Recent Amazon Purchases I’m Loving

Travel Jewelry Organizer

This travel jewelry case is not only really cute, it’s small enough to pack in your handbag or carry-on while still keeping all your jewelry organized. It’s designed with four compartments to keep all your accessories separated and each section is lined with fabric to prevent scratching. This case is such a steal for $11.99!

Pillow iPad Stand

This is the coziest iPad stand ever! Seriously, it’s so soft and lightweight! It’s perfect for curling up on the couch and reading on a rainy afternoon and for watching movies on long car rides to the beach. I have the cute leopard print one but it also comes in a lot of other colors and patterns, too. Even my husband loves it. 🙂

Travel Containers

These travel containers are perfect for all your vacation plans. I like to fill them with shampoo, conditioner and lotion and to take them with us to the beach, but they would also be great to stick in a carry-on because they hold a little less than 3 oz. They come in pretty pastel colors and they even come with little labels to label each container.

Portable Charger

This Amazon purchase has been a life saver and I bring it with me pretty much everywhere I go. This portable charger is the size of a lipstick tube, so it fits easily into any handbag and it is compatible with most iPhones. Not only does it work well but it’s so stinkin’ cute!

Water Bottle

Drinking enough water throughout the day has always been a struggle for me, but this water bottle has helped me so much! Each hour is marked with a line on the side of the bottle to remind me to drink water throughout the day. It’s made of glass so I don’t have to worry about any harmful chemicals like those found in plastic bottles. And it’s available in ten other really cute colors!

Drawer Organizers

Before I got these honeycomb drawer organizers my sock drawer was always a complete mess! These organizers are so easy to install and use. You just snap them together and you can even trim them down to fit perfectly in any drawer. I love the pretty pink color and this set is only $13! I ordered more for my underwear drawer and my makeup drawer.

Wireless Keyboard

This keyboard makes is so easy to work from anywhere… whether that’s in bed, on the patio or by the pool. The bluetooth allows the keyboard to connect with your iPad and even your phone so there are no messy cords involved. It’s also light enough to carry in a tote bag and it’s durable enough to use outside. The full charge lasts for forty hours so you don’t have to worry about it dying! Plus it’s SO CUTE!


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  1. Laura Leigh

    need the drawer organizers in my life – and so does my husband haha. his drawers are always a disaster!

    xo Laura Leigh

  2. That travel jewelry organizer is actually genious! Thanks for recommending, picking that one up right now! 😉
    xx Janine

  3. I definitely need the travel jewelry organizer – it looks like it would be super helpful! The water bottle also looks like it would be an awesome choice!


  4. Neeeeed those drawer organizers and collapsible travel containers! So cute end efficient!