxiety. Mine was debilitating, but I was too scared to get help, and in hindsight I wish I would have sooner.

    You’re already such a great mom and I’ve loved following along with your posts!

  24. I’m SO glad you are taking the Taking Cara Babies newborn sleep class before her birth. This is just the best thing ever. My biggest regret of my pregnancy was not preparing more for the sleep needs of babies. I was SO cavalier in thinking “We’ll just figure it out.” Ultimately we did, but trying to read all the resources while you are in the weeds was not great for us. My baby Quincy is 9mos now and sleeps and wakes pretty much on the dot now and has been since he was about a month old when we chose a routine that worked for us and Quincy. So excited for you!

  25. Anon Reader

    Great post! Agree that clothes are so hard…I’m in 3rd tri now and I don’t really want to spend money on more maternity stuff when I’m seven weeks from my due date, but a lot of the stuff that worked during 2nd tri doesn’t fit anymore. I recommend stealing your husband’s t-shirts and boxers for sleepwear, haha. For workouts, I bought some target bike shorts a size bigger than normal and they are my favorite right now, but my big problem is that putting on a supportive sports bra feels like strapping on a torture device – so tight and I’m already feeling short of breath bc baby is all up in my lungs. Ugh!

  26. Tee

    Love following all of your updates! I recently just found out I’m pregnant and I need to switch up my skincare. What do you happen to be using? 🥰

  27. Amy H

    As a relatively new mom, so many of your observations are SPOT ON! First off have to say that the Taking Cara Babies newborn class (and 3-4) is LIFE changing. My daughter responded so well to this class that she was an amazing sleeper in her UB Vista bassinet and seamlessly transitioned to her crib at 3 months before I went back to work. We never needed the Snoo because of the class and it was one less thing to transition off of. The Vista is the best but also have friends with the Doona so both great choices! Also, I will now swear by Lululemon aligns for life. I started wearing them at 12 weeks pregnant (ordered my normal size because I heard normally you size 1 down) and I wore the same pairs until I went into labor at 39 weeks and now 15 months postpartum. Amazing investment! Also, I had back pain pre-pregnancy but avoided that because of my chiro and regular barre classes so great plan there. And acid reflux is the worst why does no one talk about that?! Can’t wait to follow your journey as we prepare for #2! And January 9th is my birthday so rooting for that date 🙂

  28. Very interesteding read! I love how you kept it raw and real here, I feel like a lot of people actually sugarcoat pregnancy a lot 🙂
    xx Janine

  29. Sharlene

    Such an authentic post! But I can tell you that not everyone has their food aversions and nausea go away after the first trimester! I threw up every single day the entire 9 months, and nausea 24/7 the entire 9 months! But it did go away the day after I had my babies lol!

  30. Jess O

    You may have heard this before, but eat dates throughout your pregnancy! They’re known to shorten the length of labor. Also, in the last month take primerose oil and drink raspberry leaf tea. They help thin the cervix for labor. I did all of that and went into labor the night of my due date and it was a total of 6 hours!

    As far as the perineal massage during birth, hospitals typically have some sort of oil they use, which is most likely a mineral oil. In a class I took, the woman recommended bringing your own and suggested arnica oil, as it’s natural and can have a subtle numbing effect (obviously you still feel EVERyThInG if you don’t get an epidural, but hey anything helps). It worked great for me and it seems like you’re into super clean products so it may be something you’d be interested in looking into!

    Good luck and congrats!

  31. Megan

    Love that sweater dress! Would you mind linking it?

  32. Omg I can’t believe you’re due in January! It literally still feels as if you just announced your pregnancy to us all. haha Time is seriously flying! Your due date will be here before you know it. Ahhh, so excited for you!

    Also, thank you for being so real about your pregnancy journey. As a wife who wants to start trying soon, I really would like to go into my pregnancy journey with realistic expectations. I do feel like I’ve mainly only ever heard about the positives. So thanks for being super open and honest! <3


  33. Melissa

    Hi! I love your pregnancy blog. Can you share which online pure barre classes and prenatal yoga classes you recommend?

  34. Ashley

    I am 6 weeks & just found out im pregnant! Thank you for all of these pregnancy related blogs. Loving them! Congrats on your baby girl

  35. Looking great, mama! Thanks for sharing your fave products, too!