Pool Day in Key West

Kennedy surprised me in Key West! She was SUCH a little water baby! To be honest we had trouble getting her OUT of the water – she probably would have stayed in there all day if we had let her. She also looked darling in this pink gingham baby swimsuit and her straw hat, I hope she doesn’t grow out of them before she can wear them again! (That is my constant fear with her outfits – she grows too fast hahah.)

Chris, Kennedy and I took a trip to our beach condo in Ocean Isle over the weekend. I did pack our swimsuits, but it was wayyyy too cold to actually wear them! I can’t wait to go back when the weather is a bit warmer.

Anyway, happy Monday! I have some fun posts coming your way soon so keep a look-out!


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  1. Ocean Isle is such a gorgeous place. I love visiting there, too! Kennedy looks so adorable in her little hat – so precious! Love your bathing suit, too! Thank you for sharing.