School Girl in Vermont

Hiiii friends and happy Tuesday! I wore this outfit in Vermont and it kind of reminds me of an elevated school girl look. This white sweater is a great wardrobe basic for the autumn season – I love it with this H&M plaid skirt, but it also looks great with denim. And don’t get me started on these Steve Madden leather boots… they were September’s best seller and currently my favorite boots!! I’ve never had a pair like them, and I love them so much. The darker color of the leather is fashionable but classic at the same time.

Kennedy is having black and white portraits taken today! (You know? The kind that you see on people’s walls in the oval shape haha) It’s almost time for her appointment so I need to go wake her up from her nap!

Also what kind of blog posts do you want to see during the month of October? I already have a fall book post planned, and one about mine and Kennedy’s Bucket List! Let me know if you want to see some other ideas, too!


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  1. Absolutely LOVE those boots! What a great find!
    xx Becky

  2. SALLY

    Such a lovely fall outfit. I love the cute skirt and the boots but I my big feet don’t handle pointy toe shoes well at all. I need the round toe version. Tall boots to me is more like winter. I would have went with ankle booties. Today at work I am wearing a nice blouse, a short tan skirt and my 4 inch open toe ankle booties. Rest of the week I am working from home.

  3. Zundria

    A review of this amazing bag! Please!

  4. Eliza Hazeldine

    Hi, love your skirt!
    I’ve been wondering for years now, how do you take care of all of your outfits?! Is there a laundry services you use? Tricks to get out stains or handle pilling on sweaters? It would be amazing to see a post on how you take care of your clothes!

  5. Laura Leigh

    always love a classic combo like this! can never go wrong when going classic.

    xo Laura Leigh

  6. Brenda

    I love your Polene bag, it’s beautiful!
    Can you tell me if that is the larger or smaller (mini) size of the Cyme Polene Bag?
    Please advise. Thank you!

  7. Such a cute look! All the fall and nostalgia vibes! You look beautiful, of course!

    <3 Shelby